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  1. Nice. Introducing a new way to promote Ms. Mateo. But she is overexposed – in other words, nakakaumay na. And the social media posts of “fans” constantly comparing her to another country’s representative does not help her at all. 🙋🏼‍♂️ Some “fans” are misrepresenting her with their rabid hunger for another crown. 🤡 Naka-apat na tayo, pagbigyan naman ang iba.

  2. You guys already saw Rabiya’s story ‘upon awakening at 0400H in LA’?

    Ganda ghorl! I was thinking to myself, “whom does she remind me of”?



    ‘Ay, grabeh. This may turn out to be the most closely-monitored quarantine. Pati pag-banyo, kailangan may update… Tumulad sa MGI! “How to eat an American burger with sides in 20 seconds”, parang sa military academy or elite forces training, DAPAT WALA’NG TIRA. Gow, Rab!

    • Agree. The IG stories basically sent the message that her beauty is real, and is not the product of Photoshop/excessive retouching.

  3. I don’t know why everyone is scared of Peru. Her smile is not very pretty.

    • @ Fabian Reyes Mariangel Villasmil’s smile, in contrast, is WARM and ENDEARING. 🙂

    • Pageant fans are NOT scared of Peru. She is one of the leading contenders because the girl is well prepared for MU next month. She is pretty enough, sexy, polished, experienced and with good communication skills in English. She has done her homework very well which include among others practicing for Q&A, pasarela and styling.

      My current TOP 3: Curacao, Peru & the Philippines.

      • @ Fabian Reyes Honga. 😦

        Tipid ngumiti ‘to’ng si Janick. You suppose she has teeth issues? Naalala ko noon, na may nag-comment dito na Kylie was having similar challenges at MI 2016… But won any way.

        Also, I recall Rollen Richelle Caralde who won the right to rep us at Elite. She very clearly had not-the-best-smile, and tried to conceal it, brought by the excitement of the realization as Linda Evangelista came to her side… I forgot the year na. But yes, Linda Evangelista, so 1990’s.

        Anyway, back to Supranational 2019.

        You know who has a nice smile? Fitriana. 🙂

        And if you combine Amelinckx and Tirsin, you’ll get Yana Haenisch.

      • Flor na-remember mo pa rin pala si Rollen Richelle Caralde. Noong 90s USO ang mga EXOTIC looking winners both sa Elite Look of the Year – Philippines at Super Model of the World – Philippines. Ito yung panahon na dapat para kina Aya Abesamis at Isabel Galeria. Waging-wagi sila kung nagkataon na dalaga na sila sa time na yun. Marami akong newspaper clippings sa mga top model winners nung 90s.

    • @ Fabian Reyes Besides, YOU said Janick was MU caliber when she competed at Supra 2019.


      (Now, thanks for your suggestion, I will watch the crowning moment runner-up announcements and see for myself just how contentious this Peruvian smile is, that it risks pitting two UP alumni in a pageant opinion bloodbath.)

      • Makalingaw jud ka Flor. Tayo-tayong (3) lang din. Thanks. Maayong hapon sa imoha day.

    • Her smile is not pretty but she is overall pretty. And she is an audio engineer in New York very modern woman ang peg niya.

    • It’s because of the social media feelingera experts…hihihihi..

      But it all honesty, she has caucasian looks and very good in English. I believe she studied in the US.

  4. JawsKuh 😱
    Pinandilatan ako ng mata ng maraming beses habang iniinterview ko cya😳katakot pala c Rabiya 👅
    Baka tatakbo lahat ng judges during preliminary interview kc lumaki na ang mata at may pangil pa 😆
    JawsKuh naman A&Q anovayannnnn😠

    • @bong ano kaya interpretation ng pandidilat mata.Naalala ko nung kinder 2 ako yun chinese teacher ko pinapalo ako ng ruler ganyan din mata . Rabiya stance is elementary teacher like fr a disciplinarian school

    • @bong goooo sa Totoo lang hindi fault Ng aq ang dilat mata di naman nandidilat sa atty trainor mabait nga Yun .di rin nandidilat sa mama j.talagang feeling ni rabiya mas magaling sya sa kausap nya .Rabiya always speak in a condescending manner.

    • daw sa gaga ang bilatan!!!! Bakit CNN reporter ka ba???? Baklang twwoooohhh…

  5. How chrue na if tuloy ang Miss U sa December, si Bella na raw ipapadala dahil wiz na time si Mamang J for a pageant this year? Next year na raw ang susunod.

    • @ MissPluto Next year na rin… ang susunod na appointment. For Nepal 2022.


      Two(2)-year contracts sila, 25 Oct 2020~ 25 Oct 2022 (or similar). You like Gumabao next, po?

      According to a recent update at Lavinia’s, Atty. Patitay is deep in law profession practice.

      *And with her USA green card, may no longer be necessary (opportunities-wise, I mean).

      (* – my own view.)

      • Flor huwag ka masyadong mapaniwala dyan kay lavinia. You are far more intelligent than her. He, he, he…

      • “Atty. Patitay is deep in law profession practice.” Siyempre lawyer siya, ano pa ang gagawin niya lalo na sa panahong ito. Notaryo Publiko atbp. Ikaw talaga Flor. He, he, he…

  6. Side view and back , she looks amazing with a very feminine vibe. I hope sa EG, white black red or yellow

    • Enjoy tlga magbasa ng comments sa bawat Blog ni Tito Norms. Popcorn please. Keep posting your comments.

  7. If basing on the first 2 wardrobes, I say the theme of her outfits will be involving pearls and shells – so beach theme?

    Will we also see this theme for her prelims and finals evening gown?

    • @ sleuth Sana hindi literal. Meaning, not CHOKING embellishment yet again.

      Puwede naman’g suggestive, such as fluting of the bodice to evoke a clam (but yes, this one is not probably best for Rabiya, perhaps too Irene Saez).

      Kung TEXTURE ang aim, it can be done NEATLY. Again, look at Mariem Velazco’s pearl-encrusted Final evening dress. Or, the wedding dress Karl Lagerfeld made from camellias.

      Even when Nature does texture, while it may sometimes register haphazard to the human brain (which when you think about it is the ONLY one that is so self-aware that it dares to conceive of matters such as ‘religion’, ‘afterlife’, ‘extraterrestrial life’, ‘LOVE’, etc.), is always for a reason. Nature has but finite resources, all within the limits of the planet that contains it, so it cannot afford to be wanton.

      But we are. 🙂

  8. The ensemble is most striking from the back. I just wish there was a little bit of a transition from the butterfly sleeves into the embellished fabric. However, she does look very regal here (Tyra Banks’ comment to ANTM contestant Ambreal comes to mind, “a beautiful regalness”).

    • (Cont.)

      Boss JG has three wards fielded – Rabiya, Belle Bernadette*, and Anshika. It would be nice if, like The Camp’s first foray into MUP, all of them place. 🙂

      (I hope BB* will be better than Mohanna, performance-wise.)

    • (Cont.1)

      Now, there might be what I hope will be 003, which effectively displaces this (001) to bottom feeder.

      Reasons I don’t like THIS, 1) the color, though indeed unconventional, looks “teachers’ uniform”-ish. Green and its variants has been tricky so far for Filipinas, yet STELLAR examples exist such as Eden’s BBP 2016 Final dress, Atty. Patitay’s ‘Jade Empress’ apparition at the MI 2019 Prelims, and Hakkenson chartreuse. But here on Rab, has aged her., 2) agree with @ Closer2Fame on that slouchy-untidy ribbon-at-the-back, and 3) that horrific LITERALLY DRAGGING sheer sleeve (which someone likened to jellyfish)… If my anticipated 003 does materialize, then THAT’s an EXCELLENT way to pull off the idea.

  9. I agree w fabian she is the weakest mup. Sya talaga pinaka Hindi pansinin sa lahat Ng mup. Janine tagunon even not the typical dyosa commandas attention that make me see her as the most beautiful during 2012.
    Last year maganda mukhang latina pa rep natin walang away . Now may away sa looks dept . Maliit . Mga aso Sabi ang layo daw sa gandah ni gazini umaasa na Lang ako na madala sa dear charo story Ng buhay at makuda na dilat effect . Ma impresssana ang judges

    • Wag ka mag-alala. Sure balls tayo. May kapit si Evil Mana J. Remember, nauto niya ang MUO to transfer franchise. Hahahaha. Ano siya ngayon? Hahahahahahahaha. Sayang si Rabiya girl. Di pinagtuunan ng pansin. Pinabayaan. Laki pa naman ng potential.

      • @throwbakla oxana daw yan sobra ganda nung oxana may patriotism given pero wag Naman yun blind eye patriotism
        Lait to death yun iba na trudis yun kabila last yr isa din trudis ito. Di nga papasa yan sa bbp screening(real ta

      • My golly. Are they insulting Oxana? Physical beauty wise, Oxana is the best. I love Cat but Oxana is very very very beautiful.

      • Nandito ka pa?

        Why are you so invested in pulling down our country’s bet?

        We supported Samantha & KF during their MGI run. Can you not just wish the best for our country’s Miss Universe candidate & leave it at that? Hindi naman camp ang nasa sash ni Rabiya kung di ang name ng country natin.

        Or are you really just so petty & bitter that Jonas is now a boss with the MUP franchise, plus numerous contacts in international pageant organizations like Singapore, while KF is still just a bunch of freelancers with not even a runners-up placement at Universe?

        On that note, may I congratulate your 2019 delegate & your camp for breaking the top 10 streak of the country in Universe?

        Ah, yes, may best National Costume award naman kayo.

        Great strategy, teaching your alaga to peak sa National Costume, and then fizzle out.

        Ikaw ang tunay na ahas, actively rooting against our country’s delegate.

        Please post your pic.

        Gusto ko makita ang hybrid crab + snake na creature.

        Ikaw yun.

      • Gaga, I am GO GO RABIYA! But no no to hocus pocus laki ulo #AhasAndKweens.


        Focus ka nalang sa camp mo, huwag sa kabila.

        Comparison is the thief of joy.

        If you keep comparing KF with A&Q when it comes to Miss Universe, you will always be miserable. The report cards are clear: Miss Universe is A&Q turf.

        But let me encourage KF by saying that they showed us they can still innovate & improve their core strengths as a pageant camp. Samantha is proof of that.

        Now use the toxic energy na kinakalat mo dito to upgrade your camp’s training systems, instead of trying to pull down the other camp’s successes.

        Empower yourself to achieve the standards that A&Q has set at Miss Universe. I know the potential is there because KF was able to create pageant magic with Samantha at MGI.

        Tapus develop the balls to train & enter delegates at MUP instead of being stuck in this defeatist mindset na lahat kasalanan ng A&Q & inaapi kayo ni A&Q.

        I mean, just because hindi kayo makaka-breakthrough sa Miss Universe, kasalanan ito ng A&Q?

        Please don’t let your insecurities define your camp.

        I believe in the talent & strengths & potentials of KF.

        Maybe you should start believing in that too.

      • awts matindi ba ang tama ng pagkawala ng franchiae sa Cubao kaya dito ka nag iinaso?!?!?! grabe ang pagkapapaitan mo noh?! antoroy naman ni Jonas kung ganun… so yung lahat pala ng runner up + crown ng mga alaga ni Jonas ay di totoo dahil ginapang lang yun ni Jonas?!?!?!iba talaga ang sapi ng mga taga Cubao hahaha… felicia my dear, kung totoo yan, naku dapat sambahin si Jonas kasi nagawa nya ang di kayang gawin ni tandang Stella…

        THROWBAKLA , ipagpatuloy mo yang kasabawan ng utak mo ah… hahaha

    • Roxie. Gazini was the weakest MUP in the last few years. Hers was the lowest placement. It’s a fact. Rabiya is better than her in most if not all aspects. Let’s wait and see what happens to Rabiya, then we can say whether Gaz is better. Meanwhile, in my opinion and from observations, Rabiya will go much farther than Gaz did.

      • I agree that Gazini is the weakest. parang ginawa siyang experiment na cyborg ng KF.

      • True. Memorized answers ang strength ng KF tas nagchoke pa si Gazini sa memorized opening speech. In my eyes, A&Q >>> KF. Tignan niyo si Maureen ngayon, ang dry nung lumipat sa KF.

  10. I like this one better than the 1st…
    Beautiful design… I love the modernized silhouettte
    I wish that sheer long sleeve is a bit wider….
    The idea of the bow at the back is suppose to be gorg but whoever tied it obviously does not know how to do it nicely…. It would have looked so much better…

  11. This hairstyle matches perfectly with an evening gown. I wish she will get this hairstyle during the evening gown competetion.

    • Puro papuri kay Rabiya kahit di naman flawless. But nung kay Cat, bitter till the end. Wala kang credibility bekle. Push niyo yan ng hinid mag-improve si Rabiya. #AhasAndKweens

      • hahaha mag inaso ka lang.. hahaha yan ang napapala sa kakarugby sa Cubao…

  12. Love the color on her… but we could do without the jellyfish sleeve trains. It’s too much. If you must have the pearls-and-shell brololoys, I wish they added them on the sleeves instead. I must say that it is refreshing to see Rabiya in a different hairstyle. She can certainly sport different looks.

  13. dami kaartehan
    garapata nung look 001 and walis tambo pants
    tas now palikpik pakpak sa 002
    pero ganda ng kulay

    dami nyo ganap
    creative art art nyo sarilinin nyo na lang
    wala naman points yan sa Prelims

    hunos dili kayo

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