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  1. Samantha is amazing.. She’s very supportive of Abena who’s equally outstanding… I’m so glad that all 5 are together during this media tour… Congratulations to all of you!

    P.S. taray ni Angkol.. laki ng budget…

  2. The (recent) issues/concerns/problems faced by BPCI (which they did not handle very well) are the following:

    1. They refused to send a representative to 2020 Miss Globe. Takot na takot sila. Pwede naman palang gawin ng KF (safely).

    2. They bestowed the MGP title to Aya Abesamis considering that she was (already) near the ceiling age and that hindi naman siya kagandahan, hindi rin katalinuhan at mahina ang communication skills. Hindi rin siya type ni Angkol (most probably) for the reasons stated above.

    3. Move nang move ng coronation night. Paano kung lalo pang dadami (most likely) ang Covid cases sa NCR in the next quarter or so? Sana nagsagawa na lang sila ng simple coronation ceremony para naman makapag-move na ang mga kandidatang natalo to other pageants such ME, MWP, Mutya Pilipinas and MUP.

  3. JawsKuh 😱
    Ano na namang hallucinations itey☺️
    Nang malaman ni Sam na Di na si Ayang Maganda Ang rep sa MGI, nag email agad c Sam Kay Nawat siyempre kasama na sa eksena Ang KF.
    Pumayag c Nawat at approved nman c MSA.
    Anong problema dyan.
    Stop the War sabi ni Nawat. Kaya 3rd world parin Ang Pinas dahil sa gawain at isip pesteng ganyan. Sa gobyerno nga nasa puesto Ang gago pero pilit na sinisiraan at binababa Ang gobyerno kasi kalaban sa partido o politika kaya mabagal Ang asenso🤗 Wala namang nagawang pag asenso ng Pinas noong nasa nakaraang administration kasi ba nman Ang smartmatic ay binoto c sino ba Yung tinawag na ano ni Gretchen….🙄 JawsKuh

  4. Abena has mastered the art of winning the hearts of locals. It even catapulted her to victory, at least for me. Future Philippine representatives in international beauty competetions can learn from her.

    • @ serge Didn’t Lubina finish her Speech in Nihon-go?


      (She, in addition to a semifinal finish, was ‘Best Dresser’ and was bestowed the privilege of full camera visibility as Edymar was crowned. Puwede na!)

      ‘Ay… Sabi nga pala ni @ Fabian Reyes, it ain’t necessary to learn the host country’s language…

  5. Mga bekle. May basbas Ng bpci ang pag appoint Kay samantha b. KF is part of creative team Ng bbp . Ok na ok na???? Kaloka dun sa kabila kumukulo dugo Ng grandma gandah hindi sa kf

  6. To make the final question a little more complicated, mind-boggling, and controversial, it should have been stated this way.

    Between a gay and a lesbian, who would you give the last dose of COVID-19 vaccine? and why?

      • I will not decide for them, they should decide for themselves. They are both human and have equal right to life.

      • ..and why, paul? Since you failed to defend your answer, it is my pleasure to announce that you are our 2nd runner-up for Miss Grand International 2021. Clap, clap, clap!

    • And unless any of the two has comorbid condition, they will not die from covid because gays and lesbians are innately fighters. They bloom wherever they are planted, even at the harshest condition.

      • @serge

        👑🏆 💐👠

        Take your first walk, serge.

        Wipe the tears from the corners of your eyes, blow kisses to the cheering crowd.

        You are a WINNER!

      • Seryoso kaayo ka madam. As in dead serious kaayo. Chill, chill lang. Gay lang jud uy! Ha, ha, ha…

      • Your answer, serge, is brilliant, but please do not challenge the question.

  7. Wow! I have nothing but respect and admiration for Sam to do that…just shows how much she wanted this. It was a big risk on her part that really turned out well. For sure, BBP was aware of it kasi binigyan naman sya ng basbas at suporta. She was even given a send off. And what’s good is that she is continually being supported by BBP. Althroughout while she was competing, sobrang active ng soc med ng BBP to give updates…they even have a congratulatory post for her and just saw on their fb page that a resolution was filed in Congress commending Samantha Bernardo for winning 1st runner-up in MGI.

  8. Mala-Miss Earth ang pattern!

    All Top winners kasama sa Media Tour!

    Samantha was quoted that she requested herself from Nawat to be the official representative of the Philippines at MGI!

    Rewind lang ng very light!

    We all know that Samantha only has 20-day preparation for the MGI.

    Before that 20-day period, Aya Abesamis was already training under Shandy Lim although there is no official announcement yet from BPCI about her appointment!

    Then came the post of MGI congratulating Samantha as the Philippine rep! This was followed by BPCI post days after congratulating Samantha but feels sorry for Aya!

    In the business of pageantry,

    There is the Franchise holder. The franchise holder is the one paying the franchise fee from the parent pageant and also the one responsible in selecting the “official” candidate! In this case, it is the BPCI who holds the franchise! Several clause are embedded on the contract of the franchise holder, we as pageant fans don’t know the content of the contract for we are just mere expectators! But also common on every contract is the incident of “force majeure” such as the COVID pandemic!

    While the success of Samantha overshadows the paperwork behind the pageant extravaganza, the implication of her action has impact on the future of pageantry!


    Puede na pala dumirekta ang candidata at ipresenta ang sarili sa parent Pageant? Puede ba i-refund yung franchise fee ng franchise holder if the parent pageant decide by themselves who will be the official delegate of the country? Can the franchise holder abrogate the contract if the parent pageant bypass the franchise holder?

    • @ ClaiRe IbbeTson ‘Ay! Mapangahas ka. Bri-ning up… 🙂

      KF WILL BE IN TROUBLE. NONE OF THIS, even the case with Rowee, WOULD HAVE HAPPENED WITHOUT THEIR KNOWLEDGE AND BLESSING. Surely, both ladies kahit pap’ano got some kind of encouragement to proceed the way they did…

      BPCI, imho, is the aggrieved party, bypassed twice-by their candidate and by their principal (MGI).

      (At least ang (The)Globe, they did not hide the fact that they approached KF, kung interesado…)

      Well, I said A&Q won’t get the Yokohama City assignment because they’ve held it since Kylie. And now with this revelation, KF’s remaining flag-bearer (2M) may come out empty-handed. Tigok!

      Therefore, I predict this edition of BBP will be dominated by Independents! Thus, the likes of Felizarta, Basiano, and Cartasano… But PRECISELY by these occurrences, it may be high time for BPCI to review more assiduously the feasibility of renewing the franchises concerned. Unless of course, cool sila with the status quo, may vested interests to protect, or simply ayaw lang ng drama, so they just shrug it all off….

      Basta sa June-or-whenever, SI AYA ANG MAG-CRO-CROWN NG BBP-GRAND 2021. Which means SamBer will probably be nowhere in sight… I doubt, too, BPCI will allow Rowee in. ‘Eh ‘yun pa naman, nagsabi na’ng ‘di niya pinaghihinayangan ang desisyon niya (or something like that).

      But then… Dapat ba mag-soul-search ang BPCI? Kasi, that it happened may still reflect on the way they handled the entire SARS-Cov2-induced delay/postponement of activities. It’s that time of the year, pa naman, to make muni-muni…. Of course, we were all sidelined. No one wanted this.

      • Aya is already over aged and as I recall the move of Sam is blessed by BBP. Sam recalled that she received a call from Gines ( I think) that she will represent when she was in Boracay. On the other hand, Rower was not approved.

      • @ Lymaraina Ang nabasa* ko, nag-e-mail DAW si SamBer (!) sa MGIO, kung puwede’ng siya…

        The age issue with Aya was inevitable, but this current one has nothing to do with that, so she’s good to chill… 🙂

        For me, the issue is, and in line with @ ClaiRe’s thread, whether or not things were done in bad faith…

        (* – I remember kung saan ko nakita/nabasa. Pero, I’ll keep shut. The parties concerned must get our respect.)

        I just realized. At least SamBer got a “coronita” to bring home. Sila Nicole, trophy… Si Ahtisa, naiuwi niya ba ‘yun’g “coronita” niya?)


    • @ Thomas Kasi, may issue ‘yata…. 🙂

      In any case, it’s Semana Santa and the HEAT in the air is such that fussing is the last thing anyone wants. But you are probably in a much cooler place/circumstance, literally & figuratively. Kasi, po, you’re always ‘world peace’. All the best!

      (Dami ko’ng bs, no? Ayaw ko lang sabihin kung ano ‘yun’g issue; nabalitaan ko rin lang. Much more importantly, SamBer is in a happy place; we should now let her TAKE HER SPACE, like what Zozi said.)

  9. Third time na pala ‘to ni Lala sa Thailand. She was, for modelling jobs. 🙂

    SamBer, in the photo, gives a Natalie Glebova vibe.

    Batchelor looks and feels like a Teutonic princess at MI, like 2016 1st RU (Australia) and 2019 4th RU (UK). JUST THE ‘WHITENESS’ NEEDED TO BALANCE THE COLOR ONSLAUGHT. I mean well.

    (They, MGIO staff or the official hotel residence, could have ironed Abena’s dress first. Hayst.)

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