15 comments on “The Miss Grand International 2020 winners in Phuket’s Banana Beach

  1. Curious question, gusto niyo ba ang type ng katawan similar to Aurra? Payat pero malaki balakang? I usually see this type of body sa mga Indian queens (MU India 2013 palaging pumapasok sa isip ko). Sa mga Pinay, wala akong naaalala na ganito ang katawan.

    • @ Abcde Isn’t Venus, too?

      Basta may dibdib to balance it out, “up-down” ‘ika nga, OK lang nemen.

      • Pero si Venus kasi halos same lang ang bust and hips, yung iba kasi like Miss Universe India 2013, sobrang laki ng hips compared sa bust and hindi rin toned lower belly (like Aurra).

  2. I love the pics… ibang level talaga tong si Sam B…
    Modeling from head to toe… complete with Chinese maiden fingers…. She really knows how to stand-out.

    I’m glad they are all enjoying their stay..

  3. I am going to say kudos to the Thailand government and to the Thai people for making it happen. COVID-19 is a practice of discipline and patience.

    Unfortunately, in America, it will be different. We are diverse with different set of values (personal and political) that really makes things more complicated. The government is fragmented and the states are big, making it really challenging to have a singular approach in battling the pandemic.

    MU is probably going to be very restrictive out of abundance of caution to the girls to avoid any COVID-related incident with the staff and most importantly with the girls.

    Someone speculated that MU might give the girls a single shot of J&J vaccine. It would be a good gesture if they can actually make it happen. I have my doubts given that that it could be a PR disaster for the firm if they do that given that the rest of the population are yet to be vaccinated and giving dosages to foreigners might not sit well with the press.

    So, with everything that’s been said, that the end of the day, i will judge MU based on how creative they stage it without losing the quality of the brand.

    The 14-day quarantine is definitely a must. But i am not sure if MU has the appetite to shoulder that expense- it can quite get expensive especially if they are being quarantined in the actual venue. I’m intrigued as to how they will handle it.

  4. In the heels of the COVID 19 debacle at MEI, the successful staging of MGI could be a benchmark of pageant hosting in the midst of a pandemic. But the organizers could not yet rest on their laurels. This pandemic presents a great opportunity for the organization to live out its slogan of “Stop the War”. The winner is from USA and one of the runners-up is from Brazil, two countries where the war against COVID 19 protocols is very real. If MGI is to live up to its grand advocacy, the timeliest cause is this defiance against science that rallies people to buck directives on face masking, social distancing,, avoiding large crowd, and vaccinations– on the alibi of personal freedom.

    • It is interesting to see how MU will play out in Florida, a state where the Trumpist governor rules out face masking and social distancing in the name of personal freedom. Will it learn lessons from the MEI experience? I think, pageants should be the purveyors of knowledge about the need for strict observance of COVID protocols. Pageantry is a celebration of everything beautiful in this life. It should be the rallying point for people to live confidently beautiful lives free of health menace and other existential threats to humanity.

  5. What a lovely sight to behold. The color combination of their skin perfectly matches the color combination of their swimsuits.

  6. Didn’t realize Sam has nicely-shaped healthy bosom.

    Also, Brazil’s abs look better here than during that open-air swimsuit round.

  7. Ayyyoooooh!! Kulang na lang tugtugan sila ng

    Musica de Paulina Rubio,

    No pares no, no te detengas no
    Quédate aqui, te necesito aqui, aqui, aqui
    Cuerpo con cuerpo


  8. I envy Thailand government in its fight against Covid-19. They have successfully contained the widespread of the deadly virus. Unlike here in our country, ‘yung DOH Secretary natin, nagru-ruler pa rin kung ano ba talaga ang tamang measure ng social distancing at ng tamang pagsuot ng face mask. Nakakaloka.

    Kaya sa Thailand, buhay na buhay ang ekonomiya, ang pageantry, kabaklaan, etc. Ang mga bakla dito sa Pinas, dyeta sa booking, kaya umuusok na ang ilong ng mga cysts natin sa galit. Nakakaloka.

    Pero nakakabilib pa rin ang ilang beking Pinoy, they are still DDS allies. Hindi ko magetlak bakit todo push sila sa poon nila. Eh, karamihan pa naman sa kanila, sa BPO nagwo-work. Kung mag-pull out kaya ang Amerika ng BPOs nila, siguro, ‘yung mga DDS na betla, matataranta. Kakaloka.

    On a side note, this year’s MGI winners are the best so far. Look at their colors, it’s like United Colors of Benetton. Ang ganda nila tingnan. Congratulations, Angkol Watt.

    That’s all.

  9. Tio, so that’s it? No more post-pageant activities and engagements? ‘Uwian na’ is real? 😦

    So, if Ivana Batchelor was not obliged to sign a contract with MGI and holds a USA VISA, she can proceed to meet up with Rabiya, Belle Bernadette, and Anshika for training under Boss JG? 🙂

    Look at her figure, po. That’s Hannah Arnold din, right? Pear-y…Pero kung MI, there’s time to tone.

    Oooh-Lala! THE BODY. CTS MUST put out international franchise; their inaugural queen is Brazilian. Here she is.

    ‘Fan-girl-ing’ on Sam’s ‘girls’…

  10. The advantage of having it in the US is the availability of the vaccine. By next week, almost all except 15 below, will be eligible to get it.

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