106 comments on “Abena Appiah of the United States of America wins Miss Grand International 2020

  1. Congratulations to Miss Grand USA! I know it was tough for us Filipinos to see such a high caliber candidate lose, but I think that it was USA’s destiny. What I love about this batch is that they truly were sisters through the whole pageant. When it comes to the Final pasabog of triple tie, i do think that with the scores going back to Zero they do an olympic ranking of 1st, 2nd and 3rd, so it’s not score per se but the overall impact of the questions and their performance.

    All in all, great job to MGI for producing such a great pageant. Finally, there is hope for the pageant community to come back slowly, but strong!

  2. Mine is the 100th post. Soo… many things have been about this post. Let me also say a few important points about the recently concluded MGI 2020.

    1. In terms of production values, Angkol can already rival the production qualities of MU, MW and MS. Better than ME and FAR, FAR better than MI. Superb in (opening) production number, stage design, digital graphics & visual effects shown on multiple LED screens, lighting design, uniform outfits for the candidates, etc.

    2.The focus was ALWAYS on the candidates. No need for a host like Steve Harvey who talks WAY TOO MUCH about himself nor side commenters like Lu Sierra and Jeannie Mai who talk a lot of nonsense. No need also for guest performers.

    3. The speech of Misses Kenya and Nigeria on their Covid-19 experience was very timely and relevant as well as the video presentation and speech of Miss Myanmar on the current situation in her home country.

    4. The triple tie was a twist to make the show more exciting. I have reservations on it. I knew it was (more or less) deliberately done to keep the (the high level) excitement of the pageant fans (para mawendang mga Pinoy fan) watching until the end of the show. If I were to judge the winner based on the top 5 Q & A (plus beauty of face), the winner should have been Guatemala.

    5. I believe the judges (and Angkol) chose Abena over Samantha based on the over-all impressions of the two candidates and not just on the tie-breaker Q & A. I think Miss USA can best represent the MGI organization given the issues and concerns of the present time as well as to increase the MGI’s marketability and popularity in the US and the African Continent. Abena is personable, relatable and dramatic, and is also very good in communication skills, characteristics needed for an MGI titleholder.

    Yun na po. Magandang umaga sa lahat.

  3. Bakit pa kc sinabi ng host na back to zero dawn Ang scoring ng final 3 na nagtie KASI Kung back to zero tlga yun dapat si Sam nanalo dahil Sya may pinaka tamang sagot sa kanila…halatang budol Yung triple tie na eksena Nila…it is so staged

  4. You were spectacular Samantha Bernardo. What you did was not and easy feat…20 days preparation???!! Grace under pressure. Answers were heartfelt. Delivery was convincing. You were flawless all throughout. You have etched your name in Philippine Pageantry! Thank you. With so much love and respect to you!🥰🥰🥰

  5. USA topped the evening gown and was 2nd in the swimwear segments while Samantha was only 3rd and 4th.
    Abeena’s answer to the 2 questions were both brief but with a lot of conviction and power. I could actually see her as the president of a nation when she delivered her answer about closing down the whole nation to protect its citizens. It’s in the delivery that strucked me the most.
    The last question was not about what is wrong or right scientifically but it was about
    making the practical choice since there was supposedly only one dose of vaccine left so giving it to the young one was just practical since that young one has sitll a lot of life to live. This maybe sad but I think it is the most practical.

    • I do not agree with you. The senior should be given the vaccine so that he/she can still guide the youth and instill in their mind how beautiful the earth is despite this pandemic. Since the youth is our future, the older ones should as much as possible teach them the right values.
      The youth with their strong immune system can always withstand covid 19.

    • 15 years old or 70 years old?.. hindi sinabing 16 years old! Bingi ba sila?

  6. I just think it’s too RARE an occurrence for five judges to have a triple way tie. 🙄😵😳
    Also Brazil should have placed higher. Oh well, lets see if the next MGI will be held in the United Staes of America 😵 LOL

    • @ Jmgonzalesme USA already hosted, ‘di bala?

      Nevada 2016. Cordovez was boo-ed, remember? 🙂

      (What I want is for Filipinas to host! In that M Pageantry interview, Angkol said interested parties can get in touch with his contact person for Publicity… On the MGI website are the details. GOW!)

      (We should also eventually host MI.)

  7. Anes, mga baklesh!

    Na-Janine Tugonon nanaman kayo no!

    Buti na lang after announcement ng Top 10, nag-Netflix na lang akesh! Pero nanikip ang dibdib ko sa segment na yon ha na huling tinawag si SamB knowing the possibility of hocus pocus! Although pang lima siya sa swimsuit segment!

    Talaga palang ganoon gusto ng MGI no? Yung mga baklaan moves! No wonder hindi nanalo si Abena sa Miss Universe at Miss Earth kasi hindi puede yung mga ganong move pero tignan mo taas ng score niya sa swimsuit ng MGI! Even sa preliminary parang nasa RuPaul Drag Race lang siya!

    I knew SamB will go all the way to the Top5 pero getting the crown, I already manage my expectation kaya di ko pinanood ng live otherwise I will just immersing myself to disappointment!

    Strategic move din ni Nawat yan! Nag-corona ang Miss Earth ng Americana kaya kailangan sa pageant niya hindi masapawan! Parang Miss World lang yan din, binigay ang ika-apat na corona sa Filipinas from Miss Universe, kaya binigay din sa Jamaica yung ika-apat!

    Nevertheless, bilis ng pagiging American ni Abena ha! Compete siya nung 2014 sa Doral as Miss Ghana then fast forward to 2021, Americana na siya! Kung naka-H1B visa siya that time, ambilis ng processing niya ha!

    20-day preparation ni SamB is all worthy! Congratulations to her Glam Team!

  8. Just noticed, right after Ms. Guatemala was announced 2nd RU, Sam lost her composure because of joy and excitement. 2 times nya tinampal at hinaltak-haltak si Ms. USA. Anyways congrats pa rin sa yo Sam🇵🇭❤️❤️❤️

  9. May resemblance USA at si Sandra Lemonon. Speaking of Sandra, I think she will do well in MGI.

  10. Samantha’s answer to the last question has scientific basis. It is not merely based on emotions. The other two saved the 16 year old, but Samantha’s answer actually saved both the 16 yo and the elderly. Congratulations Sam, for me, you’re the winner!

  11. Her gown reminds me of Nicole’s gown in Miss Grand 2016. The color and the styling were the same. I wish she picked a brighter color. Enough of complimenting the colors of the MGI crown.!!

  12. Aside from the two rounds of Q&A, these are the scores from MGI 2020 Finals (flashed on the screen):

    For SS:
    BRAZIL 9.77
    USA 9.73
    ARGENTINA 9.70
    INDONESIA 9.65

    For EG:
    USA 9.75
    GUATEMALA 9.72
    INDONESIA 9.65
    BRAZIL 9.55

    I am not against the USA winning the crown but by the basis of both SS and EG performances – she is really deserving (top 2 in SS and 1st in EG)

    As for Sam, I am sure she is very happy though she can be the spoiler for the USA if everyone would base on the final Q&A round. It’s a good thing the MGI (especially Uncle Nawat) did not announce the placement based on the EG scoring, for Guatemala can instead take the place of the Philippines as the 1st runner-up.

    Let’s be happy for all the top 5, as well as MGI for putting up a grand production in this Covid pandemic era. As MU 2018 Catriona said – LET’S SPREAD POSITIVITY and STOP NEGATIVITY IN OUR HEARTS.

    So, shall we move on to MISS UNIVERSE this coming May 16, 2021, in Hollywood, Florida, USA?
    I am sure this is even more exciting!

  13. Myanmar’s speech was very powerful. It was the very essence of MGI’s slogan “Stop the War”. I am glad that apart from the entertainment MGI offered to the public, the pageant also served as a platform for one contestant to tell the world about the harmful effects of war which she herself is experiencing in her own country. Miss Myanmar’s tears are the very reflection of the cruelty of war.

  14. mga utu uto
    kahit pia or catriona padala nyo dyan sa 64th tier pageant na ito
    si anne col masusunod
    congrats SamBer

    • @ kembular2020 Bakit po 64th? Enlighten us, please. 🙂

      I think we all managed our expectations, going into this… First and foremost, let us not lose sight of the collective joy at which SamBer was granted by BPCI an instant ticket to pageant LEGEND. She F-O-U-G-H-T H-A-R-D for her right – “I deserve better (than her twice 2nd RU finish at BBP)”.

      Let us give her the moment. She’s happy. That’s what’s important.

      Angkol has now done enough to CEMENT his brand in the Pinoy pageant consciousness. WE WILL HANKER FOR THIS PAGEANT FROM NOW ON, WHETHER OR NOT WE ADMIT.

      And win? We are happy enough, aren’t we? Why allow crown hauls to be the only measure of success? So, MU is the only victory that will pull in MAJOR endorsement deals? So what? If the brands MU partners with are NOT the ones I like/support, I won’t care.

      (I might want to try Lady Audrey one of these days, tho… Hihihihh. Alam mo naman tayo’ng gurls.)

    • Agree! Obvious naman na ang basis daw ng selection is the final question….obviously, SAM answered the question better than ABENA. I don’t hate ABENA, she is endearing during Miss Earth, and I love her. But if we will be objective si SAM talaga, but that’s beauty pageant is still SUBJECTIVE, that’s why it is exciting and fun. What is important, you wil proud talaga of SAM hindii talaga pwede isnabin….(you cannot really snob, the effort and her aura last night).

  15. Ms Philippines had the winning answer but she didn’t have the winning look that night.
    The hair, makeup, and gown she had during Bb. Pilipinas 2019, that’s the winning look I wished she had during MGI finals.
    She would have brought home the crown.
    Congrats on being 1RU 👏👏👏
    Congrats to Ms USA as well.

  16. Sabi Ng friend ko na taga kf 5’8 si samantha w out heels. Seems like Nawat prefers taller women. Hannah Arnold 5’10 or Gab Basiano5’9 are potential contenders pero mukhang miss grand first runner up ang highest placement Ng pinas kahit na dyosa na bumaba sa Lupa ipadala

  17. C2f, u need to be able to read b/w the lines . When she said people , she meant their safety and existence over business.
    Cat directly answered The question.
    Venus did not answer the question all .. and nor did Maxine

    • @Fabian

      Oh please! Don’t put words in her mouth… I rewatched her answer multiple times… Yes, she said “people” but not “people over business”… The point that you have to read between the lines means it was too vague of an answer when everyone else chose clearly..

      • @c2f it’s called implied but not stated! oh well, we do have different comprehension skills. Some people just needs everything to be spelled out 🙄 While some are on the realm of higher order thinking. 🤪

  18. In fairness to Miss USA, she was a standout among her five co-finalists. Her gown was a wow, at ang liit ng bewang! Nung paglabas n’ya in that yellow gown, tinapos na n’ya ang laban. Ang ganda talaga ng color dahil bumagay sa skin tone ni bakla, and the design was simply fabulous!

    Kabaligtaran naman ng evening gown ni Sam ito. TBH, nung paglabas ni Sam, nadismaya ako sa yari ng gown n’ya pati na color. It was very underwhelming. Buti na lang, she carried it well with class. Sa Final 5 nga, s’ya halos ‘yung nasa laylayan. For me, sa lima sa kanila, nasa pagkakasunod na ito ang may pinakamagandang gown: USA, Guatemala, Brazil, Indonesia, then Philippines. Tapos biglang… Mexico!!! Sya pala ang Best in Evening Gown. Nakakaloka. Hahaha!

    Sa unang QnA naman, sa totoo lang, naguluhan at nababawan ako sa sagot ni Sam. Brazil should have scored higher than Sam, pero mas may clarity naman ang sagot nitong si Sam kay Indonesia. Kaya I would put Indonesia as Fourth Runner-Up. Pero talagang bet ni Angkol si Sam, ganda kase talaga ng fezlak ni Sam. Lakas ng sex appeal. Natotomboy nga ako. Char! Kaya pasok s’ya sa Top Three at nag-triple tie pa sila, huh! Sige, masaya na ako sa Third Runner-Up finish ni Brazil. At least, tumama naman ako sa Best in Swimming Suit award n’ya. Winner kase talaga ang body n’ya. I told about this already sa isang post ni Tito Norms.

    Sa Final Answer, sa totoo lang, walang maling sagot sa kanila. Kase ang tanong ay patungkol sa dalawang klase ng vulnerable individuals during this time of pandemic. So, it’s a matter of convincing the judges which of their individual choices would get them. ‘Yung sagot ni Guatamela, very pageant patty. Walang arrive. Si Sam naman, she gave an answer na very personal sa kanya kaya dama mo na tama ang sagot n’ya, tapos walang ka-buckle buckle! Bago mag-break, s’ya nga ang alam kong mananalo. Pero bago sila bumalik sa ere, I thought it was USA. And why? Dahil parehong tama ang sagot nila, ang naging batayan na lang ay kung kanino ang may impact. Dahil beterana at halatang ginawa ni Abena ang homework n’ya bago pumunta ng Thailand, ayun kumonek s’ya sa audience. Nag-Siamese talk s’ya. May audience impact! Kaya nagdesisyon ang judges na ipanalo si USA, otherwise mababato sila ng mineral water sa loob ng hall. Haha!

    Truly, it was a deserving win for Miss Grand USA, and then a sweet victory for our very own Sam. We could feel that Sam was the happiest runner-up finisher who reached that far in a beauty pageant. And I agree, Sam was the best girl we ever had in MGI. Kahit papaano, she lifted all our spirits high sa kabila ng pagdeklara na naman ng gobyerno natin ng lockdown habang ang bansang Thailand, buhay na buhay ang pa-pageant sa kanila. Mapupula ang hasang ng mga betla doon, sa trulili lang.

    That’s all.

    • Erratum: five co-finalists should be read four co-finalists.

      That’s all.

    • IKAW na talaga Ana Winter-Lund. Napakagaling at komprehensibo ang iyong rebyu. On point talaga day ang mga pinagsasabi mo kina Misses USA at Philippines. Congratulations!

      Ayoko nang gumawa kasi nagawa mo ang karapat-dapat. At pagod ako dahil almost half a day ako sa aking garden at mga halaman. Sa halip (kung hindi na naman ako tatamarin) ay gagawa ako ng post na pinamagatang “What Lorraine Schuck Should Learn From Angkol Nawat.”

      Magandang gabi sa inyong lahat!

      • Thanks for that, Paul dear.

        It’s good to know that you are into gardening. I can imagine your green-walled house, if not vegetable plants in the backyard and ornamental ones in the side. Magandang outlet ‘yan to fight boredom during this pandemic at nakaka-balance ng ating mental health.

        Anyway, I can’t wait to read your post about Lorraine Schuck’s things to learn from Angkolwat (parang Angkor Wat lang ang peg). Go, Paul!

        That’s all.

  19. I think Nawat will give the crown to us next year when a better MG Philippines will be crowned. Karen Laurie/Maureen/Hannah… Sam preferred BbP Supra anyway when BPCI still had the franchise.

  20. utu uto
    anne cole wins

    anu naman nagawa ng MGI sa stop the war ek ek
    nag humanitarian ek ek ba sila like Mess Werld


  21. Nice show! It’s the first time in history in int’l pageantry that there was a triple tie and needs to break by a question. I just hope they used an isolation booth or head sets if there is only one question.
    For the tie breaker question, I would choose Samantha’s answer. If the judges based the winner from the answers, Guatemala should have been the 1st runner up since she has the same answer with USA.
    Kung sa MU yan, I am sure Sam will be the winner the way she sincerely answered that question.

    • If this was MU… Samantha would either be 3rd or 4th runner-up during the 1st round of questioning since again, I love Samantha…but SHE DID NOT ANSWER THE 1ST QUESTION… Biased kayo masyado…. a spade is a spade! #noteanoshade

      • Veks, even at MU, there has been way too many questionable answers and the girl ended up placing higher so let’s put the subjectivity of scoring an answer across the board.

        Sam answered the question indirectly and she didn’t have to spell it out.

      • I am talking about the tie breaker question. I agree with you in the first round question. I will place Sam as 2nd runner up. But for the final tie breaker question, I am not bias but the way she answered the question, she should have won! But again I am not the judge and USA deserves to win as well.

      • @4M

        Catriona answered her final Miss World indirectly… Venus Raj answered her MU question indirectly…. Maxine Medina answered her MU question indirectly!

        Samantha Bernardo did not pick an answer among the 2 choices during the 1st round… What she did is give a memorized answer that has little related logic in connection to the question!

      • @Close2Fame, obcourse she answered the question in the most beautiful way…Critical Thingking please!!!

      • @Garga

        The challenge is to convey the message in a way that would please the majority without losing logic… 🙄

  22. If during Miss Earth 2019, the final 2 were Janelle and Abena, and Janelle won, pinoys would’ve hated it.

  23. Guys, show the same love to Abena same as during her Miss Earth stint.

  24. Pinoys loved Abena in Miss Earth. They supported her more than Miss Philippines. Now you’re angry? Why? You should support all Miss Philippines even in Miss Earth.

    • @Globeguy85 Those whining fans are angry at Nawat for having a fingernail at the decision to the judges.

    • ETo naman ang opnion ng baklang mababa ang critical thinking like you @Globeguy85. Sino bang nagsasabi na Pinoy hates Abena? Aber? It is just that in the final found, majority feel Philippines answered the question better than USA. The host said, the final answer will determine the winner so if wwe will based it solely on the final question, what fans are questioning is not USA it is NOT her fault, it is NAWAT so please Globeguy85 na mababa ang critical thinking, nagpapadagdag ka pa sa gulo at ingay. Kaasar!!!1

    • @ bong700 Add now the Golden Crown to KF’s War Room, with Earth and International.


  25. I did not even have USA in my top 20
    But it looked like she really wanted it !

    Sam was super pretty last night . Wala yung contravida effect nya! Talagang bida ang aura . It was just not meant to be .

  26. I’m surprised USA and Guatemala donot know the basic info on covid 19
    Sam should have been Miss Grand International… but she was not meant to be
    Congrats for the great job

  27. So Sam gave the best answer during the final round . Why USA won, I donot know.. it sounded like that last question was supposed to be a tie breaker
    So I guess, it was not really a tie breaker

  28. Surprised to know that USA was the candidate from Ghana in ME2019 … lady luck visited her

    So, USA won Miss Earth 2020 (truly deserving) and now won MGI 2020 by a hair ( I really hope Sam’s fine after the show and after all the glitz, she did look great ) … if USA wins Miss Universe to be held in the USA , I will have serious doubts. I hope it won’t turn out like this …

    If news is true that Guatemala will be the Guatemalan delegate at Miss Universe in May, then Guatemala deserves to place higher than USA … many many delegates deserve higher placement than USA at MU this May …

  29. Congratulations Abena! After competing in Miss Universe 2014 and Miss Earth 2019 both as Ghana, your experience paid off.

    I wish she wore the Ghana sash – so that it will be a first crown for the African country. Makes me wonder if she did not wear the USA sash, will she win?

    Despite being African American, this is the 7th crown from the continent of the Americas. Angkol really likes to crown ladies from this region.

    Sam – you were amazing. You deserve the crown. But we all know Angkol will not let a Filipina win.

  30. Dami kasing uto-utong Pinoy sa pageant na to. Buti nga sa inyo… bwahahahaha

  31. Flawless si Sam sa LAHAT Ng segments ng show…si USA dinala lang sa paandar…nakuha Ang korona sa paandar…eto gusto ng MGI Yung nga paandar na ayaw ng MU at ME kaya nganga si Abena sa mga pageants nato

  32. Kahit tumambling at mag split at lumunok si Sam Kay USA parin bibigay…obvious nman…nilamon ni Sam Ang Ang USA at Guatemala sa tie breaker…pinanalo nlang Sana si USA sa unang round Hindi Yung ng second round of questions pa lalo tuloy naging obvious na niluto Ang resulta

  33. Congratulations, Miss Grand USA! You’ve made history by being the first American (and the first African-American) to win this crown!

    Sam gave an answer that could have connected strongly with those who lost their parents in this global pandemic. It was personal, resonant, and obedient to what science has directed us and what most governments worldwide are now implementing. Hers was the most unifying of the three responses.

    I love how she consoled the highly-strung Abena, both during the final sixty seconds and at the moment of coronation. Such grace! Sam would have been the grand queen of hearts that this pageant deserves.

    I am so very proud of you, Miss Bernardo. You have won the hearts of global fans on your journey in pageantry, and that’s one incredible achievement. Congratulations!

    Cheers to the rest of the court! You all did very well, and you’ve made your nations proud!

  34. Now how stupid is that. Science and the WHO will not recommend giving the vaccines to the young because the mortality rate among young people is very low compared to the older vulnerable adults. The vaccine is not even approved for below 16. However, the judges are not smart enough to know that. The last question obviously is irrelevant because they already want USA to win. Sam gave the correct answer to the question and she deserve to win. In any case, Ms USA also deserve the crown. Either of them wound have been a good Ms Grand. Nawat will not give Ms Grand Philippines a crown unless a candidate as strong as Catriona Gray or Pia will be sent by the Philippines but that will never happen since Ms Grand is still considered a second tier pageant in the Philippines and Nawat hates that to the bone. The Filipinos only look at the Ms Universe, Miss International, and Miss World as the most prestigious beauty pageant and the Philippines have won all of that.

      • @Faby

        I heard her answer, she did explain why she chose the elderly and the 16 year old had more stamina and all… Kinulang lang sa logic .. if Samantha stated it as scientific facts or at least her mentioning that it would increase the chances of her saving both lives edi wala na finished na… sya na panalo… She had to redeem herself since she did not answer the question during the 1st round… but although she gave a satisfactory answer in the 2nd round, her hitting the homerun never happened.. so sorry, not sorry. 🙄

  35. All the candidates are happy USA won because ..
    Her average look is not something to feel intimidated by
    I wonder if they would have the same reaction if the really pretty one like Guatemala Mexico or Argentina won.
    In the end , it’s someone who can speak well and can work with Nawat well. USA seem to be. Very outgoing and friendly

  36. si mm ang bet na bet ng angkol but as bbp keep postponing maureen might not reach the age requirement of mgi unless he change the age requirements

  37. Hanggang ngayon ba naman ang mga Pinoy hindi pa ba nagising sa katutuhanan na hindi ibibigay ang korona sa PIlipinas. Kahit kaya ipadala sa patimpalak ang pinakamaganda, matangkad, matalino hindi pa rin ibibigay ang korona. Nagsasayang lang panahon. Wala naman ibang hangarin ni Nawat kung hindi publisidad lamang ng kanyang patimpalak. Ano ba ang layunin patimpalak kung hindi Stop the War. Mayroon bang nagawa ni Nawat. Sa totoo lang.

  38. Yesss, Abena!!!! So thrilled for her win after so many years of hard work. Well deserved! Sam also did us proud.

  39. congrats sam… your final answer shows your deep regard for humanity consistent with your earlier speech. It also shows, aside from science, how our nation looks after the elderly, the rootedness in our culture. I remember one lola told us, “I felt this virus, this pandemic wants to get rid of us.” Your answer was truly heartfelt and brings hope even to those who are marginalized, or feel marginalized because of our current situation. Thank you for that wonderful answer. I also wished that you will be able to take home the crown, but the stars didnt align tonight. Nevertheless, your truthfulness and love shine the brightest. We love you, Sam. Congratulations.

    And congrats to Ms USA, Ms Guatemala, Ms Indonesia and Ms Brazil, and to MGI Org. This year’s edition was more than a show compared to the previous ones, with the messages from Ms. Kenya, Nigeria and Myanmar + the video. There is more depth and meaning.

  40. Miss USA deserved to win. USA, Guatemala, and Philippines all gave very good answers. For me, the determining point was the Thai message Abina gave towards the end of her answer. That endeared her to the judges the same way that she endeared herself to us, Filipinos, during Miss Earth 2019 when she said that one liner about using plangGHANA.

  41. Samantha’s finals gown is *chef’s kiss* & probably the best I’ve seen worn by a KF delegate ever.

    Congratulations to Team KF. You’ve been doing for so long, but are showing us you’ve still got several tricks up your sleeves.

    That was a very polished performance, you could see that Samantha really fought for it. Am so proud of her.

    Congratulations to Abena! I loved her at Earth more than the actual winner there. She finally has a well-deserved crown.

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but wasn’t Abena also trained by KF at one point?

    Now who in the current Bb Pilipinas class can match, if not surpass, Samantha’s competitive fire at MGI 2021?

    • Siya pala yung sikat dati sa Miss Earth na di man lang nakapasok, na -trained ng KF.
      Good for Sam and USA. Magkakampi pa rin naman pala sila. Both of them.deserved to win.

  42. Just based on the answers I would choose the Philippines. I got scared for Sam but when she answered the question I was relieved.

    • She was a revelation. I didn’t pay much attention to her at the Binibini, but her early shoots after being appointed MGP started drawing me to her. The post-pageant offstage chats with vloggers last night indicated how conversational she could be.

  43. Giving the vaccine to the younger is not what countries are doing!!! Sam followed science with her answer that the younger population can fight off the virus and the vulnerable needs to be protected first.

    So, Sam’s answer made the most sense. It is very easy to choose the younger as they are the future ek ek but in reality, Sam’s answer is what we are doing right now.

    In any case, I agree it was a close fight. Nilamangan lang tau ng Thai psavouge ni USA hihihihihi

    • I agree with her in the 2nd round of questions… Problem is, Samantha did not answer the question during the 1st round and because of that, If there was no 2nd round, she would have ended up w/ a lower placement… Hence, the surprise 2nd round of questioning where in although she did answer correctly IMO, the explanation was not enough to surpass the answer of Miss USA.

      • but she ended up in triple tie with guatemala and USA so her answer in the first round was good enough.

        I honestly do not how they were doing the scoring tbh..

        I would also question this triple-tie scenario… It sounds very fishy.

      • @4M

        Yeah, her reaching the top 3 was actual proof that Samantha was highly favored… All she had to do on the 2nd round was hit the home run… She did hit the ball but it wasn’t enough to knockout Miss USA who was already ahead of her after the 1st round…

  44. Miss USA is trully the desserving winner….
    Congratulations also to our Sam Bernardo… We all know u gave your best and answered from the heart…
    In fairness, hindi ko talaga malaman kung sino mananalo… that was a great show!

    • Ano daw?
      Kakasabi mo pa lang na nag round 2 na ng q&a di pa rin naangatan ni Sam si USA, tapos ngayon di mo na alam kung sino mananalo???

      • Yes, d ko alam kasi some of the past editions was unjustifiable.. I did not expect that this year would be would the total opposite.

      • Nothing to do with her speaking Thai…

        Its based on the fact that Samantha did not pick an answer among the 2 choices directly or indirectly during the 1st round all I heard was flowery words that lacked little logic in connection to the answer… MISS USA was consistent on both rounds… Samantha could have knocked-out USA if she answered way better in the 2nd round.. but she didn’t… hence Miss USA won.

  45. Because of Sam’s placement, will BBP renew its MGI franchise?

    I like Sam’s answer compared to the two because scientif studies showed that kids have far better immune system to fight COVID compared to the senior citizens whose body cells are degenerating. The way she answered was practical. However, Nawat as always wants to make a statement about his pageant which is why he chose USA. USA wasnt as convincing as Sam’s coz she just repeatedly answered that children are the future….her first set of sentences were reiterated at the end of her answer.

  46. MGI deserves Miss Earth Ghana 2019. Nothing to do about skin color. This girl is full of theatrics which suits the profile of this attention seeking pageant. 🙂

  47. True PH pageant fans never give up on pageants just because there are so-called robberies and injustices that went against them.

    Did the true PH fans give up on Miss Universe after what happened in 2012 with Janine Tugonon? No.

    If the PH pageant fans survived a 42-year Miss Universe title drought, then they should do the same for a second ever Miss World crown and their very first Miss Grand International title.

    The titles after those will just be gravy.

    If you keep pouting, you’ll miss out when they win.

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