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  1. To allude anti-Asian sentiment as recent phenomenon is both disingenuous and revisionist. This anti-Asian sentiment is no more widespread compared during the time of FDR. In fact it was FDR, a liberal icon who issued an executive order during WW2 herding any Asian-American of Japanese ancestry and placing them in concentration camps, confiscating their properties with no reparations. By extension, others Asians were also discriminated and harassed.

    And to attribute this anti-Asian sentiment to Trump presidency is just another attempt to further the racial division in the US. Had Trump won, it would be the Asians that would greatly benefit the proposed merit-based immigration due to high level of expertise and educational levels among Asian immigrants.

    In fact, few weeks before this Atlanta incident, an Asian woman was heavily beaten by another minority in NY and the mainstream media barely mentioned about it. It took a Hollywood A-lister’s assistance before the media started talking about it. It was not until a “mentally unstable and self-proclaimed sex addict” white man who gunned down spas mostly owned and operated by Asians that liberal media started talking about anti-Asian sentiments for it finally fit the liberal narrative: white vs minorities.

    For a very long time, this anti-Asian sentiment has been the proverbial elephant in the room. But rather whining and screaming, most Asians chose to work and excel in the US system.

    Should Asians, especially Filipinos live in fear in the US? I doubt it unless it’s in a liberal city or state that advocated “Police Defunding.”

  2. Well, one thing is for sure.

    Ideologies aside, had all this not been happening in America, it probably would be even more difficult to make arrests and prosecutions on race-related atrocities.

    Also, another thing seems evident. There is a clear profile of the guilty and those who fan the flame.

    America, it’s entirely up to you what you do about this. Or, not. Just keep this in mind. ‘Pag nagka-windang(2x) kayo, WALA’NG mag-i-intervene… You like to get involved in other folks’ affairs, especially when your agenda is at stake. But when you need it most, you will realize you are alone.

    (Kaya ako, ‘pag naka-New York, I’ll head straight for the BG. But it’s probably still frozen now.)

  3. NORMAN PLEASE LET’S MOVE ON TO YOUR FAVORITES/REVIEWS and PREDICTIONS in the upcoming Miss Eco International 2020/21 (which will be aired later today/tonight). Please…

    Happy Easter to ALL!

    • @ paul Mayru’n di’ng pageant na mag-fa-Final ngayon’g gabi-i. Pero, Nationals at Asian hawtness.


      Virtual sila, as they want to preserve the hard-earned momentum of taming their SARS-Cov2 situation. They have what they call the ‘e-ticket’, which entitles bearer to one (1) vote on the Poll. They are on the same time zone as Thailand, and we share territorial disputes with them. An upper -middle income country, I had the honor of visiting once… I’ve mentioned them in the MTI post, that one that also went virtual last year, and Cyrille Payumo was just asked to send over her ‘creds’.

  4. Dahil sa Amerika nakabase ang Miss Universe Organization malaki ang inpluwensiya sa patimpalak ang mga kaganapan na nangyayari sa Amerika. Lahat ng organisasyon ay gustong gamitin ang patimpalak para isulong ang kanilang political agenda.

  5. (Han Lay has assured her fans she’s OK. Friends in Thailand are ensuring she’s well-cared for. In the meantime, the Burmese are determined to reclaim their space, at whatever cost.)

    OK. Now, to this.

    THIS is what happens when there is unchecked freedom. Thugs invoke their rights. And get away.

    Americans will not accept restrictions of any kind. They’ve become so drugged to audacity, they’d even storm their own Capitol… Is it better to end up in jail? Kung sa bagay, du’n libre lahat. 😦

    B-A-L-L-S, por favor. Will some WHITE legislator recommend the maximum penalty of (beep!), to make it CLEAR that this kind of behavior is not tolerated at all?

    I had just seen on NetFlix a documentary on Toyotomi Hideyoshi. I think that the Japanese are inherently violent. Imagine picking fights with neighbors who were probably just minding their own respective business (Korea and China)! Kalokah.

    I imagine idiosyncrasies like ‘cosplay’, ‘hentai’, and that silly (just me) rite of men “fan guy-ing” on young girl sing-and-dance groups is a ‘permitted’ manifestation of that inner beast that if repressed could express itself in (more) sinister ways.

    You guys like watching ‘sakura’ videos online? PLENTY of that now, with a few streamed… I don’t like it when there’s background music. I prefer the natural sounds of footsteps and chatting of the locals, the cawing of crows (I get the impression that Japan is full of crows, like urban Myanmar), and the gurgle of streams (and the whine of the old-fashioned wooden turbines they propel).

    And then I thought,…

    Perhaps the Japanese use that music to calm/soothe themselves. After all, such annual displays of natural splendor could probably awaken that animal within. Imagine feudal Japan at this time of the year, with only earth sounds to animate the MIND-SCAPE.

    “Mas libros, mas culturas” to bring about “mas amores, mas amigos”, as Laura Ospina Gonzales said now four years ago so that “your generation and mine (will) not be full of weapons”. As @ serge puts it, ‘moral education’.

    But that’s for the long-term.

    The problem is here and now.

    ‘Kamay na bakal’ is necessary. Otherwise, the haughty will not take peacekeepers seriously. The tarot card ‘Justice’ says it eloquently – EVEN IF PUNISHMENT (the sword she bears) IS NEEDED.

    I recommend a practice in that feudal Japan to help keep the peace. The mutual exchange of hostages… Just watch the Netflix documentary and you’ll catch my drift.

    (No, I did NOT intentionally search out that particular movie. I chanced upon it, found it interesting.)

  6. Hostility towards outsiders is often a reaction to fear. Xenophobia is fear of strangers. One way of combatting fear of outsiders is expanding opportunities for exposure to to those who are different. This could lead to the realization that those who are different are, after all, not outsiders. More than ever, organizations like MUO should champion the appreciation of cultural diversity. Anti- Asian hate is just one of the many forms of xenophobia that the world has witnessed, extreme cases being the Jewish holocaust and Cambodian and Rwandan genocide. Pageantry as an institution that celebrates beauty should do more to combat this ugliness that negates our sense of humanity.

      • @ scorg No, ME. You said they should go beyond ‘simply planting saplings and hawking reusable grocery bags’.

        Forget Angkol. We agree now all he is concerned with is elevating his pageant brand to BIG3 in the next few years. He obviously is emboldened by MUO’s current financial difficulties and MW’s tepid reception everywhere.

        (It is enough, for me, that he made possible Han Lay’s welfare at least for the short-term.)

    • yes that is a legitimate Q&A … “how would you tackle the spread of xenophobia ?” , the question is not necessarily about BLM or SAAPIH … xenophobia is everywhere in the world due to the rise of autocracy and ultra nationalism … I hope Rabiya prepares for this type of question , it is very timely

      • Indeed! And when we talk about xenophobia, it extends to other known manifestations– Islamophobia, homophobia, femicide, etc. How can beauty pageants arrest rhe spread of xenophobia? This could really be an interesting Q&A topic. Rabiya should be able to dig deep into her education advocacy for answers.

  7. JawsKuh 😱
    Ayusin nyo muna Ang vakuran vago kayo makialam sa iba mga ifokrita. Umayos muna kayo fuede vah hihihi🤗 mga felinggerah🙄

  8. Trump won in Florida, so it would be interesting to see if there are local “Karens” out there who will go out of their way to throw shade in the direction of Asian and non-white delegates. As an organization that brings together women from all over the world, the Miss Universe pageant has an opportunity to show that they denounce racism and stand in solidarity with the Stop Asian Hate Movement. Here in California, Governor Newsom just appointed the first Filipino to serve as our state’s attorney general.

    • For the record, majority of ethnic minorities in Florida including Filipinos voted overwhelmingly for Trump. For in the Trump presidency, hardworking minorities have experienced greater economic opportunities and advancement.

      Also for the record, during the Trump presidency, for the first time ever, a Filipino was appointed as US Solicitor General. At the same time, it was also during Trump presidency that an Asian for the first time was appointed as the US Ambassador to the United Nations.

      By the way, how is the inevitable recall for California governor going?

      • I agree… As oppose to Trump’s racist statements, he actually doesn’t like War and does everything in his power to prevent it…. Which is why Biden resumed the bombing of Syria as soon as he set-foot on the oval office….

      • Newsom will prevail while your cult leader and his minions are simply X, Y and Z, just like you!

      • Sorry but Gavin will prevail. As to your cult leader and his followers, they’re all X, Y, Z, at the end of the alphabet, no longer relevant, just like you!

  9. I just hope that the questions do not turn very political , the pageant is supposed to be a celebration of pageantry of beauty as revered from all over world ; the black lives matter and stop anti-asian hate are prevalent only in the western world particularly in US, Canada and Europe … but in Asia, Africa , Middle East, Caribbean and even in Latin America , they are hardly felt at all …

    Questions should be about truly of international interests and concerns … it has always been like that in MU Q&A history, for example, AIDS prevention, saving and educating children , protecting the environment, qualities of a true inspirational leadership, etc…

    I don’t want the judges to have any preferential treatment for the candidates with current political views
    They can ask questions ron BLM and Stop Anti-Asian Hate , in a different way e.g. , “how would you use your platform to educate people about our differences and teach them to learn to accept them?”

    • @jaretwrightlover. Free speech if there is any comes first before Q and A, right? For Rabiya’s advocacy to be more timely, I think She should not only speak about education as earning a degree to land a decent job. She should incorporate and emphasize in her free speech the importance of basic moral education to children and moral reorientation to adults to somehow address these disturbing issues prevalent now in US (anti-Asian hate crime, gun violence, and racial discrimination).

    • @ jaretwrightlover & @ serge But also baka may danger to over-simplify by just educating.

      Like what @ scorg said dati, may economic agendas involved. Specifically, it seems the competition for scarce employment opportunities, particularly those that pay well (which Asian-Americans are more and more adept at), is helping fuel hostilities. Of course, it’s not the fault of Asian-Americans if they are given preference. But this is parallel to that road of discussion on immigrants displacing locals for multinational company contractual jobs as globalization DEVOURS us all.

      “Did China end the American Dream?”, went one reportage video on YouTube (I didn’t watch it). I think we can all we agree that they did… But again, maybe America should have channeled their audacity where it could have done actual good/benefit for them? And in turn, for us all, too?

      Naalala ko tuloy ‘yun’g sinabi ni Pres. B. Obama sa isa’ng talumpati sa isa’ng graduation ceremony ‘ata… He said that black kids should not limit themselves to aspiring to be rappers or professional basketball players. At one point, critics labeled him as “whitened”. Go figure.

      • nobody else but itself, America ended the American Dream ! … its very partisan politics that have been brewing and eventually overflowed when the first Black president was elected , then followed by the most divisive racialist president ever elected … Biden has a lot of healing to do in the next eight years, and he is the best man for the job right now …

  10. MUO, more than ever, should take extra effort to ensure the safety of The Asian delegates.
    Since education is Rabiya’s advocacy, I would like her to emphasize in her free speech the importance of moral education among children should she advances into the semifinal round. Instilling good moral values among children through moral education should come first more than anything else so that every children in this world will grow as a responsible citizen. A Child who is Lack of moral education has the tendency to commit hate crime, gun violence, and be found guilty of racial discrimination.

  11. Stop Asian hate movement is a propaganda by the liberal media . These supposed crimes were mostly committed by homeless people with mental illness , random muggings and not a directed concerted effort against Asians. If these liberal cities banned homeless people few of these crimes would happen.

    • Liberals?

      Hatred come in all forms, at all costs. It affects everyone, it so happened the former, one time President provoked, condoned and instigated such rhetorics of the pandemic against China, that’s why many now has this ill feelings against people of Asian descent, thinking it’s because of Asians why this
      pandemic is occurring.

      Your statement alone has underlying tone of hatred against one party.

    • Most of these anti-Asian crimes that are being panned by the liberal mainstream media are happening in liberal cities and states that have been advocating “police defunding.” It’s just the aggressive attempt of radicals and liberals to perpetuate racial divide in the American society to further their radial and socialist agenda. As they saying goes: divide and conquer.

      In most cases if these anti-Asian hate crimes are committed by other minorities, like blacks especially, the mainstream media especially CNN would rarely give any airtime.

  12. I wonder how Rabiya would answer questions related to this issue…. Because she would definitely be asked about this… I hope her styling would be more Oriental as support for this cause… And as a follow-up, we should send our most Asian beauty and surname next year…. Patricia Magtanong is definitely on top of my list….

  13. Kasalanan kasi ng mga Instik – nagkalat ng corona, nagnakaw ng lupain at dagat na hindi sakanila, nanakot sa ekonomiya pag hindi sinunod ang gusto nila.

    Dapat anti-instik lang, kaso nadamay ang mga Haopn, Koreano, Vietnamese, pati pinoy na mukhang Instik nadamay din.

    • @Sleuth

      …And yet I don’t see you blaming the USA for currently bombing at least 7 Asian countries who’s selling cheap oil?! Tsk tsk… China is actually doing their part to prevent World War 3…. It’s the Americans who’s the real war-mongerers…. BTW, Philippine mainstream media is partly owned by Americans so don’t be surprised with all the Anti-Chinese propaganda.. tsk tsk… 🙄

    • Sleuth , u r one narrow-minded a—h—e!
      Your thinking is one major reason Asians Are hated across the Globe ! What proof do you have that covid 19 came from China????

      • at saan nagsimula ang covid 19 putatsing na matsing?????? Bruhang twooohhhh!!!!! Tsupi!!! Ambaho mo!!!!!

  14. I think all the Asian ladies should band together in addressing it.

    Given the restrictions still, I doubt they’ll have plenty of opportunity to be in public eyes so it will be minimal. I don’t think pageant girls are that mean to be hateful of their co candidates- maybe a few Latinas who are of maldita type.

    I hope Rabiya has a good team to prepare her for speech. The elderly woman who was beaten up in NY is Filipina American.

    • And the guy that was slashed in the face requiring at least 30 stitches was also Filipino American.

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