18 comments on “Kelley Day and her Evening Gown for the Miss Eco International Preliminaries

  1. Kelley – 9.50
    Gown – 9.30
    Picture quality – Ummmm 5.00 (sorry, lakas maka-late 90s)

  2. The gown is simple and elegant. The photo though reminds me of those days wherein you’d go to a photo studio with a backdrop…lakas maka-AGFA glossy. haha!

  3. Hindi talaga siya marunong maglakad… Ganda lang. Di rin siya brainy eh.

  4. Wow, that’s a very steep incline from drab to fab …. I agree, a big barbie doll sculptured hair would perfectly frame her very symetrical classic Eurasian features…. Let’s see if she would still be able to up the game on the coronation night …

  5. The gown is simple yet elegant. I love her styling, she looks very sophisticated. Though I prefer more to see her wearing wet look hair in that gown. Nevertheless, I am more than ok with this styling.

  6. Boring hairstyle. You are correct Lily on having volume. Maybe an updo beehive or really big curls.

    Agree with you Flor. Black is not so good. It should have been Royal Blue or Purple, colors of royalty.

    • An updo would make that mediocre gown even more outdated than it already is. This is 2021, not Miss Venezuela 1991. She should go for a fresher look.

      The amateur photography didn’t help. But the competition is on the stage and not in photos, so I hope she sells it during her presentation.

  7. THIS IS SO PERFECTLY LOVELY !!! She will bring home the crown !

  8. It’s a very nice gown. The crystal against the dark fabric looks simply galactic!


    But, I would have used a little livelier blue. Go google photos of either Cattleya (or Laelia depending on your source) purpurata ‘Werkauseri” or Guairanthe bowringiana varia coerulea for an idea…

      • @ Norman Sorry po. 🙂

        Anyway, ‘Werkhauseri’ (I forgot the “h”) is an old-time variety, towards steely-blue. And as the name suggests for that other one, cerulean like either the sea or a type of semi-precious gemstone.

  9. I wish she would sport a hairdo with more volume to frame her delicate features. I’m bored with this limp flimsy-looking hairstyle which seems to be her go-to look. At least her gown skirt has volume. Love the color though.

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