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  1. What’s with the arigatou gozaimasu thing? Is tito Norms hinting on something? Hehe

    And I thought angkol is fond of her. Imagine how he will react if she is chosen as MIP.
    Shippai shimasu. Haha

      • @ Norman Peaceful Friday, Ungkol.

        So, 27 nga ang age ceiling ni Angkol?!!

      • tito if not Maureen for MGI, who is your next best bet for this pageant?

      • Our next bet should have a strong personality but still beautiful and preferably with a limelight-hugging aura. It could be someone like Gabby Basiano or Patrizia Garcia or even Honey Cartasano.

  2. What’s with the arigatou gozaimasu thing? Is tito Norms hinting on something? Hehe

    And I thought angkol is fond of her. Imagine how he will react if she is chosen as MIP.
    Shippai shimasu. Haha

  3. Mi – maureen
    Mgi – justine looks like ariska or gabby
    Intercon- Karen laurie
    Globe- gabby or justine

    • @ bonsaihater Because you gave the respective names first, then it’s Justine MGI & Gab Globo.

      I would, too! 🙂

      Yours is a good pecking order, with KF taking gold and silver.

      (But if MIntercon doesn’t hustle, La Globo might overtake… Ain’t fun to be looked down by everybody else! For now, they share the bronze. What to do? Give them a medal each? Or, divide it down the middle so each gets half?)

      • @flor I just saw justine face magkamukha talaga sila ni ariska the only asian na naging mgi. Alam mo Naman justine fan ako like paul but dati globe ko si justine. I find gabby beautiful though she needs certain angle Kasi bella padilla eyes

      • @flor re maureen. She might not register well sa shoot na ito. But this lady have the same level of Sam bernardo skills. Alam ko how this lady can fight w grit. Another mi koronita is not far fetched
        I believe sa mi latina mananalo Kasi ayaw Nila synod sunod same continent
        Maureen is 27 turning 28.over age sa mgi

      • bonsaihater, Justine aside from being a beautiful morena contender, she is also an excellent communicator. It has also reached our knowledge that Justine is WELL-LIKED by the people in BPCI for her pleasant personality and good attitude.

  4. If you follow titisofpageantry, you will see different comments than in this blog. I think the people here mostly are fair in terms of assessing candidates. The fact the Maureen’s feature hear got negative reviews compared to titisofpageantry says a lot about the bias that exists. I think i will read through the comments here instead despite some bad apples here sometimes….hihihih

  5. Most if not all of the comments in this post on MAUREEN Montagne are on the NEGATIVE side.

    Norman ang tanong – Nakarating na ba sa kinauukulan (I mean sa KF, sa kanyang styling team at kay Maureen mismo) ang mga mensahe dito? Kailangan niyang matuto bago pa huli na ang lahat.

    Maraming Salamat. At magandang umaga.

  6. Only Hanna Arnold fits the bill of MI. Gorgeous and angelic face. Just need a little oomp like Kylie in terms of confidence and communication.

    Actually, I wish Apriel Smith would be my choice for MGI if she still competes. She’s rampadora and with her dancing skills can go a long way. She will be loved by the Thai…

    • Feels the same for 5’11” Hannah Arnold!
      That face …Japan will loooove her!!

  7. Kapag tinitingnan ko picture niya…parang naririnig ko yung kantang Somewhere in Time… We met on timeless hills…

  8. parang naturukan ng anesthesia at bubunutan na ng ipin. the camp made a mistake? the essence of the face is gone.

  9. Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t Sam B 28 yrs old when she competed in this year’s MGI?
    If so, ano ang sinasabi nilang overage na si MM for MGI? She is currently 27

    • You’re right! Sam was born in November 1992, making her 28 when she competed in MGI, And we (or most of us) thought she was 27.


  11. This set of photos is an obvious bid for the Miss International title, which is confirmed by her re-posting Instagram stories from fans with comments saying she’s perfect for MI. That being said, for me, it’s still Arnold for BBP-International.

  12. hoping she does not look as tired and old when she completes 🕊️✌️🦋

  13. hoping she does not look as tired and old when she completes 🕊️✌️🦋

  14. hoping she does not look as tired and old when she completes 🕊️✌️🦋

  15. Yup. Ugly photos. Not for a queen. Wait. Pwede ring for a queen. Yun nga lang Reyna, She looks like Arminda Siguon Reyna here. Lol.

    World Peace.

  16. Janine had one of the ugliest pics on MU page
    Look where it took her
    Maureen has a very feminine vibe and a great speaking voice
    I think she’ll do well at both Grand and MI

  17. REMINDER sa mga HANDLER: Tingnan at isiping MABUTI kung ang mga picture na isa-submit for online posting/publication ay nakabubuti o nakasasama ba sa kandidata. Katulad nitong mga picture ni Maureen dito, ito yung tipo ng mga picture na ipapa-frame mo at ilagay sa wall ng iyong bahay kung senior citizen ka na at may marami ng apo. CHANGE the PICTURES, please. PRONTO.

    • Agree
      They should think abt what they are posting
      I don’t even know what the see good in those pics – the hair the oily face …
      But Maureen is my bet for Grand or MI

  18. she looks so so different … if she can one up Sam Bernardo , then by all means give her the MGI title !

    • @ jaretwrightlover Ang problem kasi, Angkol is keeping his age ceiling at 27. If he doesn’t shorten Abena’s reign and conduct MGI 2021 WITHIN THE YEAR, 2M will overage…. 😦

  19. Fave ng madam si maureen at karen so expected ko na may korona yun 2. Di ko Lang alam ano.

  20. I love Maureen — I’ve been following her since she first tried out for Miss Arizona USA. I always thought she was adorably gorgeous and deserving of an international crown one day. But these recent photos do not impress me. She’s beautiful for sure but there is something off. She looks considerably older here and not as refreshing as before. I hope it’s just the styling and she gets her original vibe back.

    Having watched the recently concluded Miss Grand International, I don’t think Maureen the right fit for that brand and she’ll be wasted if sent there. Though they are “less” or inferior titles, I think she’s better suited for either Globe or Intercontinental. The one pageant that I think she’s perfect for is Supranational – Maureen gives me the same sweet-and-sultry-combo vibe that Mutya Datul had – but she will have to join Miss World Philippines for that.

  21. Her photos above suggest that she has had botox injection. Hence, she looks an ageing tita of Manila. I hope her stylists give her a refreshing style that suits her age.

    I don’t think she can be a better successor of Sam Bernardo in MGI. We need someone who is at par with Sam.

    Anyway, I go for Hannah Arnold for BbP-International. She fits the bill perfectly.

    That’s all.

    • My dear Ana Winter-Lund, bakit laging pareho ang takbo ng ating pag-iisip? Same thoughts on Maureen (“matronic beauty”) and Hannah Arnold for Bb. Pilipinas-International. He, he, he…

      Good morning to all.

      • I also wonder why, dear. Haha!

        Maybe, we have keen eyes on real beauties and those with fake ones as well. We also both speak our minds on things that matter in beauty pageants.

        Keep going, Paul.

        That’s all.

  22. Her eyes are her windows to her soul. Her eyes speak a thousand words. Maureen’s eyes are her best assets.

  23. She looks OLD in the pictures posted. MUKHA na SIYANG MATRONA at MAY APO. WRONG STYLING! Hindi na siya pwede sa MGI. CHANGE the PICTURES, PRONTO!

  24. Personally..i see MGI most suited for her!.. her Curvacious body,her feisty presence..scream Grrraaannd!.. or Intercontinental!!
    I would prefer either Hannah A. or Gabby B. for Ms.International..with Ms.Arnold having a Slight edge..

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