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  1. Ang daming photogenic! Only two seem to have natural eyes, though (and they’re both on my fave list). The colored contact lens industry must be very happy with the free publicity

    • @ kembular2020 Mahal na talaga kita, beb! πŸ™‚

      Umamin ka. Ikaw ang designated guard dog (aka, Moderator) ng wordpress habang Ungkol N is catching up on sleep, no? ‘Eh, bakit NI MINSAN ‘DI ka niya sinagot?

      Naalala ko tuloy si @ Basil. Grabeh ‘yun kung awayin si Ungkol. Pero, bigla’ng nawala… Ingat ka.

  2. Correct Flor. Why do WE SEND those exotic looking girls to MGI, MI, Mintercon and MG? These ethnic looking girls (Rabajante, Dumaguing, Galeria, Abesamis, Ortiz, Tolledo, etc.) are very ordinary/common not just in the 7,000+ of the Philippines but also in the WHOLE of Southeast Asia (e.g. Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, and in Borneo – both the Malaysian and Indonesian sides).

    • @ paul Hello. Yeah, I’m in the NCR+ bubble. 😦

      Heat Indexes here in Luzon are crazy! That low now affecting CARAGA should help keep your part of the archipelago nicer… But I observe that, in general, temps are more amenable (less extreme) the closer you get to the equator. πŸ™‚

      You are right on that pan-ASEAN look. Han Lay looks like Ma. Isabela G. So, why do we send? Maybe one reason is that while in Far East-based pageants (MI, MGI, ME, etc.) they might not stand out, in ‘higher-latitude’ ones (MU, MS, MG, etc.) precisely that look is novel/intriguing/chic.

  3. MI- Laurie Mendoza (24-25 yrs old)
    MGI- Justine Felizarta (25-26 yrs old)
    Intercon- Hannah Arnold (24-25 yrs old)
    Globe- Maureen Montagne (27-28 yrs old)
    New crown (Tourism?) – Meiji Cruz (26-27 yrs old)
    First RU- Gabrielle Camille Basiano (can join again since 22-23 yrs old)
    Second RU-Patricia Babista (can join again since 22-23 yrs old)

    I would have wanted MM for MGI but she will be beyond age limit of MGI which is 27. She’s 27 now and will turn 28 on July. 😦

    • @ ECE 2M at (The)Globe? Honga, no… πŸ™‚

      Basta OK kay Nias Pilar. At the very least, we need someone who is TALL & can SLAY the H2H!

      Indeed, after the performances of Leren and Rowee, expectations there are HIGHER than ever.

      • @Flor Tula, yeah…considering her age, sa MG na lang talaga sya puede (bakit ba kasi may age requirement?!!!) And, I think if MM will be sent there, she will surely deliver (statuesque, good communication and pasarela skills). She can be our 2nd Ms Globe. It’s ok na for us to have a 2nd crown…the last one was way back 2015 pa c/o Ann Colis and since then hindi na masyadong sumikat ung brand among Filipino pageant fans so this may just be it. MM can add glamor and prestige to the brand. And besides, MM is retiring na from pageantry so as a swan song, Albania,or any European country will be a good treat for MM. πŸ™‚

      • Aside from her being the MI proto-type…I think she has the grace and the skills to give us the 7th MI crown or at least continue our placement streak. Tbh, she gives me a Lalaine Edson vibes. hehe

  4. Correction: may intercontinental pala.
    International – #17
    Grand International – #10
    Intercontinental – #31
    Globe – #26
    1st runner up – #2
    2nd runner up – #15

    • @ cancaloo Indeed! LOOK WHAT A GOOD PHOTO CAN DO.

      Suddenly, Micca Rosal S-U-R-F-A-C-E-S. Even @ paul (below) is entranced.


      Remember the number – 31.

      (Now, I would like to take this opportunity to correct myself in the earlier post on the same topic. The one I thought was Albay was, in fact, Iloilo. My apologies to the two ladies. Both are LOVE.)

  5. My fearless prediction
    Mi Maureen I know nawat loves her but 27 Lang daw
    Mgi Karen laurie
    Intercon gabby
    Globe Hanna
    New crown taruc
    First ru felizarta
    Second ru honey

    • @ Roxie Angkol PERSONALLY said that? Na, he is maintaining his 27 age ceiling, po?

      (If that will be the case, I would swap 2M and Felizarta in your selection. That’s just me.)

      (Or, swap Mendoza and Felizarta if Thailand will again host MGI.)

      (I feel more secure with @ paul and @ Fabian Reyes’ shared/agreed-upon “chicken”. For reference, that PN’s recent “Bb’s in Waiting” episode with Justine, Francezka, and Karen Laurrie. After all, both are Western-centric in their preference and quite rarely endorse a Pinay looker.)

      • @flor if angkol raise his age to 28 in the next days then Alam na natin it’s Bec of mm.
        Si maureen laman Ng story nya

    • Correction: may intercontinental pala.
      International – #17
      Grand International – #10
      Intercontinental – #31
      Globe – #26
      1st runner up – #2
      2nd runner up – #15

    • Ibibigay talaga ni madam ang top crown sa Aces? πŸ˜‚ Ewan ko na lang with all the things happened. Lintik lang ang walang ganti.

  6. 1. Justine Felizarta
    2. Karen Laurrie Mendoza
    3. Hannah Arnold
    4. Meiji Cruz
    5. Patricia Denise Babista
    6. Gabrielle Camille Basiano
    7. Maureen Montagne
    8. Patrizia Garcia
    9. Honey Cartasano
    10.Samantha Panlilio
    11. Jash Dimaculangan
    12. Lesley Anne Ticaro

  7. International-Arnold
    Grand International- Montaigne
    Intercontinental- Laurie
    Globe- Basiano
    Runner up

  8. MIP Crown seems to be in the bag for Hannah Arnold. Kailangan lang galingan hinde malamya

    • Lol tigilan nyo na yan. Ibibigay talaga sa Aces and Queens ang top crown? Alam ni madam yan. Lintik ang walang ganti.

  9. Hannah Arnold should be the runaway winner for BBP-International. My alternate is Karen Laurie.

  10. Mga Tanong:

    Sino si Bb. Caloocan (#6)? Very stunning face!
    Sino si Miss Agoncillo, Batangas (#31)? Angelic and very pretty face!
    Ano ang province at number ni Maureen Montagne? Hindi ko na siya ma-identify. Salamat.

    Gusto kong Manalo:

    Bb. Pilipinas-International: Hannah Arnold (Masbate, #17), doll like face & serene
    Bb. Pilipinas-Globe: Justine Felizarta (Davao del Sur, #14), love her face and the fabric used (color)
    Bb. Pilipinas-Intercontinental: Karen Laurie Mendoza (Iloilo City, #15) – tall & very pretty

    Other Notes:

    Pang Supermodel ang face ni Miss Roxas, Isabela (#20).
    Very Photogenic si Miss Sultan Kudarat (#34).

  11. For MGI- we need the one with the most flirt and marunong makipagbaklaan like USA. I see Graciella is that one right now. She seems to have transformed to be that MGI prototype that Naway might like.

    Maureen could be too.

    • @ 4M Are you saying, po, that Lehmann’s TAN did the job?

      Davonna Finley said it shouldn’t look obvious. On the Bb, it does. 😦

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