8 comments on “Pageantry Norms S4E5: Are they Supra-Ready for the World?

  1. that was fun to watch.. Norman, as usual, was in his best elements ( read: flirtatious 😊😉).. agree, that JM has the looks, but is short in personality ( maybe just shy?).. mark avila should be featured in another interview, he looks and sounds interesting.. the candidness/spontaneity of jero and tony are a plus.. these boys sure make the summer “hotter”.. 😜

  2. JM Mendoza was also a flight attendant before venturing into showbiz. He’s so handsome. He just have to work on his communication skills.

  3. Mark Avila has very good chance of winning the major title. He has good train of thoughts. I love his voice.
    JM is handsome.
    I love the candidness of Jero and Tony. They are both engaging
    Martin and Tony are twins separated at birth. He he.
    Naloka Ako sa “what’s up bro” ni Norman. He he.

  4. Mr. Tinio, do suggest to Bosing ALV to consider as a template the 2020 edition of LoTY.

    (You guys do the research…)

    The LaSallian CTS alum has a goofy Ocat vibe. BUT, by looks he resembles Richard Permadi, the Malaysian-Indonesian (if I am right) well-spoken Primera Reserva. And, YES. Mentor him in Q&A!!!

    And if MrWP can find a bet with a backstory as interesting/inspiring as Okki Alparessi’s, GOW.

    Now, if this were all we had to work with, I would assign as MrWP > Avila (even though we heard little from him, you are well-aware of his capabilities), MrSupraFil > Marinduque* (not ‘Mindanao’ as I erroneously said in your past post on this subject), and MrFilTurismo > Caviteno socmed guy.

    * – Ticks the right boxes. Clean well-pressed white shirt, furbaby, offers his home for you to stay at on your next visit to the island province, nice teeth-smile, and friendly-to-everybody demeanor. This is the kind of guy Boss GPVL likes! Someone who will happily host his Supra ‘Bro’s’ in his “poder”.

    Btw, ano na ‘yun’g teacher from Mindoro na Top 8 sa GP na nag-guest dati? At si Hamilton at Davies? Pentathlete from Ormoc City, malabo ‘yun unless Boss ALV/GMA talk to Mayor Gomez.

    • (Cont.)

      And coming off from @ serge’s 0649H comment in the following post – pageant bubble – why not invite Albert Nodale and Mikaele Ahomana as online judges? Anyway, reality show ang peg, right?

    • (Cont.1)

      I’m sorry, but the bearded one is just FLAT-insipid. Kita niyo naman. Wala’ng kabahid-bahid ng ‘kulit’. A reigning MoF shares his backstory. But is MILES AHEAD in terms of charisma. Like this, ‘di ko pananalunin ‘to. Kahit Runner-up.

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