7 comments on “69th Miss Universe: 4th installment here!

  1. Belgium lang gusto ko d2.

    Ang dami’ng mahilig sumayaw, and have at some point studied Dance. Buti na lang pala, hindi si Bella pinadala natin…

    (I’m not basing on the photos, but on the bios.)

  2. Oh my Cameroon looks like an evil cursed doll ! and Kosovo , that’s too much lips and pouting … but Nicaragua , she has always been on my radar…

    If there is going to be 20+1(audience pick) , why don’t they divide the groups this way:

    Europe : 3
    North & Central America : 3
    Caribbean & South America : 3
    Asia : 3
    Africa & Middle East : 3

    Then, 5 wild cards !

    • modifying my above:

      North & Central America : 4
      Caribbean & South America : 4
      Asia : 4
      Mediterranean, Middle East & Africa : 4
      Europe : 4

      Wild Card : 1

      • @ jaretwrightlover Pa’no na ‘yun’g ‘audience pick’? Iba pa ‘yan’g ‘wild card’, which is Judge’s discretion, dili ba?

        Ganito. Less one from the continental grouping where the ‘audience pick’ originates. This way, fan voters will have to think carefully before selection. 🙂

  3. Only Nicaragua got my eyes here. Although I am not saying she can make it in the semi-finals, unless I can see her other photos and in videos.

    Other shoo-in for Miss Photogenic Award based on their headshots alone are Chile, Czech Republic and Mexico.

    Colombia looks tranish, so no.

    That’s all.

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