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  1. I’ve been curious why commenters are still polarized on our MU girl this late in her preparations. I haven’t followed much of her journey yet so I’m going to share my views without preconditioned biases and limit my points on the above photos.

    For me, her face is cover girl worthy – beautiful, symmetrical and falls within the golden ratio of the Meisner Guide or Chris Solomon’s facial mapping (mathematical and computer-aided ways of describing features, measuring distances and proportions of faces drawn from the Greek era of yore). She’s got all the features right (after her transformation), i.e., having what is called in the visual beauty industry as the Natali Portman Effect (except for her forehead area). In other words, she has sculpted arched eyebrows (which can still be further refined), equidistant eyes, dainty nose, Amber-Heard even lips (which can be made ever fuller by make-up), and a prominent chin. On paper, these qualities make her “technically” beautiful.

    Let me stress that I am aware that being MU crown-worthy is a higher playing field (strength in character, arresting personality, wide knowledge on relevant issues, purpose driven, physically prepared all come into play). However, allow me to zero in on just her facial features aligned with this particular post of Norman. So, what would make her even more beautiful to a wider audience?

    With these close-up high res photos, little things can be spotted. Clearly, she does not have a prominent forehead, a feature often associated with more sophisticated women who have won MU titles in the past, e.g., Catriona, Cecilia, Porntip, Pia, even Zuzi, etc. On that note, hair styles that take away hair from her face are most suited (without going into extremes that may make her look like a pinhead in proportion to her shoulders).

    Relative to this, there has to be a smooth way of eliminating the stringy baby hairs that crowd her temples. Most Latinas have those hairs removed (waxed or lasered) as these are prone to sebum buildup that make makeups look spotty and clumpy around those areas. These hairs also make her look much younger than her actual age and in MU, that does not seem to be a preferred facial trait.

    Wearing contact lenses often cause stress in the cornea. Those reddish blood vessels in the sclera and tear ducts of her eyes are obvious in these photos. Fortunately, these can be remedied by keeping anti-redness lubricating eye drops handy. She should keep those eyes wide and bright.

    Her neckline is not swan-like and that’s okey because not everyone is gifted with those modelesque ideals. On that note, she needs to be mindful that her neck muscles don’t look tensed (first photo) with folds and lines showing (third photo) whenever she does over-the-shoulder poses. There are exercises and posing techniques to minimize that.

    Her jawline is also not very pronounced (like Catriona’s in contrast to Pia’s). Stylists often suggest that women with less prominent jawlines wear interesting ear pieces that divert attention from that. That’s probably why Catriona wearing those intricate ear pieces worked well for her (whether purposely or unwittingly).

    Lastly, her stylists need to emphasize that mole (reddish mark) on her face and don’t cover it up too much. This seeming imperfection will make her look relatable and that same natural feature actually breaks the monotony of an otherwise symmetrical face and is often regarded as a sensual beauty mark. That is why celebrities (Natalie Portman, Eva Mendez, Marilyn Monroe, Blake Lively, Elizabeth Taylor, Angelina Jolie, Madonna, Cindy Crawford) highlight rather than hide them.

    Hopefully, my points here are viewed as constructive.

      • Hi @4M. Thank you for the compliment. I recall someone asked me that before. I am a “junior” member of an advertising team in conceptualizing print and online ads. That’s the most I can tell you. I seldom share my comments here. It just so happens that our work is suspended for a few days, thus, I got time for this. Cheers!

      • Welcum back!!! hihihih Always nice to hear “technicalities” when it comes to assessing beauties…

    • Luke, welcome back! A professional take on photos is a whiff of fresh air in this blog. Thanks for the very educational comment.

  2. Mine is the 40th post. This is for Rabiya’s fans, team and TROLLs.

    I think Rabiya’s team is EXPERIMENTING (almost) EVERYDAY with her looks and styling. Some days she looks good. In other days she looks bad. So if the comments here are not favorable to Rabiya, take and transform these ideas/information into something positive, and feedback them to the MUP Organization, her team/handlers as well as to the MUP queen herself.

    We are not here to destroy Rabiya but we do comment to help her better prepare for the MU competition. MU is tough and she should be in her best self competing in the international stage. Ayaw ko (namin) na matulad ang kahihinatnan niya kay Gazini Ganados. After all, KASIMANWA ko si Inday.

    I hope nagkakaintindihan tayo. We are united for Rabiya’s success in the forthcoming MU in Florida next month. Yun na.

    • Gazini was prepared. She just buckled under pressure during the speech round being overshadowed by the confident Miss Mexico, Puerto Rico and South Africa. I was surprised by Mexico and Puerto Rico’s command of the English language and projecting with confidence.

  3. Maganda pa rin sya kahit lighter make-up! Nakakalungkot lang kasi ang daming bashers nya dito. Sana kung di rin lang kayang sumuporta eh iwasan na lang ang manglait sa kanya.

  4. dami nyo haka haka

    Latina ang MU2020

    boto na para top 21 ang felepens
    back to back tough 20 like ateng gazini

  5. This photoshoot highlighted her nose thread lifring done by Toledo Med. Guys it’s non surgical. It improved the nose bridge and the distance between her eyes. As you can see hindi nga masyado proportionate ang kanyang tangos to her nostrils.

    • @ Diana Hayden Yes, but precisely that many folks are so informed nowadays (not me), ANY intervention of any sort is taken as ‘retouch’. Even a simple/customary visit to the parlor, ISSUE.

  6. Daming kuda ng mga baklang kanal as if naman may points ang ganitong photoshoot

    • Maraming commenters dito ego ang pinaiiral. As an empath, bilang lang dito ang mararamdaman mo na mula sa puso ang mga opinyon at isa ka don idol Flor Tula.

  7. @Thomas, @Paul, @Fabian, I agree that there must be a lot of trolls, or “trigger-happy thumbs downers ,,,people who can’t intelligently discuss / argue / debate”, or “someone must have a lot of accounts or devices” Lol. It happened to me when I was supporting Michele Gumabao. In a matter of minutes, Thumbs Down multiplied to surpass the Thumbs Ups my comment got, and normally the number is the same for all my other comments. While Thumbs Down can simply be ignored, it is pathetic that some people can’t intelligently discuss or argue the merits of their own candidate. In a free market of ideas, their views are certainly welcome– in any language. Divergent views and social-realist language of say, @Paul, @Thomas, @C2F, and @Fabian, may make me uncomfortable they don’t diminish my respect to them. This blog community is the same as tthe community out there, nut it just have to be populated by real people, not trolls!

    • ERRATUM: “uncomfortable they don’t diminish…” should be “uncomfortable BUT they don’t diminish…”

    • ERRATUM: “…, nut it just have to be populated …” should be “…, BUT it just have to be populated…”

    • @Scorg

      Really bruh?!
      I make you uncomfortable?😁
      Pulling out fist-sized anal beads out of your ass would be uncomfortable…
      Ghoorl, we talkin pageants here..

  8. Kayu-kayo lang din po yan na naghihilahan at nagbobolahan wag na po tayong magspeculate ng kuna anu-ano. God bless po sa lahat! ❤

  9. I agree, Top 10 or Runner-Up..
    I want her to nail all the interviews/speech/Q&A
    … I hope she could highlight everything from Asian hate, “All lives matter” & how valuable Cannabis is…
    I want her make the best out of this huge opportunity and create change.

  10. Daming Thumbs down, SOBRANG DAMING TROLLS nakapasok sa blog site na to. Ha, ha, ha…

    Many times masakit talaga ang KATOTOHANAN. Pero mas MAINAM maging TOTOO kaysa bobolahin namin kayo about Rabiya Mateo.

    • Hi St. Pol,

      Doing a quick glance on the comments’ reactions, it seems these “trollers (your word)” like or mostly agree with the following commenters [given the no or minimum thumbs down for them] vs. the unusual number of thumbs down bordering on OA-ness for some Lol].

      Madame X
      Ana Winter Lund
      Just passing by

      Not implying anything. Just recognizing the most-liked commenters. Congratulations. =)

      World Peace.

  11. I am really torn on giving yet another not-so-flattering comment but I feel I need to do it – – if only to put some sense into the heads of Rabiya’s handlers.

    What photos are those? What sorcery is this? Her photos above are hardly the look or the face of a Miss Universe. Pwede pang Litte Ms. Philippines. Lol. What were you thinking? The moment I saw the photos, my heart sank. Is this Shaina Magdayao when Shaina was 15?

    I admire the tact and politeness of some commenters here (which I and the likes of St Paul dont have..lol… Charmee panty liner?).

    1)“she just needs to be presentable” (is this what we have come down to? Let us just make her presentable?),

    2) that she has a “relatable outer beauty” (meaning, ordinary??)

    3) the backhanded compliment of “the rhinoplasty increased her beauty”

    4) there are angles of her which are not pretty…

    From Gelli de Belen look to Shaina Magdayao. In the name of all things kind and beautifule, please don’t let it degenerate to “Mahal” look anytime soon.

    World Peace.

    • @ Thomas Animal! Muntik ako’ng mabulunan sa kanin when I read “degenerate to Mahal”. 🙂

    • Agree Fabian.

      As if naman may effect sa atin ang number of “thumbs down”. Lol. If anything, it just goes to show that these trigger-happy thumbs downer are people who can’t intelligently discuss / argue / debate. Lol.

      World Peace.

  12. Rabiya is ALWAYS caught in a HIT or MISS situation. I JUST HOPE SHE will be a HIT on the pageant FINALS.

    Hit means RIGHT GOWN & WARDROBE, RIGHT MAKE UP & HAIRSTYLE, RIGHT PASARELA & STAGE PRESENTATION, RIGHT SPEECH, RIGHT ANSWER to Q&A, and RIGHT ATTITUDE (starts from the moment she lands in Florida). Everything HAS to be RIGHT and no ROOM for ERRORS.

    Good luck! And good morning to all.

  13. For me, all this did was highlight her alleged nose job.


    @ Norman Boss Tiyo, heed the advise of @ ClaiRe, below… Enough with all this hyping. Rabiya should be centering by now. This just muddles the air around her.

  14. In all Rabiya’s glam shots, what the camera lens always capture is a relatable outer beauty and an inner beauty that radiates calm confidence and steely determination. These photos are living proofs that she is one who can easily project her admirable inner beauty in an outer physical frame. In this difficult period of the pandemic, this is the very personification of confidently beautiful– calm, determined, invincible. More than physical attributes, this restrictive environment calls for a shift in beauty paradigm that focuses more on the intellect and empathy, as connectivity with the outside world takes place mostly online than in-person. God be with you on your journey to the crown, Rabiya.

  15. In all Rabiya’s glam shots, what the camera lens always capture is a pleasing outer beauty and an inner beauty that radiates calm confidence and steely determination. These photos are living proofs that she is one who can easily project her admirable inner beauty in an outer physical frame. In this difficult period of the pandemic, this is the very personification of confidently beautiful– calm, determined, invincible and relatable. More than physical attributes, this restrictive environment calls for a shift in beauty paradigm that focuses more on the intellect and empathy, as connectivity with the outside world takes place mostly online than in-person. God be with you on your journey to the crown, Rabiya!

  16. Remember on the road to MUP? Rabiya was not even in the Top 5 picks. But she surprised everyone came finals night.
    Rabiya just needs to look presentable, stay authentic, talk with sense & class, and most importantly exude leadership.
    She may not have the most striking costume, most number of fans, loudest social media, or the hottest body – but for sure, SHE HAS A PLAN AND SHE WILL FIGHT FOR THAT DAMN CROWN! She’s academically competitive, remember?
    My fearless forecast on her – Top 10 or Runner-up 👍

  17. Her face is beautiful specially in the first pic. The problem with Rabiya is that there are angles of her that are not that pretty which seems to be not evident during the MUP finals. I really don’t know what had happened along the way.
    Yeah I agree that she should stick with her make-up and styling when she won MUP.
    Nonetheless, I am sure she will surprise everyone at the Miss Universe finals just like what she did at MUP.

  18. May good fortune be with you on the finals of Ms. Universe, Rabiya.
    Never mind the haters, they are living proofs that envy is a deadly sin 😉

  19. Balewala Ang mga pix photoshoot videos interview etc etc. What matters most is her performance from day 1 until coronation night🤗
    Basta Ang alam ko lalaban c Rabiya😃
    Unless mag-iba Ang purpose nya sa amerika doing a dramatic social media platform entitled “Father, where are you” hihihi 👅 cherette

  20. I thought this was an old photo of her… Beautiful indeed. I like the cute pony look on her. Very refreshing and not overly made up.

    I like her serene beauty. Hindi nakakasawa and with her engaging personality, she will surely impress the organization.

    I wish there is a Boy Abunda guesting of some sort even on Youtube to see her progress in terms of handling challenging and pressure-type of interviews.

    Lumaban ka Rabiya!!!

  21. This is not the best close up shot of Rabiya. This styling is suited for full body shot complemented with a Chinese dress(cheongsam perhaps).

  22. Rabiya is beautiful in this no-make-up make up styling. But of course, you won’t let her sport the up do during the pageant proper, because the people behind the organization are grading them in their unguarded moments. I hope her team will revert to Rabiya’s make up styling by the time she peaked during MUP season. She was ultra glamorous there.

    Pre-MU send off, Rabiya’s tough Latina competition remains to be Misses Peru and Chile. These two gorgeous girls are fighters from the get-go and they seem to kill the game during the competition. In the Asia group, I am seeing Nepal and Cambodia as edgier than Thailand and Indonesia. They just lack the sash factor, but hey, Cambodia’s social media power is growing in force, such that it could seal Sarita Reth’s fate in the Top 21. In Europe, Czech Republic and Russia are giving me giggles. These pretty ladies are ready to rock on the MU stage. But don’t underestimate South Africa. Natasha Joubert may pull a surprise.

    That’s all.

    • I feel that Indonesia might not make the top 20 unless she wins the fan votes. I dont see a lot going for her to be honest.

      I am still going to say it will be Thailand or a Latina will take it based on the economics of the pandemic.

  23. Facially, beautiful naman talaga itong si Inday! Of course, the rhinoplasty increases her beauty by a hundred fold!

    Sa styling lang talaga nagkakatalo although kung nakinig sana mga handlers niya, alam na nila dapat kung ano mga bagay kay Inday! Expect ko nga sa kanya is to wear a black gown at the Miss Universe, yung parang suot ni Rihanna sa Victoria’s Secret! Kahit ganun ka-simple lang tapos high bun with tear drop earrings!

    Kung makakalipad na siya by Sunday, mas maganda pa nga para at least ma-relax na siya! Enough of the physical trainings! Mental, emotional and spiritual consolidation na dapat siya pag lapag niya sa Florida. Let her handlers do the logistics! Alam na rin naman niya exercise routine niya para hindi naman masayang pinagpaguran!

    Magbitbit na rin siya ng dalawang box ng disposable face mask at bumili ng alcohol pag lapag dahil bawal sa eroplano then self-quarantine!

    • Wow so very insightful…. Do you think her handlers aren’t doing all these things? that is probably the reason why they want to fly earlier so Rabiya has the time to adjust and quarantine before she takes on the remaining of her trainings.

    • It’s not really a “rhinoplasty” what was done to her is HIKO Nose thread lifting. There’s like a thread injected in her nose to improve the nose bridge para tumaas. It’s non surgical. You can get it for as low as 20k actually. I’ve done that.

  24. The HAIRSTYLE is SOO… BAD specially for pageant night (finals). Inday na Inday ang dating.
    Or bagay (ang hairstyle) pang-TV commercial ng Charmee panty liner.

    Sino ba ang hairstylist nito? At patalsikin na. Pronto!

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