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  1. I love everything about these set of photos. Her complexion, the sparkle in her eyes, the radiant smile with the clean white background, exposing just enough skin really work together.

    In dear Jeannie Mai’s voice, It looks like she’s having fun…


  2. Am happy with the photos coming out, finally sunod sunod ang mga pasavog. Walang pa failed!!! Congrats MUP!!! You are on the right track. She is giving me a Kiara Ortega Vibes. Ganda!!!!

  3. More of this! Go Rabiya! Remember, wag masyadong umasa sa #TeamAhasAndKweens

    • Beks, hindi mo ikinaganda yang mga hanash mong ganyan. Bawat pagkuda mo against sa A&Q magbbackfire sayo yan at sa kung ano man ang ipinaglalaban mo na parang imahinasyon lang naman. Hindi rin matutuwa si Rabiya sa mga ganyang eksena mo kasi ang bigat sa energy field. Peace within is world peace!!! ❤

  4. The sleekness of Oxana Federova, with the girl-next-door freshness of Kiara Ortega; but, make no mistake, it’s Rabiya Mateo. Brava!

    • @ Madame X Oxana Ortega. Kiara Fedorova… Parang sexy starlet. PUSUAN. 🙂

      • OMG Flor – I could imagine an ‘Oxana Ortega’ being a contemporary of Maui Taylor back in the day. I was in grade school when Sukdulan came out.

  5. I have this gut-feel that Rabiya will do the high-bun hairstyle on the final’s night. Rabiya looks queenly and elegant in that look, and I trust that the hairstylist would create a high-fashion edge on that. It’s about time to see a winner do in high bun, nine years after Leila Lopes sported it. But I want to see Rabiya in that Oxana Fedorova hairstyle during swimsuit round.

    That’s all.

    • Wag sana ma-Patch Magtanong na straight hair ang bagay tapos biglang nagbun.

    • No to high-bun. It’s just too old-school of a style for someone who is 23. They need her oozing with energy and youth come finals night and with the flowy hair of hers will give that advantage.

      I am still having nightmares of Patch’s high bun from MI…

  6. I’m glad that some commenters here are adopting the Indonesian good attitude. Yung kahit hindi kagandahan at pichu shop kandidata Nila todo papuri continue that

  7. Okay na sana eh kaso ano ba naman yan nakabuyang yang ang boobs.

    Miss Universe ang sasalihan hinde pagiging cover girl ng playboy magazin.

    Hanggang ngayon ba naman si titigilan ang pag package sa kanya na prang sexy star?

    Best of luck na lang po

    • “Okay na sana, pero…” – Sign na palaging hinahanapan ng mali lahat ng bagay.

      • di ko ko kailangan hanapan ng mali, ayan kitang kita ang
        pagbugangtang ng dede.

        Eh kung stepping stone nya planang MU pra maging international bomba star eh di gowwwwww!!!

      • @Baby DemoNica

        Sorry ha, sa mukha kasi kami nagfofocus, hindi sa boobs.

    • Don’t be afraid of boobs @Baby Nica.

      Boobs are our friends.

      Were you bottlefed ba as a baby?

      Why naman sobrang triggered sa boobs?

      • My point lang naman is Filipina should not be pacakged like that. Beauty and Brains ang laban, hinde prang bold star na ready mg hubad anytime.

        At this day and age, it is important that inspite of kung ano anong ngyayari aa mundo, we may never lose the true essence ng Pilipino. Maganda, matalino at hinde hubadera.

        Just because everyone else is doing it eh gagayahin.

        May dignidad ang Pinoy, maipapanalo ang laban gamit ang likas na ganda at talino at hinde kailangan mgpakita ng paghuhubad.

  8. Wow! Gorgeous! Rabiya has one of the prettiest faces among this year’s MU candidates.

  9. Now this is the winning look. The styling is Miss Universe worthy. Rabiya is absolutely gorgeous here, and if she is as stunning as this come finals night, then she can easily win the hearts of the crowd.

    I am sure that the MUP Team is doing its best, so Rabiya will get the 5th crown for the country, if not the runner-up placement. I am thrilled by the fact that Jonas Gaffud has accompanied her in the US this early, so he could personally apply his magic touch on Rabiya. I believe in this man’s passionate handling on the beauty queen’s needs, be it on her daily get up down to her winning look at the pageant night.

    Rabiya has a gargantuan task to bring home the 5th crown. She knows how her countrymen love Miss Universe, and winning the pageant will boost the spirit of the Filipinos who have been devastated by the dreadful disease. Best of luck, gwapa!

    That’s all.

  10. when Rabiya speaks, she sounds like WynWyn Marquez … & remember that WynWyn is an international titleholder , even though it’s a second-tier pageant … I really think Rabiya has a great shot at landing in the top 3 !

    • Wynwyn has the ‘it girl’ personality with superb skills on stage . Big difference.
      But with the Aces and Queens ‘ magic touch , I think Rabiya will be fine .

      • agreed … looking back in 2015 , if WynWyn was sent to Supranational , we would have had our 2nd Supranational crown in 2 years since 2013 …

      • 2015, Hannah Sison should’ve been Miss Supra. Okay na for runner-up si Wynwyn and dapat ligwak si Rogelie.

      • Hannah Sison would not have been able to defeat the winner Paraguay in 2015 , but WynWyn Marquez could easily have won it all for Pinas !

  11. I am ceetain that Rabiya will make us proud. Pasavogue will be high when the actual competition and she will peak at the right time just like Ara and Janine. In the end, those haters will eventually keep mum about how they treated her on social media.

    Sports Illustrated theme introduction video as well as MU profile picture were just a start. Let’s not expect a win for MU because you can ask yourself, will an org give the 3rd crown to us in 6 yrs? I doubt but a placement, yes I have confidence that she will if she continues to play her cards right. Would you agree Tito Norman?

    Go Rabiya!

    • They almost gave the crown to South Africa for 3 consecutive years had Catriona not competed.

      • You don’t know that .
        Who knew what would happen in 2019 if Tamryn had won ?

      • You have a point but how many placements did they have at major pageants over the last decade? Me thinks that they are looking at South Africa as another market to sustain because PH is already a nation of pageant enthusiasts. Pls bear in mind that MUO as a nonprofit org has its business plan. For me, a semi final placement or RU placement is already a success while getting a title is a cherry on top. I am not being pessimistic but I am being optimistic with a shred of realism so to set proper expectations. She will do good but I don’t want to set my expectations too high 😉.

  12. Template daw para sa mga gagawa ng meme.
    Pili na lang kayo ng korona na ipapalit. Hehe

    Good luck Rabiya.

  13. Kasi iba iba itsura nya. Hindi chameleon parang bawat shoot may budol
    Sana Yung real her

    • “Hindi chameleon pero iba iba itsura niya”? Hindi mo yata alam pinagsasabi mo… incoherent. Research ka muna ibig sabihin ng chameleon.

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