8 comments on “GMA Digital Specials: #ChooseToChallenge Rabiya Mateo

  1. Rabiya’s genuine spirit is her best asset. That will make her shine in the competetion.

  2. 5’5 ordinary india looking w a dash of haughty demeanor and some pinoy even have the nerve to make fun of the modelisque indonesia delegate. They will say makuda as if hindi makuda mga dyosa na ibang delegate. Lamang lang tayo sa struggling back story . Yun last yr delegate natin nuknukan ng ganda top 20 inabot ito pa kaya. Download na Tayo app wag na malaglag sa top 20

  3. Beautiful first photo. All woman.

    But then again when she talks….it is obvious that she’s “just a girl”. The exuberance and excitement in her tone and manner of speaking may be refreshing for some. For me though, it is a turn off. Our past beauty queens were of the same age as she when they won, and yet they acted more…how shall i say this…mature? Lady-like? Serious? Rabiya appears as your makudang classmate or officemate. She never pauses when she talks (trying to appear she knows all the answers). And yes, the pandidilat ng mata is kinda creepy.

    World Peace.

    • @ Jmgonzalesme Yeah, I agree. NO EMBELLISHMENT, NOT A SMIDGE! Para may gravitas.

      An LBD for cocktail receptions and engagements. Look at Gabrielle Anwar in “Scent of a Woman”. Black stockings, if evening. B-A-C-K-L-E-S-S. Earrings worth an entire province’s SAP allocation!

      I’m tiring of the ‘beaded nude’ high-slit-at-the-thigh thingy. Do that and she’ll look even more like a country lass pretending to be urban and sophisticated. And trains/ribbons only will weigh her down, not to mention get caught on things while consuming valuable luggage space.

      PIXIE CUT!!! She’s short-ish (refer to @ Kimi95’s comment).

  4. Client nga pala ni Boss JG ang Huawei.

    I liked her take on the ‘essence of woman’ thing.

    White… might NOT be the best color for her? Pride in brown skin calls for ‘not-just/always-white’.

    But red all the time might be jarring…. ‘Yun’g Swim glam niya in latex (Bessana?) na copper-ish, is that a good starting point for her color-wise, guys? Alangan naman’g puro pink, purple, at yellow…

    • I don’t get the Huawei sponsorship. they are banned in the US and they don’t have google services. It’s an inutil smartphone.

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