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  1. Will be interesting to see how MI pulls off this year’s SARS-Cov2 edition.

    Japan’s Science-based approach is focused on 1) avoiding CROWDS, 2) CRAMPED spaces, & 3) CLOSE contact. Their “3C’s”.

    Has MI ever done their pageant outdoors, under the night sky? What does the Yokohama City fall evening look like? You can’t get more AIRY than that. Or, perhaps under a HUGE tent. Will a “bubble” actually prove to be a bad idea, considering what just happened in Egypt?

    Will Bint Sireethorn Leearamwat don a mask onstage? And Shimomura Akemi? Misso-Japan, as early as now, must begin providing a Primer….

    MW 2021 will be in Puerto Rico. That’s USA territory. They, too, should start planning NOW.

    Naalala ko tuloy ‘yun’g isa’ng episode ng Auntie Bangit canale. On “Funny Signs”. ‘Yun’g isa’ng plant shop, “Plans for Sale”… Misspelled, “t” missing. 🙂

  2. And what is sad about all these are all the other issues…there is an accusation by the national director of Peru that the Org has left the candidates on their own…they had to shoulder their tests, their hotel accommodations and even drinking water….some candidates who couldnt speak English or have no money have been asked to vacate their rooms and are now staying in no ac rooms…there is even a post in thaisashes claiming that Kelley is the one who infected all the other girls with covid since prior to finals night she already knew that she was covid positive and ‘they’ (MEIO and MWPO) still allowed her to compete. The national director of Peru posted the passport details and test results of Kelley in her IG stories which is a violation to data privacy law. What is bewildering here is that one by one national directors from Peru, Thailand, Japan have been issuing strong condemnation on the negligence of MEIO and have vowed not to send delegates anymore in the future while ours is the opposite…very relaxed and lenient…we should be angry by now on how the org has treated and has been treating our candidate and the others candidates!!! 😦

  3. This is partly why MWP Org should be cautious about acquiring these irrelevant titles just for a bigger show. Not only do these pageants waste the calibre of girls the country sends them, apparently they also put them in danger and not give them enough support and protection. MWP and Supra should really just go back to BBP. None of the other titles under the MWP Org is worth it. (Also puts into perspective why BBP chose not to send a candidate to Ms. Globe.)

    Anyway, I wish Kelley and the other candidates the best! I hope everyone stays safe.

    • Maka bash sa Eco, this is a good platform for bigger pageants in short practice for bigger challenge. Big or small, Pinoys are just passionate about beauty pageant. Kahit Baranggay pageant pa yan…

      • It shouldn’t be at the expense of the safety of the girls though..? I think it’s clear from the get-go that the Org didn’t even impose the proper quarantine period. No news of tests being done. Those who watched the pageant said that barely any one was wearing a mask. These are glaring signs of a negligently run pageant. Not to mention the allegations that girls are stranded in Egypt with no accommodations nor any assistance by the Org.

        This why NDs in the PH should not have a “the more the merrier” mindset–not all pageants will take care of the candidates. Less prominent pageants don’t have that much at stake, and don’t have the experience and the proper people yet. Sure, Filipinos will still enjoy them because of ~passion~ or whatever, but if they compromise the safety of our delegate? That’s a non-negotiable.

  4. Hoping Duterte Administration will not be allowing Filipino candidates during the height of pandemic !!! Hello mga mambabatas ???? They are risking their lives just for those Crowns!!!
    Hoping that Kelly will be OK , her ordeal in Egypt is just a nightmare!!!

  5. Ho-my-gawd…. I hope everyone is safe and recovers fast.

    Let this be a cautionary tale for MU!!! Strict protocols and testing please for our candidates. Wag masyadong pa beso beso muna until everyone is cleared. Also, less exposure to non-candidates!!

  6. COVID 19 is very real and spread is rapid. When I traveled back to my work in Africa in January, after a month-long Christmas vacation in the Philippines, I underwent the required COVID test one day before boarding the plane. The test showed I was Negative. I was in face mask and face shield all throughout the flight, taking them out only when eating. Passengers were 2 seats apart. Upon arriving my destination, the required COVID test suddenly showed Positive. I was forced to go on a 14-day quarantine, took all the prescribed peiophylaxis meds and vitamins, and underwent again for a COVID test on the 15th day. By God’s grace, I soon tested Negative. Now, I’m back to work. That’s why I simply shake my head when I hear people protesting against COVID 19 protocols.

      • Asymptomatic. I did not feel anything. I thought the testing instruments or the Analyst may have been wrong in diagnosing me. What is certain is: it can transfer in just one plane ride.

    • “That’s why I simply shake my head when I hear people protesting against COVID 19 protocols.”

      I agree with you. Unfortunately, personal freedom seems to be the priority over health and safety. My question for those people who value personal freedom is how will enjoy your freedom if you are hospitalized? Or worse dead?

      and the restaurant owners who are protesting the lock down – what happens if someone tested postive? Not only you have to close as well, but people will not go back to your establishment because someone tested positive.

      • @Sleuth, you’re absolutely correct. In 14 hours of plane ride, my Negative status turned Positive. What if I was not subjected to the test upon my arrival? I would have then transfered the virus to my driver, my house steward and security guard, and my office staff, before the asymptomatic me would have discovered the disease. But then it would have been too late!

        Face masks and social distancing are never a political statement. They convey a personal statement that one cares about everyone’s health. Temporary loss of personal freedom is too small a price to pay for this very real threat to human existence.

      • More than ever, beauty pageants should be the purveyor of knowledge about the value of observing health and safety protocols on this pandemic. Pageantry is a celebration of beauty, a celebration of all things beautiful in this life. It should play a lead role in inspiring the world that a confidently beautiful life can be had if during this perilous time we are all willing to sacrifice personal freedom for the sake of the greater good of everyone.

  7. ‘Eto na nga ba kinakatakot ko…

    Nu’ng kina Ro-ann, wala rin ‘ata’ng pre-quarantine… Sabak agad. Poor Doctor Rezk! 😦

    Angkol was able to catch it in time. Nigeria and Kenya were attended to.

    Is this consistent with Thailand managing their SARS-Cov2 situation better than Egypt? What do the pandemic stats of both countries look like? And of Albania when Rowee competed?

    MUO, PAY CLOSE ATTENTION. Baka sa staff niyo pa makuha ng mga kandidata ang sakit!

    • I believe it should be imperative for the organizers to have all candidates undergo a mandatory 14-day quarantine in a controlled location like the official residence.

      • I agree Norman. Candidates should undergo a mandatory 14-day quarantine in a controlled location before they are allowed to have face to face interaction. Covid’s average incubation period is 5 days but can be as long as 14 days(although rarely) . Even If a candidate has covid but does not develop any covid symptom on the 11th day of quarantine, she is no longer considered communicable. That is why, 14-day quarantine of candidates is safe enough. MGI did the right thing.

    • I would not be surprised if the MUO will give all candidates the one-shot J&J vaccine once they land on US soil.

      • @ Smooth Bae Oh, wow. That would be nice. Very gallant of them. 🙂

        Great marketing move at the very least. And timely. Let’s see MW top that…

  8. Surrounding Kelly–and the rest of the delegates–with positive vibes. There had been a lot of open-air activities during the pageant, plus a noticeable absence of safety protocol during the coronation night. Let’s all remain optimistic.

    • Pachopapo, I hope you were not being witty when you said you are sending them “positive vibes”. Lol.

      But yes, this will be a very disastrous, embarrassing incident for the host country. Saxophone Ghorl should have been wearing a face mask and a face shield while playing Seniorita and Bella Ciao. It would have been better for her and for her audience.

      World Peace.

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