7 comments on “Miss Charm 2021 in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

  1. Ho Chi Minh City was Saigon in another time…

    I wonder if the MCO can send out at least virtual pre-arrival publicity with images of Hang Son Doong, Da Lat, and Ha Long. Yes, it isn’t a tourism pageant. But, it can be done in such a way that these can finally converge in HCM, highlighting finally its hidden and/or intimate charms. 🙂

    Wasn’t the plum blossom festival just celebrated? I recall when Manila last hosted MrI. Local designers made a ‘barong’ for Trinh Bao with plum blossom applique. They gave the seasonal festival as the rationale for the embellishment.

    Herr Ungkol, maybe @ Vietnamese Pinoy and Direk GR (of PN’s/TPP) can contribute more ideas.

  2. Parang kailangan idevelop ang kanyang CHARM. Very raw thus needs to be polished (very well).

    She is NOT that beautiful because she inherited her facial beauty from her mother, Cara Subijano. As Serge had already said she also needs to trim down to achieve a lean (but sexy) figure.

    The keys to her pageant success are the following: right packaging and styling, right attitude, good communication skills, and right public relations & pageant campaign.

  3. Maayo’ng adlaw, Tiyo Norms. May nag-comment du’n sa FB page mo na “MC is better than MGI”.

    Based on what, po? Baka may alam siya’ng malinamnam, pakisabi naman pa-share dito. Thx! 🙂

    I know one thing…

    If this pans out very well with a result acceptable to most, Boss JG will gain “pugi” points and have another bankable brand under his belt. Now, assuming a one (1)-year contract for the winner of MC 2021, next year’s edition should easily still fall within the contract period of his Court (25 Oct 2020 ~ 25 Oct 2022). Huwag na siya mag-pageant! Appoint one of the Runners-up! Bella, no?

  4. Ashley Montenegro must be preparing for this pageant now. She seems to be on the heavy side which she has inherited from her father. I know she will do well in this competetion.
    This pageant reminds me of Kavita Sidhu, 1990 Miss Charm Int’l from Malaysia. She is the 2nd international beauty titlist from Malaysia after Angela Filmer who won 1965 Miss Asia . She is one of my favorite Malaysian beauty queens along with Michelle Yeoh, Lina Teoh, and Deborah Henry

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