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  1. Rabiya is still a HOT TOPIC even with the new posts by Norman. Nine more to 100 mark. Please continue to share your (positive) thoughts on our MUP 2020.

  2. This is the 80th post.

    Latinas such as Brazil, Peru, Chile, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and Nicaragua are very, very strong contenders this year because they are not only beautiful and sexy but are also polished and excellent communicators (many of them are multilinguals).

    Asians who are considered very competitive are the following: Thailand, India, Philippines. Laos is also very pretty and I hope she can communicate well. Indonesia and Vietnam are not far behind.

    A number of Europeans are as well getting better. Romania is a good example. France, Czechia and Ukraine are always sending dazzling delegates.

    Africans are catching up with the rest of the world. South Africa leads the pack. Kenya, Ghana, Nigeria and Botswana have been sending adorable representatives.

    Small nations to watch out are the likes of Curacao, Jamaica and Nepal.

    • @ paul Maayo’ng aga, Dude. My few cents, allow me to share.

      Americas – MUO will crown a country with little, if any, immigration issues with them.

      Europe – A win will be acceptable on both sides (Latinos and Asians) of the Pacific Pond, hence makes perfect sense in keeping the ‘peace’.

      Africa – It may be necessary to find somebody willing to speak up on the ‘new colonialism’ there, which in some cases might be a debt trap disguised as ‘development’.

      Asia – Let’s consider someone more inland, further from the Rim of Fire. You like the Himalayas?

      I like that ‘continental’ grouping recently done at MEcoInt – ‘Islands’, to catch-all both the Caribbean and the Pacific… Your thoughts on this, please. 🙂

      • Very good review notes Flor. Thanks a LOT. Maayong aga dira sa imo Inday Flor.

  3. WOW definitely a top contender for the crown along with Miss Iceland.

  4. Some random thoughts…

    1. I like the picture with the red background. The results are better when she projects “soft” rather than “fierce”. It’s closer to who she is.

    2. Her best photo to date is still the one with the Filipina crown while wearing the blue dress (by Marc Rancy).

    3. I’m just grateful we have a candidate that has a beautiful face, a keen intellect, and good communication skills. I’m confident that Nad Bronce, JV Salud, et al will help sharpen and polish the latter two.

    4. Like many of the commentators, I know Rabiya can make the Top 10. A Top 5 placement will be a treat.

    • I really appreciate the thoughtfulness and humanity of this comment.

      I think that criticism is helpful when it’s constructive. But when it comes from a place of resentment or bitterness (at a camp, or, for example, when a person’s bet didn’t win) then the criticism is just bashing.

      I feel it can be demoralizing for the delegate carrying our flag to see her own countrymen almost rooting for her (and her camp) to fail. But I hope the camps also prepare them to be mentally strong & teach them to filter criticism and recognize those that come from a place of love & support, versus those that are meant to break your spirit.

      My favorite beauty look of Rabiya’s is still the one she sported during preliminary interviews at MUP. That’s when I first really noticed her as a standout. I think I said at the time that if she won, she would easily have the prettiest face of the Southeast Asian contingent.

      I get that she looked really young at MUP though & why they needed to make her more womanly, as opposed to girly for Miss Universe.

      Anyway, one thing we saw about Rabiya, based on her performance at MUP, is that she is a fighter. And she can deliver answers with thoughtfulness and impact.

      I don’t think Miss Universe 2020 will be won, or lost, on pictures posted weeks before the pageant.

    • My apologies pala Madame X.

      My napaka-wandering comments on criticism weren’t for you, but just my thoughts on so many of the comments posted on this particular thread.

      It was just so refreshing to see your feedback on Rabiya’s pics.

      It was a masterclass on how to give criticism that’s useful & supportive, delivered with a sincerity and a smile—and not with a kick to the head.

  5. Naku! Dalawang past Miss Universe winners na ang kamukha ni Rabiya – Amelia and Olivia. Baka bukas, bagong styling ibang Miss Universe winner na naman ang magiging kamukha niya. Sino kaya? Sushmita, Lara, Stefania, Paulina, Demi? He, he, he…

    • I’m afraid she’s starting to look like Ynez Veneracion (especially sa first pic). And that’s not a good thing 😦

      • And u donot think your comment mean ?
        How do you think your comment is going to help Rabiya ? U r plain evil!

  6. LOL Sometimes — actually, most of the time (who am I kidding) — I’m just here to read the comments. Hilarious! You guys are the best!

  7. I barely recognized Rabiya! But this is A&Q. Almost every BPU/MUP from their camp underwent “beauty transformations”. Janine and Ara were totally made over by the time they sashayed into foreign shores. Let these surprising pictorials from flow–it builds up Rabiya’s behind-the-cam confidence. At a time when MU has become unpredictable, what matters to me is how Rabiya will personally sway and slay Florida. I’m confident she’ll deliver.



  9. Anes, mga baklesh!

    Positive daw ang owner ng Miss Eco International for COVID at hindi niya ni reveal!

    Kaya yung mga candidates, positive din including…..!

    • OMG. Totoo ba yan?

      So Miss ECO-vid na sila pag nagkataon ? I hope Ms. Philippines is okay. It should not be Kelly-ng her any Day.

      I am worried about the saxophone ghorl, She was inhaling and exhaling plenty of air that night playing Senorita and Bella Ciao. =)

      World Peace

      • May statement na ang Miss World Philippines at si ALV about the incident!

        ND ng Peru ang nag-splok ng Tienes na positive na nga rin daw si Kelly-kelly!

      • Some Miss Eco International contestants are rumored to be stranded in host country Egypt after testing positive for the novel coronavirus, according to several pageant pages.

        The Miss Eco International organization has yet to release a statement about the matter.

        On Monday night, Day took to Instagram to thank all those who have supported her in the pageant, where she finished first runner-up to Gizzelle Uys of South Africa.

        She did not mention anything about the COVID-19 rumors.

        “My first international pageant… and what an experience it has been. I’m extremely touched by all the support and wonderful messages I have been receiving from all of you,” she said. “Philippines, this was all for you.”

        “I also want to say a huge thank you to Miss Eco International organization for the opportunities, experiences, and memories. And thank you also to my team who prepared me for everything — I wouldn’t not have come this far without any of you.”


        Rumor pa lang naman. I hope fake news.

    • @ ClaiRe IbbeTson ‘Owner’ is Dr. Rezk? She was probably “front-lining” prior to joining up with the candidates. Hopefully, of course, none of the candidates got; Doktora didn’t look to be sneezing or coughing or shouting for the duration of the pageant… 😦

      Alam no, Mareh? Napag-usapan nga ‘to’ng issue na bakit recently na lang nagkumahog si Rabiya for help from designers. At sa SamBer, na kahit more or less isa’ng buwan lang ang aviso ay was able to pull together a solid wardrobe for MGI. Naalala ko si Sharifa.

      After winning MF-API, NEXT DAY sabak, at nanalo pa! But yes, she had home court advantage, in that kahit pa’no ay nakatulong na sa ‘Pinas rin lang din idinaos.


  10. Wow! Fabian Reyes did a brief (but good) review with the commenters in this blog site. And said that I can be a voice of reason… sometimes. Thank you FR. He, he, he…

    Pero bakit hindi kasali ang aking friend from South Africa and another friend who is married to a good looking Caucasian? Nagtatanong lang po.

    Isang magandang hapon mula sa Mindanao.

    • Actually, ang basa ko… you are daw the voice of treason. Lol.

      World Peace.

      • @ Thomas What is @ paul charged with?

        Illegal possession of firewood? Inciting to seduction?


        (Credits to a friend from the distant past of mine.)

      • Hi Fabian.

        I sense some sexual tension between you and Pol. Lol.

        Anyway, the crime to be charged against Pol will be “he has a mind for business, and a body for sin*”

        * translation : gluttony is a sin. Lol

        (Credit to Melanie Griffith of Working Girl)

  11. Basta sa wit , walang Tatalo kina Thomas at Flor tula
    I like the Claire’s Abante style writing
    Educational si C2f
    Paul can be a voice of reason …. sometimes
    Casual but engaging sina 4m at miss Tissa
    Katawa at Katuwa sina bong700 kembular at baby nica

    • i prefer to keep my comments, half-wit and fun and carefree here, fabbie… I do sometimes want to get serious based on some comments na wala talang logical reason kundi magbigay ng shade…

      my real job is way too serious i need this outlet to let me be! walang pressure…hihihih

    • @ CharLagos7 Sofia Aragon? Naisip ko, ‘yun’g away nila ni Lupita Jones… 😦

      Sofia is very cerebral. Rabiya is, too?

      At chat mates sila nina Gazini prior to meeting up in Atlanta, no?

      • What I mean is Sofia was not considered a frontrunner going to the Miss Universe finals. Those predicted to win back then were Thailand, Brazil and France but during the finals night, she stunned everyone when she kept on advancing from top 10 to top 5 then to top 3. And yes, they’re both cerebral and good communicators. They have beautiful faces. That’s just my wish for Rabiya that she reaches top 3 and from there…let the stars align.

  12. Scorg ako ang kaya ko lang ngayon ay three-sentence paragraph. I would be extremely happy if Rabiya will make it to the top 3, even ending as 2nd runners up. But the very least is to reach top 10 so that she can show off her gown, figure (swimsuit) and pasarela skills.

  13. @Paul, good morning. As you observed, it’s a good thing commenters are improving on length and content. That provides a good balance to the many irreverent one-liners, colorful puns and smart-alecky gayspeak that litters this blog. No, I am not competing but rather encouraging healthy discussion. Our views may sometimes be diametrically opposed but in a free marketplace of ideas, I am pleased that I pick up good points here and there. Lastly, I am not concerned about the length, but on the content. My rule of thumb when I write is succinctness and content.It is also because this blog does not accept lengthy pieces from me so I have to divide it into several entries.

    • So, to Ana Winter- Lund, Thomas and Flor, keep up the good work. I have to add here some people who I respect in this blog: C2F (our views are on opposite poles but I like his genealogy, history, folklore pieces), Serge, Lily, Cool Brew, Lonewulf, Roi (few entries but leave an indelible mark), Luke (few entries but very educational), and others that may have slipped my mind . Of course the list includes you– sometimes brutally frank. sometimes painfully prim and proper. Sir Norman’s blog must be lucky for having an commenters that provide a wide spectrum of views. This makes this blog an agent for the development of pageantry not only in the Philippines but abroad

      • Thank you Scorg. It’s getting hot in the Philippines right now. How is the weather in South Africa?

      • @ Cool Brew Guess what I’m listening to right now?

        The Marcapasos 2k12 remix of Roger Sanchez’s “Another Chance”. We miss you sorely! 🙂

    • Scorg!

      Yes, you are felt again. Where in part of Africa are you currently residing? If it’s South Africa, then I would think that you are the QnA trainer of South African beauties in Miss Universe! Haha!

      To Paul dear–you made my day. When I have free time, I’d love to hang in here and exchange views with you all.

      That’s all.

  14. May SHIFT na sa labanan ng mga commenter sa post na ito (in this blog site). LENGTH and CONTENT – as in pahabaan ng text at lawak/lalim ng laman. Ana Winter-Lund and St. Thomas currently leading the pack. Where is Scorg? How about you Flor? He, he, he…

    Rabiya kayanin mo ang lahat ng mga Pinoy commeter online!

    Additional Note: Ilonggo is the speaker. An Ilonggo EITHER SPEAKS HILIGAYNON or KINARAY-A as his/her first language or mother tongue.

    • @ paul Finally! Na-timing-an din kita. By just a few minutes. 🙂

      Maayo’ng aga. I will play iconoclast and stay short and flippant… Kasi, huwag daw ipilit to make Rab into something she’s isn’t. For me, that means ‘no’ to my Laetitia Casta, Rio Locsin, and Charlotte Casiraghi… I am sad. 😦

      What I wish to suggest instead is a quick fix to the ‘Filipina’. Kasi, those gold pearls perched on top look like birds on the outermost branches, spaced widely apart… Or, the emerging reproductive buds of fungi or ferns (that silver “foliage” of the crown).

      Please tell the pawnshop owner to instead LINE UP the pearls on the head band, much like the Mikimoto “Phoenix”.

    • Hahaha. I am honored just to be mentioned along side icons such a St. Pol, Ana Winter-lust and Flor-Tulo. Your experience and age far outweigh mine.

      I hope this remains to be a healthy and funny discussion among pageant lovers. At the end of the day, we will all support Rabiya. She is carrying our flag. The intent is for improvement before it is too late.

      World Peace.

  15. Is Rabiya a sure win or will she pulll a surprise win?

    When we had sent the best girl in Miss Universe, who set the bar so high, it’s become easy for us to gauge if our succeeding rep in the most prestigious beauty pageant has “it” or the otherwise. Yes, you read it right. I was referring to none other than Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray, a barometer par excellence in the field of beauty pageant in this land.

    Rabiya’s beauty is universally acceptable just like Catriona’s. Both are radiant, vibrant, and sophisticated. Eloquence wise, Rabiya is not far behind Catriona. We would understand that as English is Rabiya’s third (because Filipino and Ilonggo are the first two, and scholars consider Ilonggo not a dialect but a) language. But I trust Rabiya. I know she can deliver with a profound answer to a question.

    It’s also undeniable that before Miss Universe contest arrives, both Catriona and Rabiya are glowing. However, here is the reckoning point–Rabiya doest not
    YET possess a distinct quality wherein everybody would get a head turn the moment she enters a room. I am talking about the DRAWING POWER. That is Catriona’s characteristic which is hard to attain, the combination of charm and confidence.

    Catriona prepared so much for the pageant, such that she made sure that she would ace everything from day onem up to the pageant night (or day, if you will). She was also hands-on on everything. Gladly, she worked her butt off because she was destined to collide with the superbeauty, Tamaryn Green. If not, the latter would give the former a run for her money.

    The good thing is, Rabiya will not compete against a superbeauty in the forthcoming Miss Universe competition. There is no one headlining in the forefront. No, not Thailand. Neither South Africa nor Chile nor Peru. They are all in equal footing. Therefore, it is up to Rabiya how she will lay her cards well on the table as she is not, from my point of view, at this very moment, a SURE WIN.

    That’s all.

    • Hi Ana.

      Personally, I was not even comparing Rabiya with THE CATRIONA. Nemen. Malayo. Catriona was a pageant unicorn. I was pondering about Rabiya’s journey as compared with the likes of Venus Raj. Rachel Peters. Even Arielle Arida. And Rabiya seems to be still lacking.

      > I think it is an insult to Catriona to say at this point that both their beauty is UNIVERSALLY acceptable. Ana Dear, Rabiya has not even been a Ms. U semi finalist yet, all the more clinching a Ms Universe title holder – – which Catriona already had.

      You are correct though, Rabiya’s beauty is universally ACCEPTABLE. All the other 90 plus candidates’ beauty are acceptable. The difference is Catriona’s beauty won over those mere “acceptable” beauties.

      > No doubt about the eloquence of Rabiya. She has proven it in her videos. The problem is not lack of eloquence, it is that she is bordering on over eloquence. Ma kuda. Ma bibo. No pausing in between sentences at all. The over eagerness to answer put her at par with Ms. Q&A in showtime.. And yes, the nandidilat na mata should be avoided at all cost.

      > How sad and insulting to Rabiya when you say she is a SURE WIN (your words) because there are NO super beauty joining this batch.

      World Peace.

      • Hello Thomas,

        Don’t take it as an insult to Catriona being compared with Rabiya, because, as pageant fans, we make analyses about the winnability of our representative to MU by having the most recent Filipina winner in the same pageant, and a gold standard at that, as the gauge of the current MU rep in every aspect. I remember, it’s no less than the King of Talk, Boy Abunda, who compared Catriona with Pia’s plight in Miss Universe as the sure win and the surprise win bets, respectively, before Catriona would proceed to Thailand. Comparison is inevitable because in it we can provide our criticism and, hopefully, Rabiya’s team may consider the things we are pointing out. Moreover, I believe Catriona would love to be the gauge by our beauty queens.

        Universally acceptable beauty is someone whose likeability would get the nod of majority of pageant fans. Leaderboards’ frontrunners in Miss Universe and other Alpha pageants are the ones who are universally acceptable beauties, and expect those placing far behind are the opposite.

        In oppose to your observation on Rabiya’s eye widening when talking or giving her answer, I don’t see any problem with that at all. It’s her way of strengthening her points of view as she relays it to someone (or the judges, if you will) she is speaking with. I do not wonder where she got that habit. She was a lecturer back then, henceforth.

        Your penultimate paragraph is vague. You were concluding from your wrong comprehension of my statement. Please reconsider.

        That’s all.

      • Ngayon ko lang nabasa, nakita at naramdaman ang BANGIS ni Ana Winter-Lund.

      • On point Thomas. Nakakainsulto para kay THE Catriona Gray. Being too nationalistic will not bring us anywhere. Look at our pandemic response. Ayaw tumanggap ng criticisms. One of the best daw in the world. LOL.

      • Pia, not Catriona should be the Filipinas’ standard when it comes to MU since Catriona is a halfie with international and western upbringing.

        Why? Because, at the end of the day, we will look for candidates who are mostly born in the Philippines. She will not have the experience of being westernized at an early age where the communicating in English becomes a natural trait.

        Pia’s life is more of a representation of the modern Filipina. You may be full or half, but you spend most of your time here and you are really Filipina sa salita at sa gawa.

        Also, Catriona did not win alone. She has a great, creative team that helped her shape her candidacy.

        With that, you may want to add, that a girl needs to have a solid team with the unified vision of how to present the candidate to the rest of the world, the universe rather….hihihihihi

      • 4M, maghunos dili ka nga sa mga salitang namumutawi sa labi mo. Don’t make me guess what 4M means : Mahina Mag-isip. Mapurol Mangatwiran?

        Let us not go back to that age-old debate as to who should be the standard: Pia vs. Catriona.

        Both are deserving and worthy to be Ms. Universe. But I happen to think Catriona is the standard. Complete package.

        And what do you mean by candidates “mostly born” in the Philippines? Lol. May parte ba sa katawan ng isang tao and hindi pina- nganak sa isang lugar? Pinanganak ang ulo sa UK, ang katawan sa Cagayan de Oro? Lol. Mananangal?

        World Peace.

      • 4M, #TeamAhasAndKweens ka girl? Hahahaha. I would understand this statement if yes kasi sinira ni Catriona mga camp camp ek ek niyo. Hahahaha. Remember, Queen P was a surprise winner while Catriona was a sure winner. Enough said.

      • Thomas,

        I did not comment against either Pia or Cat in terms of who is more deserving. They both won in their own merits during the times they competed. Case closed.

        My comment is about the constant conversation on who future candidates should look up to in terms of plan of attack to win a crown, esp MU. I’m also just tired of seeing comments comparing our recent candidates to Catriona as if Catriona will be the forever gold standard. To me that’s unproductive. Just focus on the candidate and don’t even bring up the past queens. I am against anyone trying to use Catriona or Pia as “the template” because at the end of the day, everything will be different anyway- so not one, or two preparations can surely win you the crown.

      • Hi 4M. Thanks for the clarification. I admire the humility.

        Just three points:

        1) You are contradicting yourself my friend. You say you are against anyone using either Pia or Catriona as templates. Re-read your post again for the second time around (ayan, re-read na, again pa, second time around pa. Lol). It was you who said “Pia should be the standard ….not Catriona’. What is a “standard” but a “template” my dear.

        2) You are barking at the wrong commenter. My comment was just a reply to someone (read the origin of this thread) comparing Rabiya with Catriona. That they were both “Glowing and have beauty that are universally accepted [whatever that means. Lol]). It was not I who started the Catriona reference.

        3) Catriona of course will not be the gold standard FOREVER (as you’ve written). There will ALWAYS be a new , better queen. Samantha Bernardo , although a “mere runner up of a minor beauty pageant”, is for me a new gold standard as well.

        World Peace.

  16. I E-X-P-E-C-T MU to restore that time-tested tradition of showing onscreen the physical stats – height, bust, waist, hips. Buti pa MGI.

    May impluwensiya din ‘yun kahit papa’no sa viewers, which inevitably will be picked up by MUO’s Marketing guys.

    “Siyet! An’sexy…”, will be a much-repeated ‘sambit’ of faneys. “Ta’s, an’tangkad pa”, they will add.


  17. I have been thinking why I seem (and many others) to be not “falling in love” with this girl yet. I have come to realize that it is about the total disconnect between her true personality and the image that her handlers have been forcing her to project. There is no integrity. Integrity not in a moral sense but the wholeness and alignment between the person she really is, and the image being projected. Thus, appearing to be contrived, packaged, forced and yes, fake.

    She is a GIRL. You can see it, hear it, feel it when she talks. She’s your exuberant, studious, bibo classmate who volunteers to recite, joins extra curricular activities, etc. And there is NOTHING wrong with that. She is what she is. I heard she also came from humble beginnings and yet, and yet and yet.. I can not feel the depth, the struggles of say a Venus Raj who equally came from the same situation. Rachel Peters was obviously a reluctant beauty queen too. You can sense it. You can see it in her eyes and yet this vulnerability made her endearing to us that made us root for her. Kylie Versoza was also giving off girl-vibe but when Kylie talks you don’t get the feeling that she studied the night before to memorize her answers.

    Now comes these sultry, va-va-voom, hotsie patootski (yes..I am that old. Lol) photos. Nipples almost peeking. Swimsuits that make one think her name should be La-bi-a Mateo instead of Rabiya. Lol. Poses that are obviously staged (there is nothing wrong with staged poses, but don’t make it so contrived and obvious). Just look at her pose above : hand on her chest , like clutching a pearl necklace or covering her cleavage. Hand on your hip and extend your hips and butt.

    I know these photos are meant to show her versatility. Admittedly , she can’t project a girlish look all the time just to be true to herself. But the disconnect is so obvious.

    I also don’t know the answer. These are just musings. Of course we will all support her in her journey in pursuit of the 5th crown. This is just in case something can still be done before the competition…

    World Peace.

    • The problem is that her provincial upbringing, down to earth personality and yes, her youth, are in clash with the palaban, cosmopolitan, modern Filipina that we are all envisioning for her.

      You may be right. Maybe she did not need transformation and we would just be OK with that as we’ll see her true self. But, everyone expects some sort of transformation from ugly duckling to this beautiful swan for all our reps. Maybe it’s time to do-away with that.

      I will keep on saying that she is too raw to be crowned this year. But then, maybe that’s just who she is… I am not sure.

      I still love her. I think despite the negativity surrounding her on top of the negative perception of MUPH which adds to it, I can see her making it to the top 5 with our sash factor.

  18. Dear Rabiya,
    You will never do anything right in the eyes of a hater, so please don’t be bothered by their comments.
    Their negativity comes from the fact that they are not in your shoes. You are Ms Philippines and they are merely spectators. You are living your dream, all they can do is to fantasize.
    Concentrate on the aspects that you need to improve upon.
    Never lose your focus and your drive to succeed.
    I’ll be happy if you made it into the top 10 so we can watch you in the evening gown competition. If you landed in the top 5 or even top 3, it’ll be a great way for us pageant fans to temporarily blissfully forget our pandemic worries.
    Wishing you the best of luck.

  19. Waley talaga. Hay this is MU di lang kung ano anong pageant.

    Pinilit kasi talaga eh. Maraming mas handa at karapat dapat.

    • Bakla, do you think, kung ikaw ang ipapadala, mananalo tayo? Sagot!!!!

    • Baby Nica, you are a negative SOB. I hope you don’t breed – Oh never mind, kase bakla ka kase. That’s all!

  20. Wow! I am amazed! I almost do not recognize her. In the uppermost photo, she looks like Amelia Vega. In the lowermost photo, she looks like Olivia Culpo.

  21. Baka ibigay na nila kay Peru. Okay na skin ang 2nd RU, Top 10 or top 20 kay Rabiya. Pahirapan ang labanan since sa SEA palang kabugan na ang mga pasabog. Gobless Pelepens.

  22. Sino kaya ang maglagay Ng di pantay na lip gloss na masabihan na magkarpintero na lang
    Di ko talaga Alam bakit pa kinuha franchise Kung ganito gagawin sa rep

  23. Neneng nene cya sa red gown. She looks stupid not a Queen. But I like her in silver gown like a princess and not yet a Queen 👅🤗 hihihihi
    But I believe Rabiya is ready to fight for the crown kahit paglaruan pa sya ng stylist nya🌟👌
    Walang problem sa swimsuit dahil MUO Ang bahala. Ready na ba Yung evening gown na mapanganga Ang judges. Yung big impact ng EG na paglabas pa lang sa stage ay nganga na ang kalaban at judges. Napanganga ako ni USA sa MGI sa totoo lang kahit simple Yung gown.

  24. Latina ang aariba sa Florida!
    tough 20 back back
    wildcard like lola gazini for now



  27. Losing hope. She was so much more special during mup . Now her photos are either bad , some good but mostly nothing original or stunning. She was better when she was independently directing her styling . I think now there are too many cooks . She has it in her , the raw materials are there but they are over styling her. Also her face which was simply beautiful has been too manipulated. Leave the girl alone !!!! Maybe she can shine on her own without too much intervention.


  29. The third picture with her hair tied in the back, she looks regal, but the first picture with her hair down – not for me.

  30. Djsuko yung mga ibang fans dyan na super duper brainwashed ng titisofpageantry na naging super toxic dahil talagang nakikikwagwarla sa MUP at Lola Jonas… Ayan pati si Rabiya eh naapektuhan ng dramarama ni Titi Lavinia….

    I feel bad for her as they is starting to become a pawn sa kadramahan!!!! My gosh…

    • You think we don’t have our own mind to think? Lol. Sige. Be overly nationalistic. Take constructive criticisms bekle. As to Evil J, temper your greed and pride. Those are contrary to excellence and competence.

  31. Can you be little more subtle in copying Olivia Culpo???
    What about just staying true to yourself and be your own person , Rabiya?

    • Kasalanan ba ni Rabiya kung kamukha siya ni Olivia Culpo? Hindi siya nangopya ng mukha. Maganda talaga siya katulad ni Olivia. At magandang senyales ito.

      Rabiya just needs the right packaging, styling as well as the right attitude to be in the winners’ circle. I would be very happy if she makes it to the TOP 3 (even ending as 2nd runners up).

      • Paul, I think it’s not Rabiya’s fault
        It’s her stylists and handlers who donot seem to know what to do with her
        She’s still pretty though

      • Ang layo naman ng beauty ni Olivia Culpo to Rabiya. Look at there childhood photos before all the science happened. Jusko mga delusional. Rebiya is pretty periodt

  32. Haaaaay. Hope this is not all. So so, no wow factor. Not pangit but not outstanding either. Laban Rabiya! Wag masyadong umasa sa #TeamAhasAndKweens. Iba inaatupag ni Evil J.

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