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  1. confirmed na talaga may bitbit na kamalasan ang isang nilalang sa mga “dinadaanan” nya na organization… hahaha

  2. What if sa BBP pa rin ang MU franchise? Sino kaya iaappoint nila? Or baka di magpadala at all? Mabuti na lang talaga nakuha ni Jonas ang MU franchise kasi kung hindi baka nganga tayo.

  3. This is just like a latent pause then scratching my head or what the… moment for me. I can’t believe the org’s decision to move the dates further. They should adapt to the new “norm” of conducting and hosting a pageant thru virtual or locked-in bubble events like what Miss Earth Philippines / Miss Earth, Miss Universe Philippines and Miss Grand International did.

    • @ bong700 If you’re thinking what I’m thinking, I like it.

      SH_T. I hope I’m right… Lolz. 🙂

  4. Full support to Madam Stella and the BBC Pilipinas Charities🙋🏽‍♂️ for forging on despite the difficulties faced by events like pageantry. It just so happens that this is not the priority for outside organizations to invest in at the moement.

  5. This is sad. While other pageants have shown that it is possible and feasible to stage their respective annual searches in the midst of the pandemic, and businesses ans sporting events have thrived and remained profitable despite the lockdowns and restrictions, BPCI is still mired in the traditional thinking that the only way to hold a spectator event is in-person. It seems to lack the creative, innovative, pioneering and risk-taking spirit that the rest of the business world have shown– leveraging on the online technology that almost everyone on this planet are all so familiar with! It is part of a large business conglomerate but the business acumen did not seem to permeate into its DNA. Sad!

    • @ scorg You didn’t read carefully enough, Sir. They said they would have virtual activities… So, they ARE taking advantage of online technology.

      I know how it’s like to work for an organization that is intent on proving the soundness of its business model, if only to prove the competition wrong. To be fair, if you honestly believe you are on to something no one else is, then certainly stay the course. As an avant-garde Japanese fashion designer once said, “I don’t bother you. Don’t bother me”.

      There is no middle-ground in such an environment. If you don’t like it, you leave at once and quietly. But to stay means mandatory loyalty. It will pay off. But only in the long run and perhaps only indirectly.

      (Having contacts THROUGHOUT the industry goes a LONG way. And time your vindication once you are already well beyond the reach of their influence. It will be sweet. And you won’t regret…)

      • Grabee… imong English diri Flor! Talagang pinantayan ang language use/style ni Scorg. Ha, ha, ha…

      • @Flor, how long will BPCI wait for its business model to work? When the pandemic has gone away? When will it go, no one knows, especially that it keeps on mutating to some variants that are more virulent. Yes, it may do virtual activities. But isn’t this something that they should have done months ago? Let’s admit it. BPCI did not demonstrate this time the pioneering spirit that has been the hallmark of the name that it has established through the years. I guess my disappointment lies in the fact that among the beauty pageants in the Philippines, I expected it to lead the way in this New Normal.

      • Flor and Scorg ANYARE? Wala naman tayong sinabi na masama. Bakit ang daming… ______? Umandar na naman ang TROLL FARMs & their keyboard ARMIES. Norman please (again) check your blog site’s security features.

      • @Paul, negatrons and trolls get energized in their cyber crypts every time I submit comments that are not paeans to BPCI or BBP. It is creatures like these that give pageantry a bad name, and the organization they purport to support, a negative image. Pageantry is a celebration of beauty. Truth is beauty. Those who cannot handle the truth cannot handle beauty. That’s why they remain in the murky depths of cyberspace. The cannot come out in the open and argue their case with the celebrators of beauty in this free market of ideas.

      • @ scorg Good morning, dear. Wherever you are at the moment, I know the day is younger where you are (relative to +8-GMT).


        “Truth is beauty”… Sounds like something uttered by a former First Lady, who spoke of “love”, too.

      • @Flor, I wrote that when I was cramming for a feasibility study report, during my coffee break. It was either 1 am or 4 a.m. in the morning– I was not conscious of the time anymore.

        Yeah, I think that line on “truth is beauty” was made famous (or infamous?) by the same person who used to blabber in the then-controlled Philippine media about “the true, the good, and the beautiful”. Thanks be to her speechwriter, the line is a good quote.

      • @ scorg HAY! Naranasan ko na magpuyat… AS IN, WALA’NG TULUGAN hangga’ng kinabukasan, tuloy trabaho. I AM NOT DOING THAT AGAIN, OVER MY DEAD “DERRIERE”. 😦

      • @Flor, my secret when I do overnight rush work? The TV must be tuned in to CNN, continuous coffee service by ny ever reliable Steward, and lots and lots of Skyflakes! Yes, you can buy our Proudly Philippe-made Skyflakes here! (The price equivalent is 3x the price there). When I get tired, change of pace means going to Norman’s blog for a smile, smirk, knee-jerk, and other OMG moments.

      • Flor mabuti pa si Scorg may – RELIABLE STEWARD! LOL!

        Magandang umaga sa lahat.

  6. Had this been MUP organization, for sure, the likes of Lavinia would be so noisy on social media blaming and criticizing Jonas Gaffud. But since she has double standards, tahimik lang ang merlat.

    • Full support to Madam Stella and the BBC Pilipinas Charities🙋🏽‍♂️ for forging on despite the difficulties faced by events like pageantry. It just so happens that this is not the priority for investments at the moement.

    • Exactly! Same with Sashes and something who just got banned on Instagram. lol!

      • @ Jeb ‘Sashes and Scripts’?

        Funny… Parang sa kanila ko nga nabasa noon na in a Latin American country, local (BEEP!) lords serve death threats to pageant organizations to ensure crowns for their girlfriends.

        Unless I’m wrong on the source, please feel free ANY OF YOU to correct me. Tao lang. 🙂

    • Flor psy-war kung sino ang makatagal? So pagdating ng June mga 20 na lang matira. He, he, he… Diretso na sa top 5, 6, or 7 finalists. Mabilis lang ang judging process.

      • @ paul No, no, no, no, no, dear…. 🙂

        Good afternoon.

        The candidates are the collateral damage here. There are GREATER forces at play.

        Defiance, after all, is a kind of WERPA, too. I will not elaborate. But you, of all people, should understand.

        (Your newspaper clippings and magazine collection must be FUN. Such tenacity! Bezos y abrazos.)

    • Exactly Flor, this can be Survivor Philippines – BB Pilipinas 2020/21 edition. May the odds (of reaching the finals) be in their (candidates) favor. Good luck and may they be COVID free safe come coronation night.

  7. I have to share my two cents worth because much as I respect its legacy, I’m getting as frustrated with BPCI as most commenters here. My past disappointments with BPCI as a fan come surging back as time and again, this organization appears laggard in adopting to the peculiarity of the times. I see that the organization is still trying to hold on to traditional ways of holding its pageants, seemingly bullheaded. Well-meaning people have been throwing ideas in the air but the organization appears indifferent as its pageant process is turtle-phased. With two of its banner franchises gone, it continues to lose steam. Thank heavens for its loyal fans who continue to buoy its image up in spite of that…but for how much longer?

    It’s not as if there were no precedents to follow. Some have already shown that virtual presentations can work given obvious limitations (like Earth) while others successfully held their finals away from the virus hotpots (like MUP). Even with segments being pre-taped, the BPCI can still promote certain Araneta properties, if that’s a major consideration, within jeopardizing the health of the girls or moving its schedules. If there is dearth in sponsors, well, sometimes they have to invest out-of-pocket (I’m sure it has funds for exigencies like this) to show that it can sustain the brand in the hardest situations. How dry are the drawing boards of the members of its supposed creative team that they cannot think outside the proverbial box and they still bank on normalcy? Sigh. I’m serving tea now.

    • I agree! By now, they already have a lot of pageant pegs that can guide them on how to hold pageants at a time of pandemic….they can either do a MGI, MUP or ME. But come to think of it, many other pageants were held during pandemic time…there’s Mr and Miss Chinatown, Century Tuna Superbods, Miss Fit and Miss Bikini Philippines…..BPCI what’s keeping you? Please adjust to the situation. Don’t hold the girls for too long. 😦

  8. In consideration to the girls who have patiently waited and have invested their time in this pageant to the extent that some resigned from their jobs, BPCI should have alternative plans in case the health situation in NCR worsens or remains the same in June. If BPCI organizers are planning to stage a grand live presentation, they should emulate what MGI did. If IATF does not allow large crowd gathering , virtual pageant is an alternative. Another alternative is to hold a virtual pre-pageant activities and preliminary competetions, select top 10 semifinalists who will compete live in the finals with limited audience. I believe BPCI decision should be respected, afterall, only BPCI knows best more than anybody else what is good for the organization.

    • correction: last sentence should be stated: I believe that BPCI decision should be respected, afterall, only BPCI and nobody else, knows what is best for the organization.

  9. Madame SMA is not in a hurry to crown the new queens because she knows very well that the next editions of MI, MGI, MG and MIntercon will be held either in the 3rd or 4th quarter of this year.

    Now, what if the Phil. Covid situation is just the same (as of today) or gets worse in June?

    I think SMA has to stage a simpler finals to be held in a (lot) smaller venue like the Kia Theater. She has to do this in (almost) a month starting with the swab test of all the people involved. The candidates (with negative results) together with the BPCI staff, artistic team, and technical crew shall be housed (quarantined) in a nearby hotel from June 5 onwards. Only the aforesaid sets of people are to be allowed in the (close-to-public) pre-pageant activities and rehearsals.

    Members of the judging panel (only few, 7-9) also take the swab test two days before the finals. Same with the select few guests, family members/friends. They have to follow as well other health protocols. After the pageant day (and/or up to the 5th day), all the people involved shall take once more the swab test and wait for the (negative) results before they head back to their respective places.

    O para na akong IATF nito. Ha, ha, ha… Good morning to all.

  10. I list confidence with this organization. Walang Plan B when they had Plan A . They could have done what MUP or even MGI did. Quarantine the candidates and staff for 14 days . The Araneta Grp are majority holders of Novotel Hotel, sana na quarantine sila doon. Then limit activities in a way na wala silang exposure sa virus abd at the same time practicing ng strict Covid safety protocols. These process were done sa recently concluded Miss Grand International. BPCI it seems refuse to think outside the box. The organization is stuck being the conservative , always playing it sage group that they’ve always been. I feel sorry for the candidates. Now I wonder kung ilan na lang silang matira sa June.

    • parang kulang sa diskarte at plano ang BPCI..fixed sila with the idea that they will hold a live pageant just like how they have staged the pageant all these years pero sana maintindihan nila na nasa gitna tayo ng pandemya and walang kasiguruhan kung kailan ito matatapos and kung kailan tayo babalik sa normal. The candidates have invested so much. They have gone through a lot emotionally and financially. Mahirap maging BBP candidate kasi restricted sila na tumanggap ng work. Sa totoo lang, i feel vindicated for the other girls who have already made a decision to quit….at least naka-move on na sila sa kanilang buhay…yung isa nga may commercial na. There’s life after BBP and it’s not everything.

  11. This is sad…what’s the guarantee that things will be better by June 27? My heart goes out to the binibini candidates who have gravitated their lives preparing for this pageant for such a long time already, only to be postponed once again…They have sacrificed a lot already. Virtual activities for more than a month will again demand much effort and stress on their part. And if the pageant will happen on June 27, I will feel sorry for the non-winners who have invested a lot.
    So, I don’t blame the others who have withdrawn from the competition…they have other priorities like families to support. Some are from the province and I cant imagine, how they are sustaining themselves. Some have over-aged already. I wont be surprised if there will be more “casualties.”
    It’s pandemic time and this is an extraordinary time…can’t the organizers let go of the traditional way of staging the pageant? At this point, I suggest that they just appoint winners so the other girls can move on with their lives and the winners can be given ample time to prepare for their competitions. Have mercy on the girls @bbpilipinasofficial. We need to move on.

  12. I feel sorry for the candidates. The long wait has meant employment (or self-employment) opportunity loss, and maybe more expenses on beauty and fitness regimen. And what about those who are from the province and had to stay in Manila just in case there is a call from organizers. I’m not surprised, almost half of the original group had “jumped ship”.

    • Same sentiments. Just appoint girls based on everything they’ve seen so far, and on potential. Don’t keep the girls hostage (career-wise) for more than year while waiting for a pageant that in all likelihood won’t push through.

  13. One wonders who they would’ve appointed to Miss Universe if they still hold the franchise.

    • baka walang maappoint to be fair. but that’s a really great question! But then, this batch joined with MI being the highest crown in the beginning. Other than Hannah based on facial beauty, I dont know who else fits the MU prototype.

      • Siyempre kung sa kanila ang franchise edi kasama din sila Rabiya, Bella, Michelle at iba pa parang plus minus MUP lang ang equation.

      • @Arnie

        I don’t think Michele can still join kasi BBP titleholder na siya. Also, kahit sumali sina Rabiya, Bella, etc., contestants pa rin sila hanggang ngayon.


        So wala tayong candidate for Miss Universe? HAHAHAH. Baka si Aya, or worse si Sam B. Both lack in the comm skills department, lalo na si Sam at dagdag mo pa na under KF siya na choker sa MU.

  14. Sana nga naman at matuloy na habang sariwa pa ang mga kalahok baka pagdating nga ng patimpalak baka mabibilang na lamang ang matitira. Sa tingin ko mas maigi na lang pumili si Madam kung sino ang ipapadala para mas tipid at ligtas ang mga kalahok.

  15. Bad move. They should really just cancel this pageant or make it virtual. Someone from that org needs to make a swift and bold call.

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