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  1. Kagandahang Flores rin pala ang magpapatalo sa representatives ng Pilipinas. Destructive Camp

    • Saan po nagmula si Viancca Guidotti at Mariel De leon? Diba Aces po? And Virginia Limongi and Bunga Jelitha? Gionna Cabrrerra, Jennifer Barrientos etc etc? 😂 😂 😂. Before the streak KF is doing well with Ma Karla Bautista, Carlene Aguilar in MW and Precious in MI. In the 2001-2009 , walang napagsemis ang Aces 😂 😂 😂

  2. … she might make history … & get the elusive 2nd ru for Pinas in MU .. we’ve never been in third place

    Romania , Czech , Curacao , or Jamaica ,… might score their first ever MU titleholder, a new4achange

  3. Possible scenarios: 1. USA will win Miss Universe for political reasons: a black to black victory, to divert the political divide in the US (Asya is Republican), and the Covid.

    2. South Africa will give the country it’s first back to back and sandwich victory.

    3. Despite that I want Philippines to win or place high, it seems Thailand might take that place. Even Myanmar is making more headlines that Rabiya. But for sure Rabiya will place.

    4. Top 5 for me are: Thailand, Russia, South Africa, Puerto Rico, USA

    • I don’t see SA in the taft 5, she’s gorg but no. I can see potential Asian-Latina domination.

      Russia is super gorg but also maybe just taft 10.

    • I think it’s… (in random order)


      South Africa


      For the top 15…

  4. I am sure Rabiya will advance into the semifinals. If she will deliver a flawless performance in the semifinals, handle the question and answer portion very well, be favored by the judges(most important factor), and with LUCK on her side(another important factor), she would be our 5th MU

  5. i am sure Rabiya will advance into the semifinals. If she will deliver a flawless performance in the semifinals, handle the question and answer portion very well , be favored by the judges(significant factor), and with LUCK on her side(another significant factor), she can be our 5th MU

  6. Dapat aralin ni Rabiya ng maigi ang dispute sa West Philippine Sea between and among the Philippines, neighboring Southeast Asian countries, and against the giant China. That may very well be asked in the Top 5. The question might be: What do you think is the best solution to end the stand-off between the Philippines and the neighboring Southeast Asian countries and China? Dapat laliman ni Rabiya ang possible answer d’yan. Then, the possible question for the second QnA round would be: What is the biggest lesson you have learned during this time of pandemic and how will you incorporate that to your advocacy as the next Miss Universe? Thank me for that later.

    That’s all.

    • Hi AWL! I think she should also focus on the recent Asian hate crimes happening in the US and other parts of the world.

      • On point! Racial discrimination amidst the pandemic is a huge issue nowadays.

        That’s all.

  7. Although it is painful to see our country hardly dealing with Covid 19, Year 2021 is still giving us a unique kind of happiness and that is through our beauty queens representing us in international beauty pageant arena. It is uplifting at some sort.

    Sam started the year with a bittersweet basal first runner-up win via MGI. And what a day! Before the dawn breaks, Kelly Day gave us another first runner-up pride. I actually thought she would have clinched the EcoInt’l crown because she gave an excellent answer, plus the fact that she was the most facially beautiful in that Eco batch. She still fell short.

    I hope Rabiya will triplicate the feat. I believe that she has prepared well for the competition. Her MUPO team will send her next month with no stones left unturned. They won’t allow our rep to go there for nothing. In the first semi-final round, I am sure she’ll get there. During the swimsuit round, her banging body won’t let her down for sure. Her Ariba Walk for the evening gown will mesmerize the judges and the audience. Therefore, she’ll advance in the Top 5. That is the time she must show the real deal to be able to get to the Top 3, and I don’t have a single doubt that she can reach that far. If Chile or Peru is smart enough to kill the final question, then either of the two will give Rabiya a run for her money.

    That’s all.

  8. If there’s only one COVID-19 vaccine left, would you give it to your 18 year old niece or to your 70 year old grandmother? and why?

    • An 18 year-old does not belong to the vulnerable class who is susceptible to being infected with Covid-19. And if she were my niece, I would encourage her to instead boost her immune system by taking daily vitamins, doing regular exercise, eating a balanced food, and sleeping early at night. In that case, we could give way to our grandmother, so she’d get the remaining vaccine as the more vulnerable individual between the two. For I am sure, my niece will get the vaccine shot in due time. Therefore, giving the remaining vaccine to my grandmother is the win-win solution in the given scenario. That would be all. Thank you.

      • Thank you, C2F and Paul loves.

        Sometimes, it’s good to hear an answer that is not too formulaic. Pageant critics from other countries have already noticed that our beauty queens give answers with formula. We need to veer away from that.

        That’s all.

  9. Seriously, I will be happy with Rabiya’s taft 5 finish at MU!!!

    Ibigay kay Miss Thailand ang crown kasi hayok na hayok na ang sang kaveklaan at para naman Team asia ulit and MU.

    Amanda is best MUT they sent, I think. She gives me that Pia-type beauty. Cosmopolitan and chameleon with her halfie breeding.

    • @ 4M Kung Team Asia ang Top 3, mine would have 2 b India, Nepal, and Cambodia. As it is now.

    • Yes she may be the best MUT to be sent but I don’t see her winning…based on her interviews, she is articulate and has a good command of the English language but her answers lack depth and substance. Just my observation.

  10. Flight na daw ni Rabiya sa USA sa 11 May! Salamat naman at maaga-aga ang viaje!

    Si Miss Iceland nga nasa USA na!

    Pasabog naman sana evening gown at naway umabot siya kahit hanggang doon man lang para naman maiparada ang gown at mahaba-haba ang viewing time ng mga faneys!

  11. Latina naman mananalo dito

    mabait naman si Rabiya
    ok na ang top 20 for her
    back to back sila ni ditse gazini

    • Hoy kembular, duduraan na kita dyan eh😆😆😆hihihi
      Ano bang kasalanan ni Rabiya sa yo ha. Mabuti sana kung pipitsuging contestant sa MU like your camps representative in the previous years hihihi🙄
      Alam mo namang magaling at Di ka kakabahan Kay Rabiya dahil palavan Ang Vacklah Divahhhh👅
      Kung may galit ka sa A&Q, huwag idamay c Rabiya okay 🤗hihihi cherette

  12. ‘Ay, grabeh, Blogger. Talaga’ng pinatulan pa. 🙂

    Best in 2nd Runner-up, please. JG et al NEED THE SPACE, to allow a steady & stress-minimal progression to the fifth crown… Their target is five (5) years, ‘di bala?

    @ Closer2Fame AGREE, AGREE!

    Hate is tiresome. Mabigat pasanin ang muhi habambuhay. To let go of hate is the smart thing to do. Tulad nga ng sinabi ni Charo Laude kahapon, “masakit masaktan”.

    (Guys, please refer to Tito Norman possible applicants for Mrs.UniversePhilippines, 55 years max.)

    Domo arigatou gozaimasu.

  13. I know that the highlight on China as the source of the virus and the rising campaign against Asian hate in Western Media is to divert people’s attention from the “Black Lives Matter” campaign… they are pitting diiferent groups of people against each other to divide and conquer….they are distracting the masses from what is really going on which is the oligarchy fighting over power and resources…. Rabiya needs to formulate a speech that would unite us all against Hate…

    • Ayaw ng Blacks ang All Lives MAtter kasi hindi daw akma at nawawala ang message…hihihihi

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