12 comments on “Kelley Day updates from Miss Eco International

  1. I couldn’t finish the talent video. It has nothing to do with the Britney Spears song called “Toxic.” (Santasusana. Of all songs to sing, and that too in Egypt, Baka siguro sikat si Britney sa Cairo?) I got bored.

  2. Uwi ka na Kelley… para mabawasan naman negative feeds na nakikita ko…. Aksaya sa space….

  3. When did we start caring about Miss Eco? hihihihi

    I am not invested much to be honest since it does not excite me as much. I feel like this is one of those pageants na “iraos” na natin and move on when we all get vaccinated.

    MGI at least may entertainment value ang pagfollow because we are more familiar with that pageant.

    • @ 4M Since 2017, when Thia Thomalla got beginner’s luck as our inaugural rep.

      (Inaugural at least as far as the current MWPO is concerned. Have we sent reps sporadically before then?)

      MEcoInt may be perceived as a ME pretender. But unlike MGI, it keeps to itself, never throws shade.

      They also seem to prefer keeping it lean, with no intent to match attendance numbers of bigger competitors. A different business paradigm… Kahanay ay (The)Globe, TMoTW, WTM, similar.

      (And it has Missosology’s backing. I recall noon, among Pedro Mendez’s outings was to serve on the Judging Panel of MEcoInt… It’s this CLUSTER of Europe-Mediterranean-based Minors, led by Supranational… The ‘Europe’-style pageantry, patterned after MFrance, which means ‘Moulin Rouge’ seductiveness-with-levity. After all, the “West” doesn’t want to treat it like we do.)

  4. Ito Yung example ng mga MUP contestants na front runner kuno dahil veterans na sa pagiging talo sa beauty pageant at Parang chika chika lang sa mga Vacklah na friends Ang drama kc masyadong kompyansa at kampante kaya wala ng extra extra at million extra effort na ginawa kaya ligwak👅
    Sabagay diko naman alam sino mga kalaban ni Inday Kelly baka kulang din sa Star margarine Ang mga vacklush na co-candidates nya hihihi🙄 kaya Winner parin cya dahil c matronang owner naman Ang pipili at masusunod kung sino Ang winner divahhh Nawat hihihihi 🤗

  5. Correct Flor. She looks thin and frail and lacks energy. Ewan ko ba ano nangyari sa babaeng ito.

  6. Pretty.
    I want her to get a wet look hair. I saw her in one of her photos sporting it and she looked very sophisticated.
    I watched a clip of Miss Eco International contestants eating in a restaurant, Kelly seemed to be unmindful of the camera. She must learn the art of flirting infront of the camera.
    I have high hopes she will place higher in the competetion, perhaps even clinched the title.

  7. Kelly looks VERY ORDINARY with straight hair. BIG CURLS, BIG CURLS my dear. Her make up is so pale and she keeps on wearing lousy outfits. Mukhang napabayaan na siya ni ALV at ng A&Q sa Egypt. Parang bahala ka na dyan Inday. Mukhang wala ring support ang GMA in terms of media mileage. Hoy gising!

    • @ paul (I have to agree… In that cropped photo where she does the ‘victory’ sign, she looks like a washed-out Pat Babista.)

      She does look frail-ish, no? In any case, if she’s enjoying her time, then we will still b happy 4 her.

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