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  1. Thanks for the insights, Norman. I never realized Paolo Ballesteros was running a training camp.

  2. BBP-International – Hannah Arnold
    BBP-Grand International – This is a tough one for me because I know Anne Cole likes MM but people are saying she won’t be able to compete, age-wise. Can someone confirm this? Isn’t SamBer 28? I’ll probably base my choice on Finals Night because we need someone with great showmanship.
    BBP-Intercontinental – Gab Basiano
    BBP-Globe – Honey Cartasano
    1st RU – Karen Laurrie Mendoza
    2nd RU – Patricia Babista

    The two runner-ups have tremendous potential but need ripening. I would love to see them in the next editions of BBP.

    • @Madame X:
      > BBP-Grand International – This is a tough one for me because I know Anne Cole likes MM
      > but people are saying she won’t be able to compete, age-wise. Can someone confirm this?
      > Isn’t SamBer 28?

      Sam was born in November 1992; she competed in March 2021. Maureen was born in July 1993; the next MGI is slated to be in November 2021. So there–go figure.

      (And even if MGI 2021 is moved to next year, the age issue still looks like red herring.)

  3. Kung ‘per Cluster’ ang assignments, I would…

    Independents – Ticaro for MI, Badando (Lois of Marikina City, no?) for MGI, Cartasano for MIntercon, and Basiano for (T)MG… I could switch Borongan and Tagum, but something feels right to do it in this manner.

    A&Q – Babista for MI (@ lonewulf’s comment could have come from a Japanese guy, I reckon), Carino for MGI, Obenita for MIntercon, and of course Arnold for (T)MG para hapi si Nias Pilar. Mendoza and Rona will be Primera and Segunda Reservas, respectively.

    KF – ‘Gardenia’ (Rosal) for MI (THAT IS DOLL-FACE!), Panlillio for MGI, 2M for MIntercon, and Felizarta for (T)MG.

    • (Cont.)

      Am open to swapping 2M and Felizarta, too. Basta, siguraduhin lang na wala na’ng age ceiling issues, please! Anticipate. Allow for a six (6)-month margin for pageant schedule postponement in light of current events, even though we are now vaccinating.

  4. OIC, hihihi. Puro KF pala Ang BbPilipinas now. Habang Ang MU at MW ay A&Q. Sabagay, ok na rin KF Ang MI at MGI devahhhh.
    Parang Ang susunod na mangyari ay hahawakan na rin ng KF ang MGI hihihi👅

    • Yes, legit challenge ito sa KF.

      Eto, I have questions:

      To what extent is BPCI still involved in the actual logistics of sending a delegate abroad?

      Of course, they pay the franchise fees to the parent pageant, and, I suppose, arrange & finance the plane tickets of our candidates. I know that BPCI has their own in-house training program. But when it comes to the competition proper, does BPCI still have any input in what our delegates wear, how they execute their pasarela, etc.? Does BPCI pay designers for National Costume & evening gowns & outfits used by delegates when competing abroad?

      I ask this because I notice that when our delegate performs well, the congratulations tend to be directed towards the camp that trained the delegate, and not to BPCI.

      Which invalidates the calls from some quarters that BPCI is entitled to hold the monopoly on international pageant franchises because of, ewan, history or tradition.

      What tradition, may I ask?

      The tradition of winning Miss Universe titles in the ‘60s & early ‘70s? Or the tradition of 2-3 placements at Miss Universe in the ‘80s & 90’s? Or the tradition of zero placements at Miss Universe in the 2000’s? Or how about the tradition of never winning Miss World?

      Which is not to dismiss SMA’s role in pageantry in the Philippines. SMA rightfully belongs in the Pageant Hall of Fame, if this existed, for her role in developing the pageant traditions of our country. She is an icon, no question. SMA’s and BPCI’s inputs in Philippine pageantry are invaluable. They have left their mark in our pageant history.

      But I think the camps were the driving force in re-establishing our country as a winning force in international pageantry.

      So the members of one camp decided that it was no longer sustainable to function na parang freelancers, who put in the time and work, but everything is pro bono—they make no money for their labor & talent & expertise. So they disrupted the pageant infrastructure in the country by daring to go for the MUP franchise, so they can finally generate income for their efforts as pageant professionals. What is so wrong with that?

      And yes, why couldn’t KF follow suit & go for the MGI franchise? After all, Teresa posted on insta today that MGI is aiming to be the pre-eminent pageant in the world in 7 years, surpassing Miss Universe.

      Judging from the production values of MGI 2020, compared to, say MU 2014 or 2019, or how about the embarassing MU preliminaries of 2017, MGI might have the resources to make this happen.

      • Kaya yan ni Auntie Rodgil. Ang tanong, sino Ang Financier/co-owner nya😃
        Kung ako Ang gagalaw, I will convince SM/Sy family to invest in Beauty pageant. I’ll prepare my proposal that explains why SM will waste their money for their own benefits. I’ll arrange a meeting with them and start with Miss SM or Miss MOA hihihi. After a few years, MGI na or MI or Supra.
        Naku, nakakuha na namang ng idea Ang mga vecklah kagaya ng ME na maraming nakuhang idea from me🤗🤗 cherette hihihi

  5. Given the following reasons:
    1. Maureen is already overage for MGI
    2. Bb Pilipinas-Tourism crown will be resurrected
    3. 4 runners-up at stake
    My revised title assignments will be
    International- Arnold
    Grand International- Basiano
    Intercontinental- Montagne
    Globe- Mendoza
    Tourism- Babista
    Runners-up: Panlilio

    • Good list, but for me, I don’t think BPCI should have too many runners-up if only to allow the non-winners to compete in other pageant systems. I think having BPCI contracts will limit their freedom to do so.

    • Assuming Maureen (born in July 1993) wins and competes in MGI in November, she would be 28 years old, which is Sam’s age when she competed in MGI earlier this month. (Sam was born in November 1992.)

  6. Norman sino yang si Numbers 6 and 31? PLEASE IDENTIFY them with their COMPLETE NAMES. Maraming salamat.

    Many of the KF girls are encouraged to move on to Miss Philippines Earth, Mutya Pilipinas and, yes, even to MWP (this year na.).

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