6 comments on “69th Miss Universe: More bios are coming up!

  1. Anshika stands out in this group. I love the way she stares into the camera.

    • Agree. Not just Nepal, there is also Laos. Laos rep in less make-up made her strong cintender for either MU, MI, or MW. Do you agree Tito.Norms?

  2. Millenials clearly represent the era of interracial offspring. Miss Universe is celebrating the fact and living with it. Looking at what Norman has posted, this year’s batch is probably the most interracial in MU history. There’s even a Japanese-African. And Canada, wow!

  3. I like Australia, Brazil, Cambodia, Chile & Curacao. Kung manalo isa sa kanila, masayang-masaya ako. Matagal nang hindi nanalo ang Brazil at Chile, and even Australia. Hindi pa nanalo ang Cambodia at Curacao. Kung maayos at MAGALING sila sa Q&A, why not. It’s high time for these countries to win.

    Ang siste ang uso ngayon ay PANGIT. So most likely si Miss Canada ang mananalo kasi papangitan ngayon ng titleholder.

  4. From this matrix, I like Nepal, Cambodia, and Australia.

    It’s interesting. Anshika was never placed front and center in dance because she was tall. While Maria wants to be the shortest MU ever (kaya pala BIG personality; small but terrible).

    But Cambodia has the ‘alta’ aura; her bios is TIGHT-FOCUSED, not ‘all-over-the-place”. Sophisticate ang arrive. Mala-Bella Ysmael… 🙂

    (I’m getting tired of multi-hyphenates and tragic back stories. Ka-stress! Maybe I’m getting old…)

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