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  1. Shiela joined Supermodel Phils and Bodyshots before. Shiela was also urged to join Bb Pilipinas but her age was beyond the upper limit. Had she qualified, she could have won. Standing At 5’10, she could have stood out from the pack. She reminds me of Anna Marie Craig who was also very tall, a Bodyshots winner and twice Bb Pilipinas semifinalist. Ana Marie is now married and is based in Hongkong. She should join Mrs Universe-Philippines.

  2. Congratulations Inday Kelly 👌🌟
    First RU. Aarte fa va Ang mga Vacklah. Buti nga nakaTop 2🌠
    Sino Ang aangal na cooking show, dinaya daw etc etc at ihaharap ko Kay Ralph Salazar(Yes po, nanood sya sa Miss Eco-International kahit inabot ng 5am Ang show) hihihihi 👅

  3. South Africa is Miss Eco International 2020! Kelley Day is first runners up. Congratulations to the winners.

  4. Nakuh🙄
    Dafat makafasok c filifins Inday Kelly sa Taft 5 dahil mas magaling pang sumagot c Flor Tula sa mga Top ten finalists hi hihihi 🙄
    Mas masaya fa Ang Miss gay filifins panoorin dahil muy intelihente Ang mga vacklush😳

  5. Anovayan😱
    Inaantok Ang audience ng Miss Eco-International finals😴😴😴hihihi
    May lavan nman pala c Inday Kelly 🤗
    Farang transgender Yung reigning queen from Malaysia 🙄hihihi

  6. Shiela and Charo are both gorgeous. They look younger than their ages. Charo’s facial appearance has not changed a lot since she joined 1998 Binibining Pilipinas
    I watched 1988 Mrs World and i find it cute and interesting that the 10 semifinalists were escorted by their husbands as they walked on the stage during the evening gown competetion.

  7. Aawww… LOVE Direk GR’s shirt. 🙂

    NAKS nemen, @ serge! Blogger Boss picked up on your ‘moral education’ suggestion. The way Sheila DeForest explained it, aba!, mas mabuti pa tayo sa ‘Pinas. Kasi bata pa tayo, ang turo sa ‘tin TATLO (3) ang uri’ng lahi dito – Kristiyano, Muslim, at Katutubo (‘Aeta’ by default). Ta’s, itinuturo pa ang iba’t-iba’ng kaugalian, tulad ng Eid’ al-Fitr, na ang paggamit ng ‘belo at kordon’ sa kasalan’g Katolika ay hango pa sa tradisyo’ng Bumbay/Hindu/Sanskrit…@ Closer2Fame, correct?

    Ungkol Norman, seems Tim DeForest is a well-off man. That Sheila is able to devote to philanthropy. She brings to mind Ping Valencia (who is probably much older), who was based in Paris when Aureo Alonzo was invited to present his creations at the Camel Awards. He sent her a plane ticket to Roma, so she could model for him. He won; Jean Paul Gaultier got second prize.

    May naisip ako’ng puwede siguro’ng maging MrsUP 2021, since 55 ang age ceiling. Pero, sabihin mo muna sa kanya na magpakasal… Clue? Feeling ko, alam mo kung sino tinutukoy ko. Lolz.

    So, you ALSO want to go to Belfast and Bristol… Fine. Scandinavia, ta’s UK. Then, tuloy Vene, kasi you said to Stephanie Zreik na you want to go… Please watch Drew Binsky’s recent episodes. He was, if not still, in Caracas, the VISA for which he began processing as far back as when he was still in the Philippines. AT MOST IMPORTANT, ma-meet na ang ‘Pacific Islander’, no?

      • @ Norman Good afternoon, Tiyo Pageant. May I suggest the following topics for your mulling?

        > Photographers. Would be great if you can get Wyg Tysmans and Raymond Saldana.
        > Managers. Like Meg Perez. He’s handling Alexandra Rosales and Ricky Gumera, no?
        > Cosmetic surgeons. THIS SHOULD BE A BLOCKBUSTER EPISODE!
        > The Camp. You should serve as mediator for them to ink a publicity deal/arrangement with TPP.
        > Live stream with Lindsey Coffey as she takes viewers around New York Botanic Garden once the Arboretum comes into bloom, ‘Kaw kasi, ‘eh. Ayaw mo mag-swimming sa waterfalls sa Bohol. 🙂

        And which Regional will you focus the spotlight on after the Bb episode? One in Southern Luzon?

      • @ Norman I thought of the lower heights (5′ flat not unusual) found at MWP and MPE. “Lower heights” sounds silly, no? I wonder if I should download Grammarly….

        I googled Gabrielle Anwar. Did you know she’s only 5’3″ (160 cm)? GAD! 🙂

        You MUST INSIST with Bosses ALV and Lorraine/Peachy to coax their petite ones to channel the actress… Another good peg is Rihanna in “Don’t Stop the Music”. T-I-N-Y black dresses, please…

        For the taller ones, a younger Porizkova Paulina of Czechia (Sports Illustrated and Estee Lauder).

      • @ Norman Maayo’g Minggu aga, Blogger San. Maiba naman sana.

        Kasi, for sure that naroon na si Rabi, things on her end would settle down yaman rin lang at ‘di siya makalilibot dala ng fourteen (14)-day minimum quarantine for SARS-Cov2…

        Si Sam at Lala naman, hanggang 16 pa daw… Maybe sponsors asked them to extend? Great!

        Please, for the interim, update us on the situation in Egypt. By now siguro, may resulta na swab test ni Kelley. Kasi, nag-statement ‘ata si Boss Dr. HM na his MEco-Canada (whom I will assume is Fil-Canadian by virtue of her surname) is positive for the virus… Now, it probably makes sense to bring all the ladies together in one ‘safe house’ at baka iisa’ng strain ang lumugmok sa kanila. But if that will be the case, then those acerbic statements by the ND’s of Peru, Japan, and another country I cannot recall right now but was probably mentioned by @ ClaiRe only I cannot recall, too, where that was (which post), might suggest some degree of favoritism, kasi the latter countries mention their candidates effectively left to their own devices and abandoned by the Org.


        Also, ikaw na rin nag-post about Leren possibly suiting up for MWP 2021. Really, the ONLY rationale I can imagine for this is that one of Boss ALV’s principals (World, Supra, Eco, RHS, Multi, or the new/eighth title) asked for her! Which one, po? At, ano na decision ni Leren at ng A&Q considering marami ‘noobs’ na i-fi-field like Caress and Jazmine… Regards to CUTE bro niya.


        Finally, I guess given the current NCR+ ECQ lock down the 27 April Final is simply not doable, not to mention the third (?) round of Screening for both Ms and Mr… Pa’no na, po? 😦

      • @ Norman My mistake, sorry. 27 April is NOT the Final, but would have been the release of the Roster? 🙂

        Naalala ko nu’ng episode with MamaRu, MWPO was looking at “last week May to first week June”.

        At anyway, hanggang katapusan ang (M)ECQ… So, yes it seems we’ll have only Rabiya to digest for the interim. Gosh. 😦

        Will the upcoming PN’s episode be the first time you will have (just) ONE (1) guest, G.T2? It will be interesting to see how the person can use up an entire hour and a half… May ipagtatapat ba siya?

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