41 comments on “Gizzelle Uys of South Africa wins Miss Eco International 2020

  1. First, congratulations, Miss Eco South Africa! The win was guaranteed by a final answer so crisp it didn’t beat around the bush.

    Second, congratulations, Philippines! We have participated in this pageant thrice–and we placed thrice.

    This was the first time I watched this pageant. It is definitely the most entertaining one I had ever seen since Binibining Barrio Pinyahan in the 1980s when Miss Mapagmahal Street (or Miss Magalang yata) won. Endless deer-in-headlights moments. And the running commentary–I think I spent more time with the hilarious comments than with the wild show itself. A two-hour laughter spree.

    And no one–NO ONE–will top that saxophonist, EVER. We’ll forever remember her for being jaw-dropping . . . for all the wrong reasons.

    And then Kelly. Beyond the mindblowing Gustav Klimt-meets-Nefertiti gown (who designed this?), she was undoubtedly telegenic and candid. The judges, Including that high-school-principal-with-a-latigo judge, were clearly impressed. I was!

    I still can’t believe this is the same show that Maureen got subjected to.

  2. So, Filipinos love make okray of a pageant online and yet they get so upset if their candidates do not win…

    I mean seriously, are Filipinos really that sarcastic or just too dumb spoiled. If you root for your candidate, stop making stupid hanash on social media. Kakahiya na talaga!!! Feelingerang entitled na group kaya inis na inis si Nawat at ang Miss Globe director…hihihihihi

    To the Pinoy fans out there, learn a bit of social media delicadeza but then I’m afraid this is inherent to our culture. hihihihihi

    • inherent in…. i need to check my grammar….where is the edit comment when needed!!! Tito Norms????

  3. Costa Rica and Venezuela are misplaced , Costa Rica should have been 3rd runner up … I don’t understand why Venezuela is even in the top 5 , not deserving , … Belgium better

  4. Nakech! Nakech ha!

    Sumusuki sa first runner up ang Felepens ha! Always a bridesmaid, neven been a bride ba ang year na itech!

    Another queen from the African continent! Trending ba itey? Are we seeing another African winner in the Miss Universe pageant? And Philippines catching up the first runner up spot, again? Pag naka-first runner up si Rabiya, josketch! Twinning na sila ni Miriam Quiambao as both Physiotherapist!

    What with the red gown for the Top 5?

    Ang bolang crystal ni Manay Norman, grabe mag-predict ha! Palaging nakukuha ang 2 o 3 sa lima!

  5. Is that horrendous show a sneak peek of the reason why Maureen Montagne refused the honor of crowning the upcoming winner?

    At any rate, Kelly Day made my day. The show keeled my day.

  6. Three years in Miss Eco International under the Miss World Philippines for the Philippines starting in 2017. Three top two finishes including Cynthia Thomalla’s title in 2017-18.

    Not bad.

    The only things missing in Arnold Vegafria’s MWP resume are the Miss Tourism, Miss Supranational, and Miss World titles.

    • @ Anonymous He just took on Supranational. Let’s give that time, po. 🙂

      The Tourism now seems, like at BBP, a ‘lock-in’ title for franchises in the works. And the eighth title is also environment-themed…

      … But let’s wait for Ungkol Tinio to formally blog on the subject.

  7. As expected, Kelley Day CAN’T walk. Her evening gown walk was so awkward!!!

  8. ang mga lolabels maagang nag hanash sa walang kaparakrakan na pajent. Hahaha. Duh. Mag nganga na kayo mga ineng…

    • @ Chezka Scientists in Taiwan said chewing betel nut can cause mouth cancer, dear. 😦

      But my own grandmother rolled her own ‘cigaro’ (from tobacco leaves). It’s a unique aroma! 🙂

      • Yup those things will affect you where it hurts the most . I have seen guys who developed tongue cancer in their thirties and the course was not pretty .

  9. OK. Moving forward…

    We potentially have a stellar field for Eco-Teen Filipinas! Ro-ann Tamondong will be pleased. 🙂

    But for now, ang confident ako’ng susungkit ng titulo ay sina Caress de Mesa (Multinational, please) at Jasmine Umali (RHA, please). There’s one sweet-faced Independent… From KF, am still hoping for Aberrasturi. And what of Cortesi (whom I will assume will go Independent, as well)?

    Tito Blog, feature niyo na po ‘yun’g sigurado’ng pasok sa Roster, like Tempra and Palmares, po.

    • Cortesi? Yuck. She can’t even fulfill her MEP duties. Di rin magaling mag Filipino or English. WAG IPILIT!!!

  10. Cyanga fala. Kaya mas gusto funtahan ni faweekan Ang Miss Eco-International kesa MGI dahil mas masaraf nman daw Ang mga egyftian kesa c Nawat tribe hihihi. Dako at lami daw Ang mga ifis😳 hihihi
    Kumusta na fala Yung batang egyftian na nanalo ng male fageant sa finas dati🙄 sana yumaman cya fabalik ng egyft courtesy ng mga mama gays sa finas hihihihi 👅

  11. congrats KZ Tandingan
    sana nag rap ka rin

    1st runner up back to back ang Felepens
    siya lang naman postura ang ibang bansa wala lang

  12. Bitter c Venezuela hahaha😆
    Dapat mas higher daw Ang ranking nya😳
    Kelly, ikaw daw dapat Ang 3rd RU at cya Ang 1st or 2nd RU 😃
    Anong masasabi nyo mga vacklang fangit sa bitterness ni Venezuela. Naawa nga ako sa kanya dahil may point nman cya hihihihi 👅

    • Bonnga, Venezuela couldn’t be any higher than 3rd runner up . She could not articulate well in English . If she had chosen to speak in Spanish , she could have placed higher .

      • Ayyy😳
        Fangit ka falah fabian hihihi👅
        Kung gusto mong gumanda, ivigay mo na daw Yung promise mong LV vag Kay Aunt Norman😃😆🤗hihihi

  13. Congratulations Kelly! You made us proud.

    For me, the best part of the show was the show itself. It was so bad, it’s actually good. It was tacky, it it was campy. And it was a lot of fun.

    Some observations:

    > The lone host on stage who trying valiantly hard to keep the show alive. “I like the vibe!!” She was doing it all by herself. Sounding exhausted and exasperated at times. She even had to provide the background, suspense music at one point. Lol.

    > The live audience. One was in t-shirt. The other in flip flops. It was so jarring to see men in tuxedos seated beside a couple who was attired as if going to Nepa Q Mart. Lol.

    > The judges. What can I say about the bored looking judges. Their faces were as monotonous as their voices. What really got me was the former Ms. India judge playing with her Bic ballpen , twirling the pen on the sofa arm. Winner.

    > The highlight for me was the uni-brow girl performing some sexy moves with her saxophone. This talent act really made me rise from my bed, with mouth wide open, pinching my arm to see if I was having a nightmare. The full figured, Charmaine arnaiz look alike performer , who appeared to be having a solo orgasm playing senorita and the theme song from Money Heist was a site to behold. Egypt Got (no) Talent! Lol.

    > The eco costume parade. This for me was a true injustice to the gown of Ms. Philippines. Hers was the only gown that you know was made months ahead. The rest of the costumes looked like they were made at 6:00 in the morning and the submission to the teacher was at 7:30 am. Lol. All the palaras, all the cheap looking plastics made into flowers.

    > The hilarious backstage interview of Ms USA arranging her boobs while saying “I would like to thank ..for the Support”… lol. And the awkward way she picks up her hideous green gown as her name was being called.

    > The Interpreters needs interpreters. Words can not describe my horror. You just have to watch it to believe it. The South American interpreter translated the answer into Egyptian. The poor host had to translate it in English. Lol. This was so funny.

    > The abundance of special awards. There is ms. Personality and there is ms. Congeniality. There is Ms. Hair and there is Ms. Smile. All awarded haphazardly with a lilac sash whose color and lettering are reminiscent of those in funeral parlors “ala-ala ng mga nagmamahal”.

    >. Why are they ALL (or majortiy) in red?

    World Peace.

    • I agree , majority of the candidates did not transform their collected garbage into a dress . Bastia pa rin

      • Haaay. Nawala antok ko sa fabulous show na eto. And yeah, the cameraman kept on focusing at the same four or five caucasian audience Are they celebrities in Egypt? Is the cameraman showcasing how international or cosmopolitan the audience was? Are they children of sponsors? One of them looked like as if Ellen de generes and Justin Bieber had a spawn. Lol.

        Meanwhile, the songs Senorita and Bella Ciao are on my keep playing on my head while having breakfast. Lol.

        World Peace.

    • Nabored Yung mga judges kc boring talaga Yung show at naghihikab na ang mga audience. I’m worried pa nga sa show baka kc laitin ng mga vacklang pangit sa Pinas Ang show hihihi👅
      Pero bilib ako Kay aling owner ng Miss Eco-International kc happy pa rin Ang Aura nya🤗 hihihi

    • What a COMPREHENSIVE REVIEW of MEI 2020! And VERY FUNNY as well. Congratulations (my co-disciple) Thomas.

      • Thank you St. Pol.

        I forgot to mention one candidate during the eco costume parade.

        Fishnet ang peg ni ate. Representing siguro the trash from the seas. Walking carefully on stage. Posing here, posing there. Then… sumabit sa pako on the floor ang fishnet attire nya.

        She can not move forward!!! She was still smiling, trying to step forward. She stayed immobilized for maybe a good three seconds. Hinihila nya ang gown nya. Hahaha. Awkwardly untangled the net attire on the floor. Walked forward. Kaya mo yun? Lol.

      • I refuse to be Tito Norman’s pageant ANALyst. Or any anal for that matter. Lol. I don’t want to be part of Tito Norman’s ORGANization. Or any organ for that matter.

        World Peace.

      • Hihihihih!!! chos ka! Baka nga di magwork kasi gusto nya sya lang ang ANALyst…hihihihih

    • Great review.

      Napaka-ticklish. It made me laugh.

      I’m still smiling nga.

  14. Kelly deserved more than first runner up .. just for all the efforts . She really took this pageant seriously ,
    I was als more impressed with her answer than SA’s which sounded very cliched. But she is pretty and very personable .. though I wonder why she wouldn’t hold Kelley ‘s hands .

  15. South Africa is pretty but she does not speak like a South African… but she is a worthy queen.

    That red gown worn by Kelley Day is not flattering… why change the glamorous blue gown she wore before… anyway, congrats for placing second !

  16. South Africa was a deserving winner. Congratulations to Kelley for making it all the way to 1st runner-up. What a pleasant surprise! USA was a great speaker but, facially, she was lacking and I was almost worried she was going to be the winner.

    The two most shocking:
    (1) Thailand not entering the Top 5 – She was absolutely stunning, gorgeous, beautiful! Wow! Her face, her styling, her hair — all on point. Too bad she didn’t speak English but I was sure her face will propel her into the Top 5 anyway.
    (2) Philippines not winning Best Eco Dress. How can she not have won that category? It was so lovely! I loved how all the other ladies helped her with her voluminous skirt.

    I have to say that this pageant production was so disorganized – it was atrocious! It’s almost an insult to the ladies to go to this. The hosting, the staging, etc. were subpar and local municipal pageants do better. That backstage interviewer was awful. But worst of all was the entertainment – Good grief – that last entertainer with the saxophone. Wow – that was bizarre. I was laughing and crying at the same time. It was so absolutely painful to watch. They also keep panning to the audience and keep showing the same six people. Were there only that many in the audience? I just feel so bad that the second best at Miss World Philippines is actually sent to a pageant of this inferior caliber.

    • @ Lily Mas organisado pa, kung tutuusin, ang Multinational at RHA, no? Nu’ng kay Teresita Ssen, alam na agad na ‘di siya marunong mang-(K)astila, and an interpreter was immediate. 🙂

      • Sinabi mo, Flor. They were a couple of hours late to start with and so unprepared. Nakakaawa lang ang feeling ko towards Kelley especially since she was the second best in MWP tapos dito sya pinadala. Kacheapan really. Parang baranggay pageant ang dating.

      • @ Lily Boss ALV seems determined to cultivate (pun intended) his working relationship with Dr. Rezk. If so, then nothing less than ‘short-of-MWP’ will do. 🙂

        Will our constantly calling out the procedural shortcomings of this pageant brand make it improve? Probably only if we can convince BPCI to sever ties with that other one with whom we have more serious issues with. Yet, even this we are still unsuccessful at and by all indications it will stay as ‘short-of-BBP-International’.


        Then, enters the picture Supranational. It remains to be seen how it will upset the current title pecking order…

    • I heard that the eco dress must be made by theirselves with no help. Kelly was done by a pro.

  17. Uy! maagang post. Congratulations to Miss south Africa. Another 1st runners up placement for the Philippines. Thank you Kelley Day. You make us proud (once again).

    • @ paul Yup. Back-to-back ‘Best in Runner-up’ ulit tayo. Parang Colombia sa MU. 🙂

      You forgot Rowee and Ro-ann in your comment in the earlier post on this subject.

      Kukulit, as usual, ng comments ng mga Pinoy sa stream, no? “Umanga na. Magluto na ng almusal at diretso trabaho”,… “Kelley, iuwi ang pyramid at camel bilang pasalubong”, etc. etc.

      • Good morning Flor. Maramig puyat na bayot sa Pilipinas. Ako, natulog muna ako. Nagising ng past 3 am, ayon tamang-tama top 10 gown competition na. Balik trabaho, tapos na ang long holiday. He, he, he…

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