15 comments on “How do you like a Russian doll for the 69th Miss Universe?

  1. She’s gorgeous, but I guess MU doesn’t need a barbie doll for a spokesperson. I believe it will choose a phenomenal woman– to borrow the catchphrase of MUP– who is battle-ready to be the confidently beautiful rallying point and harbinger of hope in this pandemic-battered universe!

    • @ Lireo Hhhmmm…. I’m thinking, therefore, Canada, Jamaica, or USA. Still Americas! 🙂

  2. Wow she literaly looks like a giant Barbie Doll… like her face was sculptured to look like the iconic toy doll…

  3. Europe ba gusto niyo, guys?

    I’d still go with Bianca… She can take advantage of that hornet’s nest she disturbed when she agreed to be photographed ‘blackened’. Though she has publicly apologized, in light of all the racial animosity the pandemic exacerbated, she can and should, imo, use her own awakening to spur more to wake up, too. 🙂

    (Also, one of us said she is getting Pinoy help…)

    #TirsinPaRin. Besides, I doubt Americans will still warm to a very white beauty nowadays…

    (P.S. Popova Palina should have been sent to Earth after her stint at World. Her Lake Baikal seal conservation advocacy then would be a hit in any eco-theme’d pageant!)

      • Same thought. Hope that her agency will consider her for MI because there might be no luck for her at MU

      • @ Norman & @ Bert Does MRussiaO reserve the right to send a rep to MI?

        Kasi ang alam ko, it only sends to Mundo and Universo. And presumably also Supra, like MSAO.

        Like nu’ng time ni Popova Palina, many were hoping sa Universo siya ipadala. Pero, it was 1st RU Alexandrova Ksenia that was assigned…

  4. Hallmarks of Eastern European girls: statuesque, svelte, and facially gorgeous. Alina is definitely a crown contender.

  5. Yes magaganda ang Europeans pero nalalamangan pa rin sila madalas.

  6. Too dolled (no pun) up. Enhanced? Plus, dolls ba ang peg ng MU? Looking back, Pia, Iris, Demi, Catriona, Zozi. All 5 are “normal” beautiful ladies, with substance. Don’t get me wrong, Alina is gorgeous! But I second Ana’s thoughts; let’s wait and see what she has to offer, besides the physical.

    I was holding my comments re: Tito Norm’s recent grid of MU portraits. I want to hold off until I see more, specifically Russia, USA, and other sash contenders. Yun pala, meron syang sariling article nya!

  7. Uber gorgeous representative from Russia. Kung mukha lang ang labanan sa Miss Universe, nakuha na n’ya ang korona. Pero the competition is a summation of beauty, brains, personality, and confidence. I know what characteristic Miss Russia is lacking. I believe that she can make in the Top 10 though.

    That’s all.

  8. She has semblance of Olivia Jordan… I was going to say she would be perfect for MW but I guess she wasn’t Lola Julia’s cup o’tea….

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