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  1. Ungkol Otits, since pinagkakaabalahan rin lang si El Salvador…

    ‘Yun’g kinatawan nila sa MrW nu’ng 2016 (year of Ajdani, no?), lami kaayu.


    He finished in the Top 10, I think. His next attempt was at MrMI, ka-batch naman ni Kevin Hernandez. Btw, po, how’s Luis Trujillo? And who holds his Filipinas franchise now?

    • Naku, Flor, that franchise of Luis must have changed hands so frequently like a pass-the-ball game. I’m not sure who holds it anymore.

  2. In this batch, I like Panama, El Salvador, Jamaica and Italy. I hope Italy places this time….they haven’t won a miss U title yet. Not featured here but I also like Peru. She’s so gorgeous.

  3. Only El Salvador and Iceland for me, for this Cluster.

    (I said Czechia before. But,.. may kulang. I feel the ‘Earth’ won’t be enough for the Universo. Sorry.)

  4. The most gorgeous faces : Romania, Chile , Czech , Philippines, India, Nepal, El Salvador, Jamaica

    very photoshop: Puerto Rico, Panama, Colombia

    Many faces with large pouty lips ,,, not suited for MU

    But there are a lot with lovely beauty of face … competitive 69th MU pageant coming up !

  5. Thailand, South Africa, Puerto Rico, Myanmar, Jamaica, Czech Rep, Curacao, Chile and South Africa are all consistent in their photos and videos and for sure these ladies will place.

    Philippines – as much as I like her, and for sure she will place, her photos are not consistent. Some look good, some not so much. Romania as well.

    Cambodia, Canada, Brazil, Mexico – they look old in their photos.

    Venezuela and Colombia – they look good. For sure they will place, but to win?

  6. Wow, Miss Costa Rica looks Filipina…
    Not surprised cause I found out recently that Costa Rican natives tested to also have traces of pre-colonial East Asian and Malayo-Polynesian genes..
    I’m surprised that they picked someone who looks like her over more European looking candidates to win..

    • Facially, she looks Filipina but her towering height and banging body is not

      • Yeah, she looks like Elizabeth Clenci…
        Beautiful but with the body of Venus Raj….
        And those credentials are insane….
        Costa Rica is in it to win it this year….
        If she speaks English well then I see her in the Top 5.

    • Funny you mentioned Venus and Elizabeth both are biracial 😂. The former being of South Indian descent and the other one is Romanian. Elizabeth’s father is an immigrant from Romania who lives in Australia.

      • Yeah, and your point is?

        Anyway, Fun fact: Elizabeth Clenci’s Dad is a Romanian Gypsie… Romani people’s genepool are very isolated due to their cultural beliefs.. Genetics studies show that their ancestry is from North India who migrated to Europe just a few thousand years ago…

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