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  1. Boss Blogger, you should have also uploaded the video. It would have given (more) perspective. 🙂

  2. @Luke your entry into this blog is a welcome respite from the acerbic and ampalaya-laden comments of a certain chimp who wanted to dominate this blog like it’s his own. Welcome to the world of pageantry. May you continue to enlighten some of “them” who have unceasingly cast aspersion on our beaucon reps and continually malign them like they are perfect from the tips of their hair to the end of their toenails. Minsan, pinapalampas ko na lang. But some of their comments are going overboard and they have to be put right where they belong. Pinagpapasensyahan lang kasi tanders na mga yan. However, they should set a good example to us na isinilang lang kahapon when the revolution of information technology made them irrelevant.

    • @ Chezka Aawww… Love. 🙂

      ‘Ya’ng ‘irrelevance’ namin… Naisip ko noon. Laki’ng bagay ‘pag may pager ka. You probably know about that. ‘Yun’g i-di-dictate mo sa telephone operator ‘yun’g message mo…

      Hahahahh-ahhh!!! ‘Pag medyo intimate, mag-da-‘dalawa’ng isip’* ka.

      * – mag sikan tot…. (Read the text. Lolz.)

    • Hi @Chezka. I had to marinate a bit on your comments because for me, the concept of beauty (although seen to be more diverse today) is ageless. I always remind myself that people see beauty in different ways across the anthropological timeline.

      And yes @Flor Tula, I do remember those legacy messaging tools used by my parents when I was a kid (she kept those in her locker labelled “Powerpage”). I also know what a rotary phone is and our magnetized analog answering machine powered by cadmium batteries branded Uniden at home still works haha. My Nana (who’s headstrong and technology averse) still uses her Nokia E71 Exec for sentimental reasons which I had to jerry-rig for online parts because they’re off market. I’m in awe at how technology leapfrogged over two decades.

      The venue of interactions offered here in Norman’s blog is a confluence of all ages. I for one respect and value the ideas of those who lived lives ahead of me. I had great mentors in school who fed my inquisitive nature and a “sage” of a CEO in the company I work with. We may have quicker access to information in our generation but I believe wisdom is only gained with experience. I hope when I get to be of a certain age in the future, I can use that same argument so my younger kin will still listen to me.

      On the matter of how people express their ideas (whether perceived as with or without sensitivity), I think that’s a result of their environment, exposure and interactions mostly during their formative years. The tendency to be judgmental seems to be intrenched in human nature across economic and social strata. We just need to learn to filter out what makes sense and what doesn’t. Thank you for raising this matter up.

      • And thank you too @Luke. At some point, i also gutter-spoke in this blog because innuendos and negativities were hurled at others with wanton abandon…and I joined the fray if only to put others, nay, someone in the “forest” where she truly belongs. @Flor, i like the way you make fun of my comments. Lablab na kita. I just hope that being the “elder” in this blog, you will leave a legacy of decency and respect for others to trod on. Bring it on Rabiya!!!!

  3. Now we are talking. Beautiful. This is a big improvement compared to the horrible previous post making her look like Pippi Longstocking.

    She looks more natural in these photos. Sexy yet classy. Ra-bi-a and not La-bi-a Mateo indeed. Congratulations. Keep it up.

    @Luke (I am Thomas, we have a Paul, now there’s Luke. Lol), it seems you are a face measurement analyst. I have a question. What bothers at at times looking at Rabiya’s face is that it seems her default facial look is parted lips – – she seems to be not able to close her mouth naturally. This is her natural state more than an attempt to always look sultry. Is her big upper teeth causing it? For me while parted lips may look sultry, having it as a default look is somehow associated with “not being brilliant / stupid / missing chromosome. In short, nga-nga”.

    And is it natural or beautiful to have equal thickness of the upper lip vs. the lower lip? I have always thought that the upper lip should be slightly thinner than the lower lip. In her case it seems the upper lip is thicker. Namamaga.

    Your beauty advice will be highly appreciated.

    World Peace.

    • Hi @Thomas (woke up late and just saw your call out for me here). I’m definitely not a facial expert but when we cherry-pick models to suit a brand or a composition, certain facial dimensions, sometimes ethnicity and a whole gamut of other features are considered to shortlist them. It’s like runway casting, some supermodels don’t land the job even if they’re the “prettiest” or greatest walkers (subjectively) simply because they do not fit the purpose of such call. Take this analogy further to any major beauty pageant. I’m not making a sweeping inference here but just sharing my observation that certain competition segments are highlighted while some others are simply smoke and mirrors to help “convince” the public of the viability of the chosen girl for the crown.

      That’s why even in MU, there are years wherein they crowned the prettiest “barbie” versus the best speaker (vice versa), sometimes the wittiest versus the darling of the crowd (vice versa), sometimes those who created impacts across all segments of the competition versus those who delivered the best final answers (vice versa), or sometimes the one who just looked beautifully different than the rest. Whoever gets the nod is drawn from a compote of choices made by designated judges/selection committee with definite leaning towards what the organizers “coached” them to look for in a particular year. That’s why there are years were popular candidates rule while others are pleasant “surprises” (you’ll never really know until the finals are concluded).

      Let me also state that the so-called beauty tests and standards are not infallible. Although I find them fun to discuss and use it to justify my choices, deep inside I personally find them archaic already. The crafters agree that the “science” behind it is largely based on what is considered beautiful by average frequency in the West. That having said, it does not include the notion of (extreme) individuality and the wide spectrum of physical beauty standards across cultures (what is regarded as beautiful in Africa is different in Asia and the rest of the western world). On top of that, people are now associating beauty beyond physical because characteristics like gregarious personality, speaking prowess, persuasive abilities (drawing hordes of fans), etc., are folded into the mix. Furthermore, one cannot discount business considerations of the organizers, whatever they may be (wink wink).

      With regard to your “curious” question of the Philippine representative’s seeming “difficulty” in closing her mouth, I see it more as her personal style rather than a matter of physiology. I saw photos of her with her lips closed with a faint smile which I find equally beguiling and attractive. Open mouth and pouting poses exude sensual energy. Sometimes, models with thinner lips do open-mouth technique to make their lips look fuller. They work for some people and don’t for others, fit for some occasions and a bit inappropriate in others. For bikini shots, they’re definitely a plus factor.

      If indeed it is a physical issue, it’s called “lip incompetence” caused by protrusive upper (sometimes lower) teeth which we interchangeably call buck toothed – which I doubt in her case. Lip incompetence is easily fixed by orthodontics nowadays so it shouldn’t be a major issue. TGIF.

      • Thanks Luke. One of the beauty camps should invite you to be their consultant.

        World Peace.

      • @Thomas. Thanks but I love my day job:)) I’m not an expert, just a fan like you are.

      • @Luke, I enjoyed reading your piece. Very professional. II know I’m hearing it from an expert because I’ve had several experiences working with advert consultants in choosing the image model of our brands. You are indeed a welcome addition to this blog community.

      • @Luke, I totally agree with you that what is beautiful in Africa may not be true in Asia, in Europe, and everywhere else. It is because there is no universal standard of physical beauty as it is culturally defined. And this is not lost on the pageant organisers and the board of judges. Since the global concept of beauty is now holistic, the more universal standard lies in the so-called “inner beauty”– intellect, leadership qualities, record of humanitarian work. I find it amusing that we Filipinos are so fixated on physical beauty, agonizing over our bet’s styling, pasarela, gown, nose, hair, teeth, height, etc, when the pageant organizers are kooking for some things beyond the physical. I suspect, with this pandemic. MU’s beauty paradigm will shift towards the “inner beauty”. What good will it do if the queen is a Barbie doll clone, the best in pasarela and the most elegant in gown if she can only be seen online and seldom in-person?

      • Hi @scorg. I noticed that the phenomenon of non-tangency (a disconnect if you will) between pageant fans in general versus what organizers are actually looking for does not only hold true among Filipinos. Fans from other nationalities have the same “entangled” perceptions that I am careful not to label as superficial. It just so happens that Pinoy comments are more universally understood because they’re often expressed in English. When translated, I noted more acid-tongued and credulous fans from the Latin community and our South East Asian counterparts.

        I think the traditional and current pop culture disconnect on definitions of beauty is universal and often shifting. I remember as a kid, me and my peers looked up to Europeans and those with mixed Caucasian ethnicities as “beautiful.” I seldom heard my peers gushing over Orientals and chinky-eyed people unless they were movie stars (I’m not using politically correct terms here). Then the ebb of inter-generational perception shifted with the advent of K-Pop and similar urban pop sub-cultures in my late teens. Now K-Pop stars crowd the banners of my Instagram and twitter handles.

        Generations changed, people’s mentality evolved, minds get educated and new schools of thought emerged. One thing is constant though, we can never have the same views at the same time so I don’t beat myself up convincing people around. I simply share and I am content with that. We Pinoys are much more discerning now than we give ourselves credit.

        BTW, I love these exchanges that elevate the conversations in this blog. I may not be able to do this when my workload resumes next week. So cheers!

      • @Luke, I hope ypu will write more in this blog despite the demands of your day job. The pageant community will benefit from fresh perspective from other disciplines like yours. My field is business management and economics, and my daily forays in this blogsite is more to ease the tedium of everyday office work here in Africa. I am one of those hooked by the passion of Sir Norman to contribute to the development of pageantry, in every little way that we can, from the perspective of our own disciplines and professions.

    • @ PAQUITA X Angulohan ba nemen….

      Kaya, tama obserbasyon ko… BAGAY MAG-SEXY ‘to’ng bata’ng ‘to. Kaya, my repeated reference to the young Laetetia Casta and Rio Locsin. 🙂

      And she seems quite happy and confident being that. GOW. Be H-A-P-P-Y. Define it for yourself.

      (Siguro naman, ma-a-appreciate ni mahal niya.)

      • @flor tula
        ang layo po naman kay Laetetia Casta, pewee pa Rio Locsin or Shamcey Supsup

    • naalala ko tuloy si Joana Eden during Supra swimsuit prelims na konti na lang sisilip na ang langit

      • @ Lireo Hihihihhh…. 🙂

        (Me and my filthy mind. Pamagat ng pelikula… “Sisilip ba ang Langit”?)

  4. back to back tough 20
    like tita gazini

    best in national costume kapag voting

    Florida ang venue dami covid
    ingat ka dun ineng rabiya

    kabugin mo silang lahat and bring home the elusive top 20

    • @ Globeguy85 Depending on your source of chichi, either 10 or 11, daw.

  5. Diana Nogueira indeed… love her!

    a lot of people think that she is a weak candidate but… they keep on talking about her… comparing her to other candidates… and checking her photos!

  6. I dunno but I find it hard to move on from my deep admiration to MGI Brazil’s Lala Guedes’ hot swimsuit body, such that–I thought–if someone in the 2021 MU candidates would have the same body figure, she would easily make it in the first cut and, consequently, the Top 10. The discipline required to attain that goal is high, and most of our queens had settled only to whistle-bait body proportions. So far, among our MU representatives in recent years, only Ariella Arida and Rachel Peters had the leanest figure of them all.

    Rabiya’s body reminds me of Miss Universe 2015 Top 10 Clarissa Molina’s. The former is just a little beefy while the latter was a little toned, which is understandable because that makes Rabiya a redefined lady, not a girl. I thought her gym coach wanted to achieve that in her, that’s why she looks more ravishing in that Victoria Secret figure. Ah, I wish I could see her walk donning customized wings!

    Anyway, our MU rep has finally achieved the desired smize in the topmost photo. So fierce and bold. The high-cut bikini complements her torso, and the color perfectly matches her skin tone. I know she only has a few days left before heading to Florida. Thus, I hope she can still find time to wrap up working on her core. She needs a little more, please.

    That’s all.

  7. IG exploded when her photos were uploaded and oh wow! as of 8pm, her votes reached 21.8k….we’re really MU faneys


  9. Generally, I appreciate what I see here on the assumption that her body in these shots are not digitally enhanced. I prefer the first two shots because for me, the third photo projects a chill bikini shot rather than a fiery one.

    I am liking the first two photos for different reasons. Her pretty face registers well on the first photo, seductive without being tawdry. I also like the way she angled her face and positioned her chin which made her neck look pleasantly disjointed and relaxed. This was how Adriana Lima did it when she made her end-of-the-runway poses during her Victoria Secret days.

    Meanwhile, I like her torso more on the second photo. The way she arched her back with her legs spread apart is a bit reminiscent of the 2020 Sports Illustrated photos of Samantha Hoopes (that definitely is a good thing). If she had her arms either placed on her sides or raised them way higher over her head and/or twisted her torso completely at 45 degrees, that would give her body even better definition and flatter her sensual side. Perhaps, that would make a perfect swimsuit shot for her body type.

    • Welcome back Luke! We missed your incisive take on the creatives of photos and advert materials.

      • Hi @scorg. Yeah, I got time to spare for this weekend so I’ll be looking through Norman’s posts more intently the next few days. With respect to our candidate’s preparations and while there’s still time to tweak, I’d like to keep my views objective. It’s definitely MU season so the fandom’s energies are high. By the way, for a few candidates who are already there in Florida this early, I’m getting hyped by the short videos posted by Chantal Wiertz of Curacao. She sashayed through the walkways of Seminole Hard Rock Hotel fiercely, appearing more prepared/polished.

      • I saw that video too. A little gimmicky but hey they want an early advantage in terms of getting attention. Rabiya doesn’t need it. She has the Miss Philippines sash that is enough to make people’s head turn.

      • Hi @4M. I’m referring to Chantal ‘s walk, not the whole shebang. Her walk appeared very tentative during her national pageant and now I clearly see she trained a lot.

        On the matter of gimmicks, I think it’s all part of the acceptable formula that adds excitement and entertainment value. To mention, we regained our traction back at Miss Universe in 2010’s when gimmicks were infused into our girls’ bids. Whether the gimmicks were grounded on truth or simply manufactured or evolved from some prior unfortunate event, they seemed to work in our favor.

        Gimmickry comes in many forms such as highlighting sad but powerful backstories, major physical transformation with time series of their exercise videos, labelling their “walks” (which in the case of the current girl is called “Arriba”), intriguing tidbits to push relevance, playing up on advocacies, doing avant garde fashion shoots (which are not necessarily culturally sensitive), fanning fan’s emotions out to cause them to act like a herd, whatever floats the girl’s boat.

        In the immortal words of Styne and Sondheim in the musical Gypsy: “You gotta get a gimmick if you wanna get applause.”

  10. With this photo, she will surely secure Top 10.

    Praying she can make it to Top 3.

  11. To quote Trinity “The Tuck” Taylor, “the body is here, bitches!” I stand corrected with these photos. She can do fierce. When it’s right, it’s right.

  12. Oh ayan! Mga ganito dapat ang pasabog! Hit or miss si ate. Pero go go go! Tip lang, wag masyadong reliant sa #AhasAndKweens at evil Mama J.

  13. I think she still needs more ab definition and thicker thighs and butt muscles… think Carmen Elektra meets Kylie Jenner model version.

  14. This is the type of body that suits her. Just enough curves in all the right places. With that beautiful rays of the sun giving her skin that natural glow and toned down make up. On fiyaaaaah, indeed!

    Oh I wish they still have Yamamay as swimsuit sponsor because she is Yamamay ready!!!

    Let’s see what the rest of commenters would say hihihihihi

  15. Yup. THAT’s the Panglao of my affections. The “Grand Dame”, the BBC. Back in the day, it was only she you met on a lazy walk on the beach. 🙂

    @ Cool Brew will be ecstatic with these…

    Now, we look forward to the departure niceties. I want Amelinckx and Hakkenson to host!

    • (cont.)

      Giovanni Montomo did the make-up here. VERY NICE. GANITO NA LANG, PLEASE, for Rabiya’s outdoor/poolside activities at Hard Rock Seminole. OK NA ‘TO. HUWAG NA’NG KULITIN!

  16. Oh la la. That body is MU ready! A flawless performance in the semifinals and an impactful speech and answers to Q and A, inclusion in top 3 is guaranteed.

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