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  1. Ang tentative ng datingan dito ni Rabiya. Bawi na lang sya sa ibang pics.

    Will always support her.

  2. Ano nangyari sa glamteam ni rabi? Wala na ba mas magandang maibibigay sa org na pang profile pic nya🤣


  4. Umalis po yung tatay nya bata pa lang po sya. Ibig sabihin po ba child laborer sya? Wag naman po sana idiscredit ang sakripisyo ng sariling ina para lang sa pangarap maging beauty queen.

  5. Hay naku di naman uso maganda at matangkad manalo samu. Saka venezuela nga na unplace. Di Naman laging pasko expect to unplace
    Ang dyosa ng mga pinost ni Norman tama yun commenter na wag itabi si rabiya. Mag abang na lang ako ng bbp at mwp . Next time wag na Sana judge si harry roque. Natural di mananalo si bella . niece sya ni Mar Roxas . Bella’s pedigree is a spear na papunta sa kanya kahit deserving sya

  6. This is just one minor facet of the overall competition. I do agree that a better photo could have been taken, probably with the hair down and a more ‘determined’ facial expression. What I don’t understand is the hate towards Rabiya. It’s okay not to like her. Nationality should not be the sole determinant in supporting a candidate (or team) in any competition. But I can detect a malicious undercurrent in many of the negative comments directed towards her.

    Rabiya’s beauty is the same type as the likes of Selena Gomez and Natalie Portman. Very “jeune fille”. Using a 90’s analogy, she is the Kate Moss to the other girls’ Linda, Claudia, Helena, et al. This obviously won’t be a problem as MUO has embraced the idea of diversity.

    I’m expecting a Top 10 finish for Rabiya because the level of competition is HIGH. If she reaches the Top 5, as her Q&A trainer JV Salud expects, I will be happy. Like Janine, I hope she proves many of us wrong.

    • Madame X ang dahilan kung marami ang ayaw kay Rabiya (kahit pa maganda ang picture) ay nagsimula noong kinoronahan siyang MUP. Marami ang may gusto kay Bella Ysmael. Marami ring supporters si Pauline. Kami ni Scorg ay maka-Michelle Gumabao. Yung iba kay Alaiza. Actually noon kunti lang ang supporters ni Rabiya. Kaso siya nanalo kaya hating-hati pa rin ang BEKIDOM hanggang nagyon. Ganun talaga.

      Pero sabi naman ni Fabian Reyes, kahit PANGIT sa picture PWEDE pa rin namang MANALO katulad ni Janine Tugonon. So sige lang baka magkapareho ng swerte sina Rabya at Janine, fingers crossed.

    • I also rooted for Michele Gumabao way back MUP season. At first, I had a hard time processing in my thought if Rabiya has got the “it” factor. I even believed that Ysabella Ysmael was deserving than her. However, Rabiya proved that she is worthy of the first ever MUP crown under the new organization. Her beauty is universally acceptable.

      Nonetheless, as pageant fans, I think our views matter if we provide our feedback, not bashings, to our MU rep. We Filipinos have the “say” because Rabiya represents not only our country, but us. And we would love to be represented well in the pageant arena because we love Miss Universe, don’t we?

      A minute before I started writing this comment, I had this analysis that her glam team and the people behind MUP might have arrived to this not-so-beautiful headshot intentionally. It might be a part of the strategy. After all, Jonas’ Team have mastered the art of “when-to-peak”, and that works in Miss Universe.

      That’s all.

      • Correct Ana Winter-Lund. Same na pod atong ideas on Rabiya. Michelle pod diay ka before. Happy, happy lang.

  7. ‘Yung profile picture pala ni Rabiya na p-in-ost ni Tito Norms dati ang sinubmit ng MUPO for her profile pic on the MU website. I remember, I gave a li’l criticism on the picture, in that she looks uncomfortable therein. Her eyes are blank, walang ningning, although she still looks beautiful.

    The photographer also came up with a non-glossy finish sa photo ni Rabiya. Kaya naman parang ganito ang nangyari: Sina Argentina, Colombia, Mexico, India, Puerto Rico, Romania at Thailand ay nagkasundo na magpa-picture sa Great Image. Tapos sina Rabiya at Natasha ng South Africa, tutal naman bilang beshties sila at pangabog sa Miss U, nagkasundong magpa-picture sa Tronix.

    Excited na ako sa darating na Miss Universe. Feeling ko kase, 10 years na nag-defer for a pageant night ang MUO. Nakakaloka na ang pandemya talaga. Affected ang sex life ko. Kakaloka.

    That’s all.

      • Huh! I won’t dignify what you have said because it’s non-essential. In short, you are lugaw.

        That’s all.

    • @Ana, with the lessons drawn from this pandemic, I expect a paradigm shift in MU’s idea of “confidently beautiful”. With all the difficulties hurdling the restrictions on travel, spectator events, crowd assemblage, etc, it cannot be more of the same,ocannot be business-as-usual. It has to adapt to the exigencies of the times.

      • Well-taken, Scorg. I also believe that for the time being, Paula Shugart’s team have brainstormed well vis-a-vis the preparations for the next edition of the pageant during this challenging time. I also think the proposed schedule for the next edition of Miss Universe is made in time because USA is getting back to normal dahil nai-roll out na ang vaccine sa kanila. May mga hard-headed na Trump followers na lang ang ayaw magpa-vaccine.

        Anyway, it’s good to know that you are finally felt here. Missed you, Scorg.

        That’s all.

    • I was more concerned sa “affected ang sex life ko” comment mo, Ana! Lol….

      • Haha! Anonymous, sa panahon ng pandemya, sex life talaga ang isa sa mga pinaka-naapektuhan sa atin. Kahit itanong pa natin si Tito Norms. Sa case ko, my hubby is currently in Australia at hindi pa makakabalik sa Pilipinas. Sad na si “nining” ko. May dry spell na. Kaloka.

        That’s all.

      • Comparing your sex life to Sahara desert validates the gross impact this pandemic has caused to humanity, Tito Norms. I am there with you.

        That’s all.

      • The funny thing is kinakaya ko naman pala mag-abstain this long. I have never tested it before because there was no reason to do so.

      • And I assume you have endured the one-year abstinence because of fear factor that virus might hit you as well, or it’s just that you won’t do it without reason as it must be done with love, Tito Norms. Both?

        I am pretty sure that your readers do get along as you reach this out. Love it, Tito Norms.

      • My gosh ang lalandi!!!! I luvvvv it…hihihihi Hope you find the exotic top Mumsh!!!

  8. Don’t you worry dahil uso na ang PANGIT starting 2019 up to the present.

    Miss World 2019 (Jamaica) P_______ pero mahusay kumanta. Michelle Dee is SOO… boring.

    Miss Universe 2019 (SA) P_______ pero mahusay sa Q&A at comm skills. Ganados is bobotic.

    Miss Grand Int’l. (USA) P_______ pero personable, relatable and dramatic.

    MALAY NYO BAKA si Miss CANADA ang manalong MU 2020 dahil USO nga ang pangit. Mga magaganda, tabi-tabi karo riyan. Happy na ako kung pumasok sa TOP 5 or TOP 3 si Rabiya.

  9. did not find this in MISSUNIVERSE.COM

    Is there another site ?

    This year , although less than 80 contestants , is so very full packed of competitive beauties and ladies Last year , there was also no clear winner but the overall candidate quality is not at par with this year

  10. Rabiya’s picture is for MISS TEEN Universe. Wala pa (talaga) ang sa Miss Universe.

  11. Rabiya is beautiful, but she isn’t striking–so far she doesn’t have the spark that Pia and Catriona clearly do. Can’t really explain why. And yeah, I agree with the comment earlier that when she speaks, her eyes really widen, such that it looks like a struggle for her to communicate.

    Amanda’s photos are beautiful though. I preferred other candidates over her in MUT, but she looks MU-ready to me. Natasha is also gorgeous.

  12. I raised these questions before in a previous comment: what is “confidently beautiful” in this challenging times of the pandemic? Is it the fierce don’t mess-up-with-me look? Is it the cutesy I-love-being-a-woman look? Is it the calm yes-we-can look? Real beauty is not only about beautiful physical contours but is also about the the beautiful spirit and beautiful mind that shines through and captured by camera lens. Among the pictures above, only Rabiya radiates the third category– calm confidence and determination to be a relatable role model. I think with this pandemic, MU is up for a paradigm shift in its idea of a queen. With the rise of online media to to sustain global communications in the age of travel and large events, whose beauty easily registers on screen as the harbinger of hope and a rallying point? Who effortlessly projects authentic inner beauty on and off screen? Rabiya wins it hands down!

      • Paul, I did not disappear. A couple of comments in the previous weeks got buried in the avalanche of comments to Sam B’s morning, noon, afternoon, evening, and midnight posts. Besides, I was silently rooting for Abena and found it prudent to keep quiet to avoid “violent” pushback from some fans.

    • Erratum: “in the age of travel and large events” should be “in the age of restrictions in travel and large events”

    • There shouldn’t be a disconnect between the write-up and the photo. In fact, the photo should bolster the narrative. The thematic content of the narrative on Rabiya is her advocacy for education. The photo eloquently depics that she calmly “walks the talk”. It would be a dissonance if the picture shows her “fierce” or “cutesy” in a verbiage about education for the underprivileged.

    • Gurl, hinay hinay lang sa papuri. Napaghahalataang isa kang alagad ni Evil J. Hahahaha. #TeamAhasAndKweens

  13. Her profile picture fits Ms. World, not the Universe. Our chances of being in top 5 seem to be getting slimmer and slimmer. I hope I’m wrong.

  14. If this were the Top 10, I’d have for the Final 3 Sud Afrika, India, and… Venezuela.

    Then, Mr, Nawatt Itsaragr”I”sil (long “i” pala bigkas, as per the host last 27-3) will be in the Panel of Judges and throw the Last Question…

    “Gun ownership is an important issue right now in the United States of America. In fact, there are more guns than there are citizens! If you could entrust a gun to an American, would that person be white or black”.

    (Please give a FULL minute for each contestant to answer.)

    • @flor. My answer to the question of Nawat.
      Regardless of the skin color, I will entrust the gun to somebody who is mentally and emotionally stable. God bless America

  15. She looks like a lady in her late teens w the women of the world. Wala sya nilamon sa mga kasabay na post.si rabiya nilamon
    Wag kayo magagalit nagsasalita ako Kasi Wala pa umpisa baka kaya pa gawan Ng paraan
    Bago nyo ako sumpa pwede padala na Lang runner up since gusto natin mag place( not a fan of the runner up either) gusto ko Lang po mag place at manalo
    Wag nyo dahilan makuda sya. Pagiging makuda nya elementary teacher level .righteous at nandidilat
    First time all these yrs di ako excited ma unplace Sana magawan Ng paraan sanawala ako favorite gusto ko Lang magka placement

    • @ bonsaihater ‘Pre, anyare? Maayos pa panunulat mo nito’ng huli. You’re not making sense. 😦

      Sabi mo, padala ‘yun’g RU, yet you’re not a fan… Ta’s, “mag-place at manalo”. Anuvey talagah??

      ‘Ay! Alam ko na. Natuyot na mga halaman mo. Magdilig pronto! Ano ba bino-bonsai mo? Balete?

      • MAKALINGAW man ka Flor uy BISAG Huwebes Santo na Karon. Diri sa amoa Flor mag-one week nang may low pressure area (LPA) so dilig, dilig (at basang-basa ang mga halaman). Ha, ha, ha…

      • @ Flor padala si bella. Alam mo Naman maka Pauline ako . Alam ko din na dehado Tayo if they will not step up w rabiya. Di lamado

      • @ bonsaihater To dispatch Bella FOR COSTA RICA is easy. APPOINT HER.


        ALL Boss JG needs is to do NOTHING.

        Yep. No MUP 2021. Convenient reasons : 1) bottom line, 2) SARS-Cov2, or 3) anyway, all five ladies – Rab, Bella, Mitch, Pauline, & Billie – signed TWO (2)-year contracts. Or, all three.

        (For the 2022 Nepal edition na lang ulit siya mag-MUP. Anyway, ‘di ba ‘yun ‘yun’g fin-acilitate niya? IT WILL BE ATTY. PATITAY’S LAST CHANCE. PAGBUTIHAN NIYA.)

  16. Yup. Rabiya looks like a girl in a gown. Not MU worthy at this point, looks wise. Her look would not would a candle to a few gorgeous looking women in the photos above.

    Looking at her photo made me do a double look if we were sending Gelli de Belen to MU. Lol.

    World Peace.

    • @ Thomas Alaskador talaga, dear? 🙂

      Gelli de Belen… Earlier, it was Armida Siguion-Reyna.

      (Ba’t kaya may nag-re-rate down sa ‘kin tuwing ini-re-rekomenda ko’ng ihanay ang styling ni Rab kina Laetitia Casta, Rio Locsin, at Charlotte Casiraghi? ‘Eh, OKS naman sila, ‘di bala?)

      • Ano ka ba Flor Tulo. E totoo naman na (at least in the photos), MM looks like Armida, and RM looks like Geli de Belen. If you like, you can post also your photo here and I will tell you who you look like. Hehe.

        World Peace.

  17. Idolizing Eminem , very admirable !
    No wonder , the words s—t , bi—h , and f—k form a large part of her vocabulary .
    Very unqueenly , sorry !

  18. Rabiya pales in comparison to the other girls
    India also disappoints
    This is not saying anything at all .. since Janine’s ugly pic did not stop her from getting what she did

    • Will you stop rehashing Janine’s “ugly” pics! This is your second post recently referring to her pics as such. There are better ways to describe them. You’re making your point by bashing others and just pointedly being an ass. Your ugly observations are not what commenters here live for. Hindi ikaw ang parating may huling salita, as if your opinion matters!

      Nasaan ang pictures mo?

  19. Rabiya pales in comparison to the other girls
    India also disappoints
    This is not saying anything at all .. since Janine’s ugly pic did not stop her from getting what she did

  20. When did it become a fun fact to be the breadwinner of the family… That is not FUN at all…. Was hoping for something interesting and refreshing. I love the rap fun fact. I want to hear her rap.

  21. Labanan ng mga diyosa, matatalino at accomplished women ang MU ngayon. Mukhang walang clear winner as of this time.

  22. In this group, it is Rabiya who clearly stands out. SERENELY beautiful. In this photo, she is saying “Love me for what I am”.

    • Kaloka ka teh. Overly nationalistic. Let us be objective naman. Kaloka.

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