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  1. nauto kayo ni anne cole
    si anne cole pa rin masusunod
    if erased ang scores nung tatlo na nag triple tie
    based on science and WHO
    vulnerable elderly ang una sa listahan ng vaccines
    last or kahit hindi muna vaccinate mga 15 below
    paikut ikutin man tama ang sagot ni Felepens
    kaso hindi tama sa fez at utak ni anne cole

    this time ang ginamit ni ex miss ghana eh USA sash
    mas malakas ang sash factor nya
    plus ang experience nya from not one but 2 international pageants
    plus black magic

    plus the most important thing is
    dapat quote mo si anne cole sa speech
    and mag aral ka kahit kaunti ng language nila
    ganyan ginawa nya nung Miss Eearth sa Felepens kaso hindi umubra

  2. Pageant fans are fortunate to have been given a chance to be entertained with glitter and glamor during the pandemic. We got that tonight. Those who think that MGI is one cheap pageant will continue to think so. This contest will never let go of its theatrics. It’s what differentiates it and what makes it so entertaining.

    Kudos and thanks to the wardrobe designers, props makers, handlers, production crews–and everyone else who worked behind the scenes in these socially-distanced times.

  3. congrats sam… you final answer shows your deep regard for humanity consistent with your earlier speech. It also shows how our nation looks after our elderly. The rootedness to our culture. I remember one lola told us, “I felt this virus, this pandemic wants to get rid of us.” Your answer was truly heartfelt and brings hope even to those who are marginalized or feel marginalized because of our current situation. Thank you for that wonderful answer. I also wished that you will be able to take home the crown, but the stars didnt align tonight. Nevertheless, your truthfulness and love shine the brightest. We love you, Sam. Congratulations.

    And congrats to Ms USA, Ms Guatemala, Ms Indonesia and Ms Brazil, and to MGI Org. This year’s edition was more than a show compared to the previous ones, with the messages from Ms. Kenya, Nigeria and Myanmar + the video. There is more depth and meaning.

  4. We’re very close to it.. ga-hibla na lang.. but maybe it’s really not for her.. she gave a good answer in the final round, did not stutter and gave an answer that comes from the heart.. but the fates did not allow her to claim the crown.. 1st runner up is not bad, and I don’t feel as frustrated as when Janine lost the crown to Olivia.. feeling ko talaga, naluto yun.. this one, even if Sam lost, you feel deserving din ang winner.. you gave a good fight Sam… we’re proud of you.. Still the battlecry: Go Philippines!!!

    • I agree na deserve din naman ni USA.
      Sayang talaga. Nakaka-touch ang answers ni Sam.
      Marunong kasi mag Thai si USA

  5. I thought USA got it from the start until the final question. Sam’s answer for me was the most logical knowing a 15 year old has stronger immune system as compared to a 70 plus you wouldn’t risk vaccinating a 15 year old considering the vaccines have side effects and may not be stable at this time. But then again, USA is a deserving winner. Looks like hahakot US ng korona this year. Universe is another one.

    It’s my first time to watch MGI and I find it interesting. Magaling ang creative director, ganda prod value.

  6. Obviously overscored.
    Anyway BLM hype is still on. Congrats USA.

    Sam, you are the winner in our hearts. You delivered a heartfelt Win-win response. You did not give up on the elderly and trusted the strength of youth.

  7. I can live with the PH’s Samantha Bernardo and USA’s Abena Akuaba winning MGI 2020.

    Sooner or later, the PH will win MGI. Don’t quit Philippines. You will win the Miss Grand International title.

    Keep your head up high Sam. You made the PH proud.

  8. I’m happy for Sam as she looked sincerely happy for Miss USA and that’s what matters most. It was a good fight and overall I say, she was the best representative we have sent to MGI thus far. She can hold her head up high, noting we didn’t even make the first cut two years in a row. I have no regrets supporting her because she did not disappoint her fans in a very strong batch.

    I know a lot will be dismayed that Sam didn’t get the crown but then again, things don’t always fall the way we want them to (recall MU circa 2012) and her runner-up finish is such a great placement. USA pulled the rug under all the other frontrunners at the finals. Considering she failed in her previous bids representing Ghana in both MU and ME, I’ll give it to her as some form of sweet vindication.

    Cheers to Sam and here’s to a more exciting pageantry ahead with the real grand-slam coming in the next few weeks!

    • I wish all pinoy pageant fans have your attitude.
      I like you. Yes I agree Samantha is to date pir best representative at this pageant

      • @JustPassingBy Thank you. You’re the first one ever in this blog to express appreciation for my views. That affirmation means a lot since I’m relatively a newbie in this forum. I believe there are many Pinoy fans who also think rationally but may have difficulty gathering their thoughts. The way I see it, those who appear to be less optimistic are either overwhelmed with emotions or are expressing some form of empathy for the Philippine reps who fail in their quests. It’s a form of coping mechanism. After all, in this particular fandom, we become invested in our rep’s journey. Her success is our success so that her “failure” also stings us. Again, thank you.

    • Naging representative pala sya ng ghana? Kelan?
      Same sila ni Sam na 3rd tries pala

      • @kevinkevins To add to Norman’s response, she also represented Ghana at Miss Universe 2014 in Florida where Paulina won. She was in MJ’s batch. FYI.

      • And to add, she represented the state of New York in Miss World USA some years back.
        She actually is a pageant veteran.
        She grew up in New York and started a singing career in Ghana before competing at Miss Universe. She is a good friend of MJ Lastimosa and Miss Ukraine.
        She was working in LA when she was appointed as Miss Grand USA.

      • Thank you sa lahat ng info. na binigay nyo.
        Isa rin naman pala syang role model ng determination. Hindi talaga sumuko hangga’t walang korona just like Sam.
        Naging paborito sya dito sa Pinas nung nagpa-train sya sa KF (sya pala yun). Naging paborito din sya sa Thailand kasi inaral nya language nila. Alam na alam nya kung paano aatake.

    • Well said, Ben.

      The late Diego Maradona once said to Paul Wade after Argentina qualified for the 1994 FIFA World Cup via a playoff against Australia: your tears of sorrow today, will be tears of joy some time soon.

      Memo to the PH pageant fans: Just let it go. Sooner or later, the Philippines will win Miss Grand International and their second ever Miss World title.

      Did all of you quit Miss Universe just because the Philippines didn’t win in 1999 and 2012? I think not.

      It’s all about making your skills stronger, catching and capitalizing on the breaks your received, and timing. Just ask Pia Wurtzbach and Catriona Gray.

  9. First, congrats MG USA. Also, congrats to our rep Ms Bernardo. You did us proud, with or without crown. Hope you will join MUP.

    Nawatt joined the bandwagon of crowning a black candidate.

  10. Congratulations MIss USA , you deserved the crown. Sorry Sam you also deserved a crown also but Nawat promised already to Miss USA that he will find a way to give it to her. As well all know Nawat always wants to promote his cheap pageant. What the hell is the connection of vaccine to Stop the War campaign.

    • >> What the hell is the connection of vaccine to Stop the War campaign.

      As Sam explained, COVID-19 (and its derivatives) is the new war we’re fighting.

  11. Robbery.

    Nagoa round 2 na nga para umangat si USA dahil obvious na bet nila. E mas umangat si Sam. Alam naman natin na children is the future ek ek ang sasabihin. Pero yung sagot ni Sam ay win-win solution. Alam nya vulnerable yung matanda at malakas pa yung bata, pareho sila mabubuhay. Yung dalawa ay nag give up na sa matanda. Tsk tsk.
    Nabudol kayo noh.

    • Teh kung 1st round lang ang basehan eh hindi talaga kapana-panalo si Sam dahil hindi sya pumili kung lockdown ba o hindi…. Kaya nga nag 2nd round e halatang para sa kanya yun… pero hindi parin nya nalamangan si USA…. Sumahin mo…. Si USA lang consistent therefore USA desserved to win.

      • Vheks, wag mo nmang ipagkalat kavovahan mo dito. Gamitin mo ang natitira mong neurons. Mag-analyze ka nman ng kahit konti. Kaya nkaabot sya sa top 3 dahil hindi kasing boba mo ang mga judges. They know how to read between the lines. Juzzkohh🙄🙄🙄

      • Vheks, wag mo nmang ipagkalat kavovahan mo dito. Gamitin mo ang natitira mong neurons. Mag-analyze ka nman ng kahit konti. Kaya nkaabot sya sa top 3 dahil hindi kasing boba mo ang mga judges. They know how to read between the lines. Juzzkohh🙄🙄🙄

      • Teh. Sumemplang si USA nung final round. Inulit lang nya yung sinabi nya. At 16 years old ang sinabi nya, obviously hindi sya nakinig ng mabuti sa tanong. At willing na sya na deds yung matanda. Kung avid fan ka ng pageantry Vheks, alalahanin mo yung sagot ni Janet Noguchi sa isang interview sa BB Pilipinas nang malinawan ka sa sagot ni Sam. Realistic ang sagot ni Sam at win-win. Kahit di nya pinili yung 15 year old, nagoaliwanag pa sya kung bakit at pinalakas pa nya loob.

        Early in the competition ramdam na overscored si USA. Matatanggal ko pa kung si Guatemala ang nanalo dahil walang itulak kabigin sa ganda.

      • @Johnny

        Kahit ilang bagong profile pa gawin mo at magpost paulit-ulit. Don’t be a sour loser… Kahit ano pang justify mo na dinaya…. Just be greatfull that she made 1st runner-up. Tinimbang si Sam ngunit kulang… period. 🙄

  12. There’s a higher calling for Guatemala Indonesia and Mexico .. and possibly PR

  13. Congratulations Miss USA!!!


    Sam…. I’m also proud of you…
    You did your best and answered from the heart…

    Wag umapila yung iba dyan para sabihing dinaya…

  14. USA is so deserving. She nailed every segment.
    That short, firm and powerful answer to the deciding question locked her in as the rightful winner.
    Plus she was regal and really beautiful tonight. Prettier than during the ME finals

  15. Well done, Sam. You raised our flag well even if you fell short of bringing home the crown.

    When Miss USA came out in her canary yellow gown, I already felt her victory. She was stunning. Not only that, she tried her best to connect to the Thai audience by speaking their language. Although in the final question, Sam gave a good punch in her answer, I thought USA again scored a little higher because she made it relatable to the Thai audience.

    All in all, it was a fair show. Talagang mahilig lang sa show stopper ang Angkol natin when he made a tripple tie kina Guatemala, Sam and the USA.

    That’s all.

    • AGAIN, Correct Review and Observations, my dear good friend Ana Winter Lund. Lots of sense.

      Congratulations to Sam, Abina and to YOU. He, he, he…

      Good morning to all.

      • Thanks for that, Paul my friend. But, I’d also love to read your intelligible views on the recently concluded MGI. Will you? Mwah!

        That’s all.

      • I will do my dear friend. Pero tinatamad pa ako ngayon. Mamayang na gabi siguro pag humupa na ang inis, galit at pagod ng sangkaBAYOTAN ng Pilipinas. He, he, he…

  16. Congratulations Sam.
    You deserve the crown.
    Nakakaiyak mga sagot mo.
    We are proud of you kahit di ibinigay sa’yo ang korona.

  17. Congratulations Miss USA. You have shown to the world that black lives really matter!
    Congratulations Sam Bernardo. You made our country proud!
    MGI was not short of drama. Winner was decided by an extra question reminiscent of 1994 Femina India.

  18. Kumusta ang mga nabudol.
    Akala nyo pananunin na no.
    Kahit quiz bee champion pa ipadala dyan.

  19. Congratulations Sam for being First RU and Miss USA is Miss MGI2020🤗
    JawsKuh, ano na nman kaya Ang mga hanash ng mga vacklang fangit DITO😱hihihi

  20. ayaw talaga ibigay ang gintong korona!!! mmmmp!!!

    Congrats Sam!!! You nailed the final question, dear.

    • Agree. Her answer made the most sense. As matter of fact, vaccine efficacy is still not established in children and hers was the only answer that was aligned with CDC guidelines. Unbelievable!

    • Agree. I was impressed on how she was able to connect her choice with the heartfelt reason…napaiyak din ako bec my parents are both senior citizens too and I too is from the medical field, I would do the same…same reasons too. I love you Sam! You made us very very proud! 🥰🥰🥰

  21. Futah ang hirap ng tanong!!!!!
    She didnt answer the question!!!!!!!!

    OMG!!!!!!! Goodbye crown!!!!

    • Except she did.

      And for me, regardless if it’s Sam or not, her answer was the better answer. By choosing the elder one, you will have better chances of saving both. Sam should’ve won if it was indeed a tie and back-to-zero kind of situation.

      • She did not answer the 1st question.. She gave a memorized speech… For the 2nd Question… I did agree with her but she did not explain it well enough to justify her answer…. She was more focused on her sentiments rather than logic…. Miss USA explained her answer very well in both rounds and she made a way to be very relatable to the Thai Audience by speaking their language…. it was a very fair decision. USA clearly won.

  22. USA lang kalaban sa ganda ng speech… pero nanalo na Indonesia before kahit panget speech so pwedeng Brazil manalo…. tsk tsk pano ba ito?!

  23. Ang Ganda ni USA tonight
    Guatemala is very pretty too .
    Sam is not likely to win based on the scores .. but she’s done a good job so far.

  24. Tanging ang kapalaran lang ang makakapagsabi kung sino ang mananalo!!! Maraming salamat at ipinagmamalaki ka namin Samantha Mae Bernardo, Miss Grand PHILIPPINES!!! 💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚

  25. OMG… mukhang 2nd runner-up nanaman tayo…
    Llamado si Brazil and USA…

    sa Final Speech/Q&A nagkakatalo..

  26. USA is overscored twice. Though I think ok naman ang top5. Weak ang opening speech ni Czech Republic and pangit ang gown ni Argentina.

  27. I’m not sure she’s gonna win but I compliment our representative for her fighting spirit.
    We know her hard work and dedication as Ms PH 👏👏👏
    If she did win, a massive congrats to her.

    • Maraming malalakas. Laban kung laban din talaga sila.
      Destiny na lang talaga ang magsasabi.

      • She was at her peak during Bb Pilipinas 2019 finals.
        The gown she wore back then was a winning gown.
        Wished she wore that sa MGI finals.

  28. USA malakas sa judges… Based on the scores: USA, BR, AR, IND, PH ang top 5 ba or PR?

      • Vheks, wag mo nmang ipagkalat kavovahan mo dito. Gamitin mo ang natitira mong neurons. Mag-analyze ka nman ng kahit konti. Kaya nkaabot sya sa top 3 dahil hindi kasing boba mo ang mga judges. They know how to read between the lines. Juzzkohh🙄🙄🙄

  29. My gosh talagang ibinalandra ang Sam sa harap and pumalit pa sa place ni Valentina hihihihi

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