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  1. The hair could be better. She’s better with big hair . Lots of volume like during MUP

    • Bakla, she’s traveling for more than 10 hours, she don’t need big hair. Jeezas! 🙄

  2. itong garapata blouse eh pang photo ops lang
    nagpalit sya ng damit during flight

    rabiya all the best
    kayang kaya mo maka back to back tough 20
    like ate gazini mo

  3. Way too overdress for an international flight. Remember this is what 8-11 hour flight and why would you wanna wear something too restricting or dressy top?

  4. I like the ilustrated design…
    I’m a nitpicker and I can see a few failed details.
    I wish the pearl embelishments are less random or at least symetrical…. I wish the sculptured ruffle is also on both sides….
    The execution is not excellent but its alright.

  5. I just watched the candidates’ International Women’s Day messages and wow, this year will be exciting and unpredictable , if not for the pandemic , it will be 10x more exciting ! I observed though that among the Caribbean delegates, I have to scratch off Jamaica. So , now my two Caribbean worthy queens are Curacao and Barbados … and Curacao just might have their very first MU in history !

  6. I’ll be honest. I find the top shabby. The cuts are amateurish and the embellishments look crappy. It’s a miss for me.

    • @ aj Your opinion is like the argument in favor of nuclear energy, po.

      We do not belittle the sufferings of those who directly felt the power of an atomic nucleus being ripped apart in what ‘anime’ refers to as ‘ma’, the BRIEF time interval between milestones characterized by a STILLNESS. BEFORE, QUIET, then AFTER….

      But with every nuclear disaster, we learn more and more to properly tame that beast. As a result, our technology improves and these power plants can ONLY EVER GET SAFER, MORE COST-EFFICIENT, and MORE ACCESSIBLE. The constant critique will propel the good type of change.


      (Domo arigatou gozaiamsu)

  7. I’m glad Rabiya won’t be graded for the not so impressive pics above

  8. Departure pa kayo, Arrival na siya. Rabiya had landed in LA. Nag-change na rin siya ng outfit. Update PLEASE.

  9. Clean, modern, and cultural. Love it. To those who are “hayok” for OOTD in the social media so you can get a lot of likes and engagement, it is very well done for sure.

    Can’t wait to see Rabiya in the US! Any idea what time her flight arrives in Florida?

  10. Why does the neckline remind me of hardwood moorings at the pier? And I’m not sure the black pearls helped… Or, are those (the) crystal? Perhaps a neater, not as clumpy… But I like the pants.

    BUT IT MAKES PERFECT SENSE AT THE CUFF. What happened at the neckline??!

    Buti na lang ‘hanging’, kita tiyan. Makes the ensemble look YOUNG. After all, pearls can age. 🙂

    Nonetheless, a wonderful effort still. The labor of love is FELT.

  11. Wishing you the very best in your journey for the 5th MU crown. Stay healthy and safe kasi masasayang lang ang lahat ng effort, trainings and preparations mo kung pagdating sa finals ay ibang korona ang makuha mo and that is corona virus a.k.a. Covid19 kaya ingat lagi. We sincerely support you because we love you.. for the Philippines Rabiya! 🇵🇭❤️❤️❤️

  12. Lovely ensemble ❤️ Rabiya looks radiant in this number. Although I wish she pulled back or updo her hair, but not a big deal. Simple chic 👍

  13. Di ko ata keri yan ang isusuot ko from Ph to US sa haba ng byahe! 😆

      • Im very sure nmn Tito norms 😊. In my 1st trip abroad which was a 20-hour trip, i had bipedal edema! And I learned from it to wear very comfy clothes when traveling and taking a very long haul trip.

    • Mag diaper kang gaga ka!! Kasi baka magkalat ka.!!!!!Magbigay ka pa ng kahihiyan sa Pilipinas na animal ka!!!!!!

      • This type of comment gets approved by the moderator.
        Yet, I noticed, he rejects comments from others who are less known to him.

    • @Dino or dinadinudugo sino ka sa palagay mo!!!! Magsama kayo ni @Sjeffie Cheon!!! Hayop ka rin!!!!!

      • I don’t stoop to that level of conversation, unfortunately.
        It shows your upbringing, education (if there’s any).
        Highly suggested for you to use mouthwash, better yet use vinegar diluted with H2O.
        Have a nice covid free day!

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