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  1. If its true that all scores are back to zero? then she doesnt deserve to win. MGI’s hate towards Miss Earth escalated to the filipino fans and missosology. It blinded their correct judgement on who to choose the rightful winner. Had she worn Miss Ghana sash she would have not placed Top 5.

  2. How refreshing! It’s offstage candor like Abena’s that makes most of the anti-MGI rants look like logical fallacies.

  3. I supported her in her Miss Earth quest, both as an outstanding personality and as the representative of the world’s fastest growing economy Ghana. In the political economy of beauty contests, I thought that ME missed a greart opportunity to set its foot in Africa, let alone the fact that Ghana is vigorously promoting its eco-tourism industry.

    That she represented USA in MGI only means that she must be a dual citizen. I am just wondering what stop-the-war-advocacy she can mount, if ever MGI allows, in the USA. Perhaps, the culture war between the Extreme Rightists and Trumpists, and the Moderate Centrists. Even in Ghana, the stop-the-war advocacy is irrelevant as the country is one of the most peaceful countries thereabouts. Well, maybe she can lead the stop-the-war against COVID 19 protocols and vaccines propagated by some sinister right-wing groups.

    Nonetheless, I congratulate her for her win. Such am admirable queen!


      War in the USA atm? Baka gusto niya’ng basahin ‘yun’g comments namin ni @ Closer2Fame du’n sa Rabiya post na huli…

      On the contrary, ME seems to be getting some credit/compliment from her win at MGI. It was precisely her Manila journey that made her victory palatable to Filipinos, thanks to her WARMTH.

      Extremism, in any form, is imo aberrant hence unacceptable anywhere every time. But let Queen Grand speak – “We cannot just sit and wait for something to happen. We must make change happen” (extracted from her Speech at the MGI 2020 Finals last 27).

      • @Flor, I did not hibernate. With the breakfast, lunch, dinner and midnight meal servings of Sam B posts, a couple of comments get buried in the avalanche of threads. Thus the seeming hibernation… Yes, I was silently rooting for Abena and found it prudent to keep silent to avoid backlash from Filipino pageant fanatics.

        Maybe I missed C2F’s and your comments on the culture war in the USA. Care to tell me what is tt?

      • @ scorg In a nutshell, kasi sign-off na ‘ko for today…

        Closer2Fame wants Rabiya’s thoughts on the current (seeming-)wave of hate crimes against Asian-Americans. He said in this past week alone, THREE (3) incidents involving Pinoys occurred.

        (Just for myself, I think the sweet rhetoric from the White House is useless but then Joe and Kamala are up to their neck in the post-honeymoon inauguration realities so you understand why they cannot do more…?)

        (Because look at the people of Myanmar. They obviously are not just waiting for ‘intervention’ of any sort and have shown determination to TAKE SPACE.)

      • @Flor, the hate crime against Asian-Americans is actually part of the culture war fueled by Trump’s reckless musings about “China virus”, “Kung Flu”, etc, putting the blame on China for the pandemic as smokescreen for his lack of leadership and comprehensive plan to tackle the health menace. But underneath this hostility by white supremacists against Asian-Americans in their overall fear that their sense of entitlement over America, and their traditional lifestyle, is threatened by the generally prosperous Asians living in the urban areas (remember the movie “Crazy Rich Asians”?). I studied in the USA and I know that most Asian- Americans do well in school, and they are most likely to succeed in their chosen professions. Just look at the statistics in America: the white natiionalists are mostly in the rural agricultural areas where the per capita income is low. Asian- Americans in the urban areas are generally well-off and enjoying the fruits of the American Dream!

  4. As much as I wanted Samantha to win, I’m also ecstatic that Abena won. She is such a worthy title holder and so deserving of the crown. She totally fought for it. I suppose it’s sweet for her to take the time to address her detractors, I say forget about them and just focus on the supportive fans. Look at the positive instead of the negative. Highlighting these negativity will only keep the focus on that as opposed to the positive.

  5. There’s an interview na nagkwento sya na before finals, nakapagbukas sya ng social media at may nabasa sya na sobrang syang nasaktan kasi di daw katanggap-tanggap ang ganda nya.
    Nung nasa backstage na sya, saktong nilapitan sya ni Sam (o isa sa top 5? ) at sinabihan sya na maganda sya, powerful, etc at siguradong kaya nyang manalo. Dahil dun naibalik nya ang self confidence nya.

    • It was Miss Guatemala, Ivana Batchelor, who saw Abena crying before the pageant because of the comments Abena read. Ivana told her to ignore the nasty folks and to remember she is beautiful. It’s great to hear stories like these because it shows how supportive the ladies are to each other behind-the-scenes. Such a fabulous coincidence that the Top 3 (three-way tie) was made up of Abena and Ivana (who cheered her up backstage before the pageant) and Samantha (who she trained with at the KF camp). Abena said it was such a happy moment for her to have all three of them as the Top 3.

  6. I love her.

    For yesterday’s media tour, with her hair in a high bun, I thought Abena was a total goddess.

    Of course, I love Samantha too. But I understand how Abena edged her to win.

    Samantha’s final answer was accurate and aligned with global public health protocols for the covid vaccine rollout. It spoke to the brain, but she made it personal as well, appealing to the heart.

    Abena was able to appeal to both brain & heart in her tie-breaker answer. But she went further & endeared herself to the judges by speaking in their language. It was her way of honoring the culture of the host country. And that gave her the edge to win. Abena picked this up during her stint at Miss Earth, where she was able to trend on Philippine social media by learning Tagalog phrases that played on the word “Ghana.”

    Her pageant experience served her well.

    It really was her destiny to win at MGI.

    As for Samantha’s success at MGI, I can say that kayang-kaya pala ng KF to deliver a Miss Universe-caliber performance.

    For me, Samantha’s drive & competitiveness & confidence & flair & charm & charisma &, yes, wardrobe choices would not be out-of-place on the Miss Universe stage.

    I hope KF will have the cojones to field candidates at MUP in the future.

  7. It is time to move on. Let us accept with humility the results.

    If there is only one dose of COVID 19 vaccine left, you have to choose who to give it to either a 15 years old or a 70 years old senior citizen. Which one would you give it and why?

    Miss Grand USA
    I will choose to give it to the 16 years old and only because I believe that children are the future, they are going to make the world a better place , they are the ones that are going to set example for the future generation and I believe that I will give it to the 16 years old because I want the 16 years old a better future in life. I believe that they are going to change the world we need to change for our world.

    Miss Grand Philippines
    My heart goes to the senior citizens because my Mom is training senior citizen and I experienced the loss of my Dad four years ago and I cannot afford to lose my Mom. My heart goes to them because they are the most vulnerable during this time. A 15 years old has the stamina to fight the Covid 19 pandemic and with proper exercise and healthy living they can live with it. I know as well that every citizen here will choose their parents and so I will choose senior citizens.

    Miss Grand Guatemala
    This decision breaks my heart but I would go with the young youth, why because they have the potential for our country. If one thing I have in the Miss Grand International is that young people need a platform to speak their voice, we have the potential to change our communities all we need is the ability and platform to do so. I know that by giving to the youth they will others around them, so that will be my decision.

    • @ Miss Queen Wannabe Naalala ko tuloy ‘yun’g isa’ng naisabalita last year…

      Nagsabay na ma-admit sa ‘ospital, an eighty(80)-year old woman and a much-younger person (I don’t recall gender and age). I think this was in the USA… Both were afflicted with serious Covid and were gasping for air. There was only one respirator left.

      Guess what the old woman said.


      (I guess… not the jeans… but what Chanel said is true. That women, when they are older, have more style and elegance.)

  8. Don’t bother with the neigh sayers..
    You are trully desserving to win! ❤💕

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