12 comments on “Stories of Hope from Rabiya Mateo

  1. I truly admire Rabiya for her little ways of helping others. She never forgets her humble beginnings. If given, a bigger platform and support, I’m sure she can help more students. Whether she wins or not, I know she will still continue on helping others in her chosen advocacy. all the best, Rabiya!

  2. Inspiring. Hard-earned success is sweet. Rabiya’s life experience while growing up, having tasted victory against all odds, and her genuine desire to inspire others, are Rabiya’s motivations to achieve greater heights. I believe she will do her best in the competetion. Win or lose come coronation night, Rabiya will surely make our country proud.

    • When Rabiya told the working student, “gusto kitang yakapin”, after learning what the later is going through, Rabiya saw herself in that girl. That was a clear manifestation of Rabiya’s genuineness of heart.

  3. Mas Pobre Zeeta si Venus Raj as kanya noh???
    Mas authentic ang story telling ni Manay Venus and she is the original Pobre ala Kween

  4. JawsKuh 😱
    Buti Hindi natakot Yung bata at laging pinandilatan nya ng mata habang nagsasalita😆😆
    Buti nalang scripted Ang interview at aware na Yung bata sa dilat mata hihihihi 👅

    Mga vecks, pang MW talaga c Queen Rabiya. ME Ang Aura nya Divahhhhh😱 Top 5 sa MU and winner sa MW parang kabaliktaran Kay Meowww 🤗hihihi WA

    • Bong17, you have a different totally agenda: dark and sinister. I hope you don’t breed. Never mind, kase bakla ka kase !!!

      • Such a homophobic comment.
        You’re no different from him.
        Don’t use term bakla to describe someone who is being a hateful asshole 🤦🏻‍♂️

    • with that kind of mentality, I think you’re sick in the head. patingin ka! #maysapak

  5. TOUCHED!.. I too have felt how hard it is to live with just the basic necessities of life.Rabiya also felt those in her younger years until College.She also had her share of sleeping on Matted/ Weaved Palm leaves(Banig)… and NOW… seeing her Shaping her Dreams with our own eyes..and soon coming into fruition in Florida…makes me even more humbled! This is RABIYA..this is her JOURNEY to the EMPIRE of her SUCCESS.

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