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  1. Guys, you know who’s 43 now?

    Cindy Kurleto. 🙂

    You know who looks like a young Cindy Kurleto? Maria Alejandra Vengoechea.

    I want to see these two styled as the MI 2019 Runner-up. THEN, magkaalaman.

    • Sinasabi nila personality counts sa pageant world. Pero bakit need baguhin ng candidates kung sino sila para mag match sa korona. Look what happened to Catriona she tried so hard to fit the mold of MW, anyare? Pero nung nagpakatotoo sya sa MU, wagi.

      • @ B Hahahha-aahahahh……! 🙂

        (I wonder if readers understand the implications on her… This comment makes.)

  2. I dont feel BPCI putting much credit on MM declining the offer from Miss Eco- Intl. Kaya nga before nagcomment ako na sana she accepted the international crown. Anyway, we all create our own realities. “Peace within is world peace”

    • but it seems to be a wiser decision for MM not to accept the international title…look at the controversy they are in now…had she accepted that, she might’ve also been infected by the virus and stuck in Egypt. I guess she knew all along how the org works. And besides, she committed already to BPCI even before the title was offered to her.

    • I agree. Pakiramdam ko mali talaga na lumipat siya ng camp pero syempre irespeto na lang natin. I dont see and feel MM having a crown from Binibining Pilipinas. I understand the credentials and the hype pero yung lang ang nararamdaman ko. Last niya na yung Miss Evo Intl na sana tinanggap niya na yung offer. There is something in here na pakiramdam ko nagdadalawang isip ang BPCI na bigyan siya ng crown.

      • kung deserving sya, maganda ang performance, okay sa pre pageant activities, at okay ang sagot at mas magaling sya sa karamihan, bakit naman hinde sya mgkaka korona?

      • I dont fee BPCI putting much credit on MM declining the offer from Miss Eco- Intl. Kaya nga before nagcomment ako na sana she accepted the international crown. Anyway, we all create our own realities. “Peace within is world peace”

      • In that case dapat hinde na nila tinanggap as a candidate, kaya nga may screening di ba? so parang tinanggap lang nila na sumali tapos i babale wala ang performance, kahit mas magaling sa iba at deserving naman hinde bibigyan ng title??


    • @ Baby Nica- hello sis, I acknowledge and respect your point of view. Lahat naman sila ay maganda at karapat-dapat but opinyon ko lang naman to. It does not mean na tama ako. Pero ewan ko ba, malakas ang vibes ko na hanggang 1st runner up lang ang ibibigay ng BPCI kay MM. Regardless of the performance, in the end there is still destiny, and destiny will always prevail! ❤❤❤

      • Sis, Si Vickie Rushton sinasabing bet na bet koronahan ng BBP, kumbaga parang sigurado na nga na mgkaka korona, kaso sumablay sa Q&A, so kahit gusto nila kung di uubra amg performance eh mapupunta talaga ang corona sa carapat dapat di ba?

        Si Inday Gazini, di naman masyado bet ni Mdam pero ginalingan nung finals, o ayun MUP ang lola nyo

        Sabihin nyo ng may politica, in the end mag mamatter pa din ang performance.

      • Destiny plays a very important factor. Who we are now is a product of our decisions but there is still destiny. Peace within is world peace! ❤

    • I think they’re experimenting on her looks to be more on the MI mold but is her age still eligible for MI? I’m seeing her more on MGI based from her past performances…she can be our first MGI Queen. But then again, is her eligible for MGI?

  3. @ jaretwrightlover June na nga daw, po. As per the article here. 🙂

    Alex Faith Garcia, Honey C., Francezka Taruc, Gab Basiano, 2M… PLENTY of pageant veterans in this batch! Meiji held off for NINE (9) years before this, her apparently last attempt, due to personal reasons. And Shanon Tampon FINALLY making the Roster after THREE (3) Screenings!

    Kung gusto ng BPCI, puro ‘veteranas’ na lang para maka-graduate na sila. PITO (7) ‘yun’g inilista ko sa taas, just right for the four existing titles, the discretionary ‘Pariwisata;, and two Runners-up.

    @ Closer2Fame 2M herself is aging out. OK naman ‘ata sa either Intercon or (The)Globe ang KF.

    (But the camp went out on a limb for Rowee and SamBer. This time, I think they’ll behave….)

    • Hmmmm since pang baklaan training ni 2M… sya nalang sa Miss Grand

      International for me is Gab Basiano

      Then Globe si Hannah Arnold

      Intercon nalang si Felizarta or Taruc.

      Pwede ding

      Grand: Gab Basiano

      International: Hannah Arnold

      Maureen Montaigne: Globe

      • I agree that she can be a good rep to MGI but we have to consider her age. With Binibining Piliponas Pageant dragging for so long due to its postponements…Is she still eligible for MGI?

  4. We already know that she got the looks and background pero sana naman e magpasample sya sa Speech & Q&A tong si Hannah para naman maconfirm ng lahat that she is more than ready to win an international pageant….

    I realy love Gab Basiano…
    Her age is very eligible for a lower tier crown like Miss Grand International para pwede pa mag Miss Universe after…. ganon!

  5. Miss Globe-Philippines is Hannah Arnold
    Bb. Pilipinas 1st runner-up is Maureen Montange

  6. Pa simple lang to post na to pero gusto lang i fuel up ang camp wars lol!!!

    Great job po.

    • HANNAH for Ms.International for me!!– Barbie Doll,5’10” height,check na check ang Commskills( Memorization naman sa Japan ang Speech eh)…and decent walk!!
      Gab Basiano for Ms.Grand!

  7. To Hannah’s handlers: Please DO NOT submit for posting “nakaSIMANGOT” pictures ni Hannah. Yung a little smile naman. Thanks.

    • @ paul You know what they say about the smile-stingy…

      (Possible teeth issues.)

      Now that you mentioned it, I don’t remember Hannah’s handlers EVER putting out a photo of her smiling. Hhhmmmm….

      Oh, and another lady whom 2M reminds me of – Janick Maceta. But not in a good way. Hhhmmp!

      • @ Fabian Reyes I have… When she answered James Deakin’s question in Egypt 2018. 🙂

        I’m still puzzled as to why she jumped over to KF. Sabihin mo na’ng may ‘retirement age’ sa A&Q (which probably waylaid Lemonon and Gumabao going into MUP), I saw a comment on Ungkol’s FB page that 2M is not as striking under Rodgil Flores’ care…

        In any case, AS LONG AS Mdme. SMA AND MIO LIKE HER, then my apprehensions will be gaf.

  8. LAHAT ng TATLONG PICTURES ni MAUREEN ay hindi siya kagandahan. What’s WRONG? Make up, hairstyle, gown, and photography! Muka na siyang 40s at young lola. Parang pictorial ng isang nagsi-celebrate ng kanyang 45th birthday. As what I have always said, “choose the right pictures to be posted online.”

  9. Per Norman’s post : “These two ladies represent different kinds of tenderness..”.

    I think that they both represent the SAME type of tenderness …tenderness on their faces that look like something has been badly done on them.

    I don’t understand that glassy, dewy effect done on Maureen that made her look like Arminda Siguon Reyna. And that over-filtered face of Hannah that made her look like a drawing. Both sport a frozen kind of look that made them look matronly and creepy.

    Not flattering at all.

    World Peace.

  10. Hannah for Internationa. Pwera usog nalang sa QnA portion. Wag na sana sya kabahan ss time

  11. As opposed to Norman’s analysis. I think Maureen can be packaged like Lara with her very feminine vibe, sweet voice, excellent communication skills, and strong Pinoy features.
    In terms of beauty , though, Hannah is the clear winner .

  12. If Hannah gets international and Gabriel gets Grand… Which crown would Maureene get, Intercon or Globe?

  13. Beauty and height wise hannah wins
    Skills and experience wise mau
    Mi demeabor hanna
    The one closest to beerthorn prototype bet the2 hanna.
    They still look fresh and vibrant
    I can’t depend on previous winners coz there are new owners

  14. I wonder if the date is still April 17th 2021 or will it be postponed…

    Other crown worthies and runner up worthies are : Justine Felizarta , Gabrielle Basiano , Karen Mendoza , Honey Cartasano , Patrizia Garcia , Faith Garcia

    I feel like Felizarta is perfect for MGI or Globe

  15. Juice me! Kaka-hype ng KF (Montagne) vs. A&Q (Arnold) Camp War… Mabibilasa ‘to’ng dalawa’ng ‘to. Ayaw pa naman ng Japanese ng ‘tuyot’. THEY LIKE FRESHNESS, GUYS. 😦

    (2M in these photos looks like Jihane, only worse.)

    Hannah will now probably NOT go to (The)Globe, (no) thanks to what KF & Rowee did. 😦

    (She can crossover as MUPMasbate 2022/3/4, and so fulfill @ Fabian Reyes’ hopes.)

    Fine. Send Basiano to Angkol. With his brand’s new-found STAR QUALITY, RL Lacanienta would be honored. She can easily match Fabiola Valentin’s finish at the very least. 🙂

    For the Yokohama City campaign, Ticaro if Independent, Babista if A&Q, and Cruz if KF (‘Meiji’ is a brand of chocolate bar after all, Japan’s answer to ‘Hershey’s). 🙂

  16. It’s Hannah, no contest. Her look and personality effortlessly fits the Miss International pageant. No need for her to ‘adapt’, really.

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