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  1. appoint nyo si margie moran
    for mu 2021
    matigil na mga haka haka nyo


  2. Let’s not forget organizational politics. Bella is from the Camp. MUP being composed of people mostly from A&Q will (likely) favor girls from their (former) stronghold. A&Q (remember) has still a number of excellent contenders to field in such as Patricia Magtanong and Ahtisa Manalo among others. I believe these two girls are FAR better than Bella in terms of physical beauty, personality and experiences. These two are also good communicators.

  3. Charm 2021, I am feeling for La Baylerina.

    The Viets will A-D-O-R-E her “puso’ ink. They will say, ‘tres chic’!

    (Vietnam was former French possession.)

    Needless to say, she will be an upgrade to Subijano-Montenegro.


    Kung gusto ng fans at kaya na by then ni Boss JG, mag-pa-pageant na lang siya ulit for 2022. It will be election year, malay niya may pulitiko’ng galante…. 🙂

    (And if we have all been vigilant enough, we should be aware that one of the current Runners-up is planning for a comeback next year… And there’s the unfinished business of ‘Sorsogon’s Gallery’.)

    • Flor you are correct on Atty. Patitay.

      But with Miss Sorsogon… She should JOIN Cory Quirino’s Mutya Pilipinas for HIGHER chances of winning with its two Top Model titles.

      Huwag na siyang sumali sa MUP, MWP or even Bb. Pilipinas dahil KULANG siya GANDA, TALINO at KASANAYAN sa KOMUNIKASYON. May mga pagkakataon na kailangan nating TANGGAPIN ang katotohanan. Huwag magbigay ng FALSE HOPES kay Galeria.

      Magandang umaga sa lahat.

      • @ paul Maayo’ng aga, Dude!

        Speaking of Mutya and next year’s Elections, make a guess, po. 🙂

        MUPSorsogon, you are VINDICATED, looks almost exactly like MGMyanmar. Kung sa bagay unlike Atty. P bata pa naman ‘ata siya, so she has the luxury of time… I did envision her as successor to Tyra Goldman and win our very first TMotW crown. BUT, she MUST FIRST get on the good graces of Boss FY and Mdme. CQ… You suppose the Escuderos can help in that regard?

        Manalo as MUPQuezon? I’m seeing…. not earlier than 2023.

        As for Sutton, her stint at BBP left us wanting. IMO, she should ‘return to Cubao’. With her clout now, she can VERY EASILY pull in patronage and benefaction the likes seen only in the recent cases of SamBer, Cat, and now Rab, ALL at her beck and calling!… But, not earlier than 2022.

      • Okay Flor. Very GOOD remarks. 1.5. (magna cum laude standing). He, he, he…

    • @flor. For me, if feasible, it is better for MUP to hold pageant this year to select our rep to 70th MU. As the most prestigious international pageant, MU deserves candidates who undergo thorough scrutiny in their respective countries and what better way to do this is by staging national pageants . Merely appointing our delegate to MU might be construed by MUO that we are giving less importance to the event, which diminishes our delegate’s chances of winning.

      • @ serge Granted.

        Additional ideas on my end… 🙂

        How will MUPO go about…? They will ask fans to pay Php 300 again for Prelims exclusives and first dibs on updates? Factors might be less forgiving this time. They MUST find ANOTHER WAY.

  4. I’m still rooting for Patricia Magtanong for MU 2021/22
    Bella could join MW or MI…

    • Excellent C2F. We are ONE with Patricia Magtanong. And right, Bella fits for Miss World (specially with her ballet performances). Manang Julia surely will love it.

  5. I hope they send classy bella na pagkaganda. She can also answer political question

    Flor where are thou. I heard my wish for supra might happen. Isabel galeria might join mwp

    • @ bonsaihater All the best for your wish! As it stands, MIG can do no wrong; she can go pretty much anywhere… I just will assume that as a Nurse, a front-liner, she has been jabbed. THAT IS PARAMOUNT. After that, I think it will be safe to assume we will all support whatever next move…

  6. Sana totoo ang chismis na si Bella ipapadala sa MU 2021 kasi walang MUP 2021.
    I only have 2 issues with her:
    1. She tends to lengthen her answers kaya lumalampas siya sa time. May point na she could’ve ended her answer na dapat. Rewatch MUP 2020, palagi siya kinukulang sa time.
    2. Her veneers.
    If maayos niya ito, kabahan na naman mga shupits.

  7. But she is NOT beautiful enough. She lacks in the (facial) beauty aspect. She maybe ready in other pageant necessities but not facially competitive for MU. I would be happier if MUP org. will pick Pauline Amelinckx.

    Another thing about Bella is that she is classy but not relatable. Personality wise I think Pauline is a lot more radiant and bubblier, and she fits the characteristics MU is looking for. Bella is more suited for Miss World.

    Patch Magtanong is also another excellent choice for the 70th edition of MU. Tall, beautiful, intelligent. personable, she just needs a little refinements in pasarela and styling.

  8. I believe Bella will be appointed for this year’s edition in Costa Rica. When MU 2020 finishes next month, and, say, they open applications in June, the earliest they can hold a pageant is in September, leaving the winner only 2 full months to prepare for the pageant in December. Solution? Appoint Bella.

  9. I am really hoping that the rumors that MUP might appoint someone for 2021 MU has some truth to it. Given the worsening COVID situation and vaccine availability, it sounds like appointing someone makes the most sense. Hola Bella Ysmael!!!! She was my personal favorite leading up to pageant night and I don’t have any problem with that at all if she get appointed.

  10. I hope MUP org will held pageant this year. If organizers find it hard to stage a pageant this year, they could appoint Bella. I believe Bella is more than ready.

  11. Now we are talking !!
    I hope they appoint Bella for next year/ this yr’s MU edition .

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