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  1. Serious na ito Flor. I think Rabiya should pay a homage to the Ati (Aeta) Tribe of Western Visayas, one of the major inspirations of Iloilo’s Dinagyang Festival (aside from Catholicism and Baby Jesus).

    But the national costume should avoid having those big feathers. Instead it should highlight the different colorful beads sewn into the sexy midriff & short skirt. Put on an oversized “Afro-like wig” accentuated with a head band made of beads and dyed tiger grass. She should also bring with her a basket full of bright-colored fruits and vegetables and an arrow & bows on her back. Lastly, paint the entire body and the face with chocolate color dye. Viva Rabiya!

    Hindi ito mabigat. Madali lang dalhin. Ilagay lang lahat sa isang (medium size) trolley.

    • @ paul Great idea! 🙂

      Came to mind Kevin Liliana’s, at MI 2017… But her basket had local beverages, I think…

      Also from 2017, VERY NICE NatCos from her male counterpart at Mister Global. Masculine elegance, ASEAN style! I was browsing through my old posts just now… Reynaldi Rifaldo, he is.

    • (Cont.)

      Speaking of Kevin, i just finished re-watching her Speech. Among other things, she says that what makes her country beautiful are ‘the differences, not (so much) the similarities’ (among her countrymen and women, something to that effect). Might be helpful to Rabiya…

      And I realize why Francezka Taruc is seen by some as a BBP-International presumptive. Wow.

      • Francesca’s grandfather Luis Taruc, the head of HUKBALAHAP fought the Japanese imperialists. Ang akward naman non nakakaloka but I agree she is suited for MI

      • @ Lymairana I merely thought MANY share the view that Francezka looked like Kevin. 🙂

        Besides, if Japan asks the world to forgive it for its imperialism in the past, they, too, MUST be willing to forgive all those who only reacted to their unwarranted aggression in a logical manner.

  2. National Costume will not bear a lot of points for her semifinal run. I suggest that she just not participate and just concentrate on her OOTD and gowns and hair makeup kit. That will lessen the bulk of her luggage and maximize her resources that will reward her more.

    Also let’s trust the MUP org about the outcome of their preparation and support our rep by voting at the MU app. It’s the only way to help boost semifinal campaign instead of bickering and whining about her imperfection.

    To those who constantly give criticism, I wonder if these pageant fans have provided financial or material support? Some fans just continue to share their negative comments about what they think that the org should and should not do when I keep on thinking whether they were agencies or managers that gave them the right to say so? And then when the time comes that our rep places among the finalists, then they start to cheer as if they were so proud and haughty toward other reps. I hope that some pinoy fans will realize that there is brand to protect; the PH sash.

    Just my thought…

    • @ Bert Short for ‘Albert Andrada’. You will make one number for Rabiya, po? 🙂

    • @ kembular2020 The ‘Panagbenga’ Baraza? Is that even still around? 😦

      May, in the USA, is late Spring heading into Summer. In our parts, it corresponds to the thunderstorm season that triggers blooming in the “caballero” (Delonix regia), or flame tree. If you wish to retain that floral theme, that can be a reference… But yeah, it MUST be streamlined (as per Instruction #1). Huwag lang matulad kay MULaos; “caballero”, despite its origins in Latin America, is that country’s floral emblem. 🙂

  3. Zamboanga’s Vinta Festival costume for Rabiya Mateo! ❤❤❤

    • @ Jonalyn Hernandez Inevitably, that will require some sort of transformation/reveal of the sail. A well-conceived design is paramount! After all, Rabiya being on the petite side might get obscured by her get-up.

      Highly suggest her NatCos designer watch the Final of MrGWP2016. PLENTY of ideas there with regards to how extra appendage can be anchored to the body without losing (the) face so to speak.

  4. With the restriction, I have in mind the NATCOS of Basiano. Replace horse and calesa with carabao and carabao-driven cart to pay homage to farmers and carabaos whose contributions to our country’s agri-industry are enormous

  5. Rabiya will really shine in a princess type costume ala Janine Tugonon. A Muslim princess ala Catriona isn’t too bad either.

    However, I really would love to see the Magtataho costume or the philippine jeepney come to life…Give me something creative and new!

  6. Yes, definitely, Sir Ungkol. Unless, it’s the kind of NatCos na puwede’ng i-rehydrate, ta’s it swells into shape… Imagine a coronavirus suit in the colors of the Philippines flag, a ‘la Iris Van Herpen.


    But, WE WILL MOST PROBABLY SEE ‘BIKINI-STYLE’ NATCOS. After the desfile, hit the pool!

    But, maganda rin ‘yung kay Gab Basiano na ‘karitela’. I-a-assemble lang, at ‘back-pack’ style pa.

    Ta’s, puwede’ng i-auction ‘yun’g costumes afterwards, para wala’ng basura. The money raised can be donated to MUO’s charities (so the IRS can grant them a tax break, ‘di bala?).

    • Flor why NOT a ‘White Lady of UP Diliman’ inspired national costume para magaang dalhin. Mag-request lang ng dry ice smoke sa MUO. Maganda KANG inspirasyon for NC of our MUP Rabiya Mateo. Matalino na, Legendary pa!

      • @ serge The water buffalo (carabao/kalabaw) theme will be, I agree, more resonant with the collective ASEAN mindset. I recall Paweensuda’s (or was at least a proposal heading into MU2019); it was based on a “spirit festival” in a Thai region/province which has parade participants donning masks of that animal… 🙂

        @ paul The “maja blanca”, I’d rather the sticky treat rather than the paranormal manifestation… Ang problem is baka ‘di ma-intiende ng audience/viewers. If Rabiya came as “tiktik” (ghoul that sends its LONG tongue down from the thatched roof to literally suck the life out of sleeping infants), would she don a prosthetic mouthpiece for the job? Or, you want her to look like a horse (tikbalang)?

        The most straightforward way to go now, given that in all probability the costume will be sent over to the USA in time for the Show, is an abbreviated “Dinagyang”. @ Fabian Reyes is right!

      • @flor and Paul.Forget white lady and tikbakang. Ha ha ha. Nakakaloka. Ha ha ha

      • Si Aling Flor so imaginative. Porke your namesake Bella Flores played that “aswang” role in some her movies, ipasuot mo na sa Phil. rep natin. Jusmio lolabels!!!! You’re into your 2nd childhood na talaga!!!!

    • @flor. I agree. Basiano’s costume immediately came into my mind given the restriction. Replace horse and calesa with carabao and carabao-driven cart.

      As an anti-Covid precautionary measure, MUO takes out gift auction from their schedule of activities.

  7. the costume of Kelley Day will be great on Rabiya ! It is not too gaudy and does not look heavy …

    & maybe another option was the costume of Desiree Verdadero

    • @ jaretwrightlover FULLY agree with Verdadero’s. Rene Salud crafted, right? Parang ‘sarong’ (lang).

      Won’t the red Louis Pangilinan swallow Rabiya up in material? It looked good on Kelley’s TALL frame and against her fair skin. Besides, as the Instructions say, Rabiya will not have help.

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