21 comments on “Kelley Day wins Best National Costume in Miss Eco International

  1. Now since this is MEcoInt, malamang may “Eco-Costume” Prelims din…

    Just my thoughts.

    It does NOT necessarily mean re-purposing straight trash.

    For example, PET bottles, if I am not mistaken, are re-cycled by melting, and one product is a kind of fiber that has all sorts of applications. I do not think it’s re-blown/re-molded to be a bottle again… Maybe, this fiber can be the basis for NatCos fabric? I know for certain this technology is already being done here in the country for some time now. This is why PET bottles are “kalakal”.

  2. The cultural fusion of Europe and Asia in a national costume excellently showcased by a Fil-Am beauty!

  3. Spanish inspired Filipinina gown reflecting the stained glass designs of Philippine churches.. worn by a Eurasian Filipina… this interesting mix of Europe and Asia truly represents the PHILIPPINES!!!

  4. Oh wow.. that Filipiniana traje de Mestiza gown is absolutely gorgeous from the back!!! It looks like a cross between a giant parol and a painted glass church window… BEAUTIFUL!!!

  5. Looks like a red version of Ibasco’s, back in Earth 2017.

    SEE WHAT A LITTLE ROUGE CAN DO?!! Bigla siya’ng naBUHAY. 🙂

    “If you are sad, add more lipstick and attack… (It is) a declaration of good spirit”. – Chanel

    • Louie Pangilinan is the same designer of Karen Ibasco’s national costume – no wonder it has a resemblance.

  6. C2F anong klaseng animal si Miss Thailand? Including scientific name ha para sure, sure jud. Ha, ha, ha…

    • @Paul

      “Siamosaurus (meaning “Siam reptile”) is a genus of spinosaurid dinosaur that lived in what is now known as Thailand during the Early Cretaceous period (Barremian to Aptian) and is the first reported spinosaurid from Asia. It is confidently known only from tooth fossils; the first were found in the Sao Khua Formation, with more teeth later recovered from the younger Khok Kruat Formation. The type species Siamosaurus suteethorni, whose name honours Thai palaeontologist Varavudh Suteethorn, was formally described in 1986. In 2009, four teeth from China previously attributed to a pliosaur—under the species “Sinopliosaurus” fusuiensis—were identified as those of a spinosaurid, possibly Siamosaurus. It is yet to be determined if two partial spinosaurid skeletons from Thailand and an isolated tooth from Japan also belong to Siamosaurus.” -Wikipedia

      Yow welcum!

      • @ Closer2Fame YA-AASSS!!! ASEAN’s first dinobaby. 🙂

        Keep digging, po. You might locate “Filipinodon tinioi”. Siyempre, we will name it in Ungkol’s honor.

      • C2F, you’re at your best again. Snippets of Philippine history and folklore, and some value packs of rare animals and plants… Keep educating us on these!

      • @Flor

        Well, we do have several extinct species in the family of Elephants… Which ia the origins of our mythical giant cyclops with tusks, the “Bungisngis”. Because our natives thought the elephant skuĺl with a hole for the nassal cavity in the middle is a single eye socket…

        Pressence of Elephant species is also a possible proof that the Philippine islands is the land of Ophir, Tarshish, Tawalisi, etc… Only thing we need to know though is that if they were still alive during the time of Ibn Batuta or at least King Solomon…

      • @Scorg

        Thanks Scorg… I’ll give it to u even if you don’t ask for it… Hahaha

    • @flor. Nakakaloka ang scientific name mo para sa first pinoy dinosaur. Ha ha ha.

      • @ serge ‘Ay! Sige… Subspecies ‘sergensis”, smaller but with a call/voice akin to chirping sparrows (‘maya’). After all, dinosaurs also are believed to have made sounds. 🙂

  7. What is Thailand wearing? Godzilla- inspired? Or crocodile? Inspired from a famous street food in Thailand which is crocodile meat.

  8. beautiful costume ! Rabiya can shine bright like a diamond in that costume !

  9. Congratulations!!! Beautiful and majestic looking.

    Inquiring minds want to know what part of Philippine cultures is this Frida Khalid gown representing? Is it a homage to the Sto Nino or Poong Nazareno? Lol.

    World Peace.

  10. Congratulations. She is definitely a frontrunner . I could sense a 2nd MEI crown for the Philippines.

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