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  1. I agree with most — get rid of those idiotic speeches. Or keep them BUT don’t get rid of half the semifinalists just based on who can memorize the best. Have all 21 compete in swimsuit and evening gown — because why not — especially since the addition of 11 more girls walking in evening gown only adds a couple of minutes (which can be easily shaved off from other segments)… then have the prepared speech be a video/voiceover to accompany each lady’s announcement into the Top 10. All Top 10 get a Q&A… then narrowed down to the Top 5 who gets to answer the same question… and then announcement of the four runners-up and the winner. Forget the Top 3 crap.

  2. @ PAQUITA X May sumasablay pa nga sa Speech, ‘eh. We all know who she was. 🙂

    OR, kung ayaw mo sa Speech, balik ‘yun’g dati’ng ‘candid chat’ with the host. My fave is that one with Lara Dutta, where we find out she comes from a family of soldiers and she demonstrates a few moves from classical Indian dance.

    @ jaretwrightlover ‘Ay! Gaya-gaya sa MGI at MI. ‘Yun’g Top 10/12/16 ang mag-Spe-Speech.

    Bom dia, Blog Boi. SA MrWP, DAPAT MAY SPEECH DIN, po. Kahit ‘reality show’ ang galawan.

    • if there was no speech in the beginning during the 2019 MU , Gazini would have easily topped the swimsuit competition and slayed the evening gown , enough to land her on the top 5 perhaps if her nerves subsided by then …

    • @flor. I miss the candid chat/casual interview in past Miss Universe editions. My favorite is the one with Cecilia Bolocco. I also hope that Major Philippine pageants incorporate a minute or 2 of candid chat/casual interview right before the dreaded Q and A to somehow calm the nerves of the candidates.

      • My all time favorite casual interviews in the history of Binibining Pilipinas:

        Ariel Urieta and Jo Bautista-1981 Binibining Pilipinas
        Randy Santiago and Marichelle Cruz- 1989 Bb Pilipinas a
        Edu Manzano and Gladys Duenas-1995 Bb Pilipinas

  3. Remove the speeches in the beginning , and put it before a final five is selected
    So, essentially , the top 10 dressed in long gowns will deliver their speeches…. I think this is better !

  4. I think the format would be the same with miss usa 2020, only the top 21 to compete in swimsuits, 10 in evening gown, 5 in judges questions, 3 for the final questions

    Good luck to Rabiya

  5. Alisin na yang speeches na yan, memorize din lang naman!!! Pagalingang mag memorise lang ang peg, pampasayang lang ng time!

  6. I also hope they do away with continental grouping. It is unfair to the girls who perform better but cannot advance in the competetion due to quota allotted for a particular continental group. Besides, it is more exciting to wait for the names of our favorite candidates to be called by the host in random order, like what MU had been doing from 70’s to late 90’s when the 12 semi finalists were announced in random order.

    I hope MU format will turn out this way:
    21 girls to deliver speeches
    10 girls to advance further for the casual interview, swimsuit , and evening gown competetion
    5 girls to answer questions from the judges
    3 girls to answer one common question.

    • Oh. Here is a better format
      21 girls to compete in swimsuit and evening gown segments
      10 girls to advance further for the casual interview and deliver 30 second-speeches thereafter
      5 to answer questions from the judges
      3 to answer one common question

  7. Paul’s 69th Miss Universe FIRST HOT PICKS

    TOP 3: Brazil, Chile & Peru (bilingual/multilingual, very pretty, hot & sexy, years in other countries)
    TOP 5: Philippines & Romania
    TOP 10: Curacao, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Thailand, & Czech Republic
    TOP 21: Australia, South Africa, Panama, Cambodia, Japan, Indonesia, India, Jamaica, Myanmar, Canada, & USA

    • Such a racist comment.
      Racist to his own race at that.
      The blogger shouldn’t allow such comments 🤷🏻‍♂️

      • Unfortunately the moderator obviously oblivious of the underlying discriminatory content. 🤔


  9. Malamang magkakagulo na naman ang mga Pinoy sa online voting at magagalit sila dahil hindi mag number 1 si Rabiya sa voting. Bakit ba kailangan mag number 1 sa voting eh laging sinasabi naman magaling pambato natin. Bakit hindi hayaan makapasok ang mga Pinay ayon sa kanilang kakayanana. Gone are the days na umaasa lang tayo sa voting para manalo ng ms. photogenic para extra exposure.

    • @b di nga papasok kung wala voting kartada ewan
      kaya download na ako ng app . Ayoko Naman mawala sa 21

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