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  1. I hope KF prepared Samantha to possibly answer a final question related to what is happening in Myanmar, where the military grabbed political power from elected officials, crushing its young democracy.

    Just in case lang.

    If I remember correctly, the final question at Miss Grand International Thailand had to do with the pro-democracy / monarchy reform movement in Thailand—a difficult question to answer because there is no way to sit on the fence, one must make a stand & when one does, someone is bound to be offended.

    G’luck to Samantha!

  2. The ONLY one I am happy to take the crown away from SamBer is Kenya. 🙂

    For one thing, I do not know of ANYBODY at ANYTIME who expressed any doubt when it comes to Africans’ ability in the Question Round and their effortlessness in public speech.

    PLUS, Angkol can extract this opportunity for all the drama it’s worth! Imagine crowning a black African ahead of Earth, Supranational, and International (and in so doing join MU and MW in that regard). And one who almost lost that chance to participate due to coming out positive for SARS-Cov2 upon arrival, enduring the uncertainty while under quarantine… Let’s see how MU and MW will handle candidates that suddenly catch the big during competition!

    • Wow Angkol dis crown a Black girl… a clear slap to the face of Miss Earth who did not let former Miss Ghana enter the Top 8 due to the risk of her giving the best answer which would risk not justifing Miss Vietnam eventual win.

    • miss is earth 02 officially is a black. although a replacement still officially the miss earth 02

  3. More than anything else,

    Mas na-impress ko sa Glam Team behind Samantha Bernardo! I’m sure this was spearheaded by Rodgil Flores who is always in touch with Samantha all throughout her journey!

    Despite the pandemic, they were able to utilize and maximize all the resources available to pull off the preparation! Ang galing! They are very coordinated and synchronized! As if announcement na lang ang hinihintay at assembly line na ang kasunod!

    Chico Estiva posted a beige gown with white embelishment! I don’t know if that will be Samantha’s gown come final’s night but it is simply elegant!

    Good luck na lang!

    • @ ClaiRe IbbeTson May timbre din kagabi’ng BEIGE… But, gold instead of white as accent.


      Clue (as to the source) : do you watch the nightly news?

      Beige is NOT going to get the approval of color fanatics. They’ll say, “neutral/nudes again”. “Boring”, they’ll add. But beige, precisely for its neutrality, provides heightened elegance (Chanel).

    • Qlaire, maraming salamat din sa mga live news reports mo, on location pa—the location being up KF’s ass. Did you have to get a negative covid test to go there? Lol.

      We know you’re KF’s spokesperson, their Harry Roque, if you will, except prettier & with longer hair.

      But yes, whatever the outcome, KF did create magic with Samantha. Given the limits with preparation time, they were still able to showcase Samantha at her very best & make the country proud.

      And for that Team KF deserves our thanks & congratulations.

  4. Guys, ‘yun’g isa’ng pinagtatakhan natin kung bakit ay tila nawawala, palagay ko ay nagpalit na ng nombre*.


    (* – Spanish for ‘name’)

    Ang masasabi ko lang ay, “welcome back, po. I find your new persona more relatable”. Person unwittingly might have left important clues as to the ‘transition’, beginning last Yuletide holidays… String the pearls together, and you have a necklace!

    (But we never forget what we were. For what it was worth, it was certainly worth our affection, as that Green Day single went… “It’s often unpredictable. But in the end, it’s right”.)

      • @ Closer2Fame Not @ Emi Egenti. That’s for sure… Hihihhih…

        Kasi,… Why do I get the sense na people-in-the-handle got through to the person and convinced her/him to metamorphose? OK na rin. For one thing, it safeguards her/his occupational security while allowing us a glimpse of another facet of her/his life, if past…

  5. My problem with Sam is that her facial expressions do not appear natural . Why can’t she smile like PR and the other girls ?
    Her performance at Ever Bilena was a lot better .
    I hope that judges see this differently .

      • I hope so , Thomas
        And I hope she is able to articulate her thoughts during the speech parts .. if she gets that far

    • Samantha has not been natural on stage eversince. Her answers in Q&A sounds rehearsed also, not free flowing.

  6. Samantha Bernardo is our Miss Grand International 2020. May the force be with you.Mabuhay ang Pilipinas!

  7. I just can’t help but to laugh at some fans wishing Samantha’s victory on very same pageant which they have maligned, insulted and trashed.
    Lesson: Always be a graceful loser because eventually your time will come

  8. Seems like 2016 all over again. Indonesia and Philippines as the two last standing.

  9. In his recent interview with M Pageantry, Nawat declared that the ideal Miss Grand International is not the most beautiful contestant in the pageant. Rather, Miss Grand International is “the most powerful” one, who will work closely with governments and private corporations in meetings its platform of spreading the message of happiness and “Stop the War and Violence.”

    In the few weeks of seeing candids, videos, and casual interviews, I can see one person who has consistently shown the fit. She carries herself in a professional manner, whether on stage or off. She’s a conversationalist. She knows the power of presentation–whether in showcasing her best assets on the ramp or in packaging herself with that bird-themed wardrobe. She’s experienced the divisiveness of pageantry, allowing her to say the words “Stop the War” with absolute sincerity. Her sunny personality shines through in front of cameras and vlog influencers. She exudes happiness.

    This woman is indeed a public relations force.

    Ladies and gentlemen, the perfect fit for this year’s Miss Grand International: Samantha Mae Bernardo.

  10. I would love to see Sam and Aurra as the final two with Sam being the winner. It’s a nice little poetic justice losing from Ariska….hihihihihi

    • Yes!! I was in Las Vegas when Nicole competed!! In person Nicole was so beautiful in that gold gown!! I just wished her answer was different!! I could hear the boo’s of the crowd when she was answering the question!! And us Filipinos cheering knew that the crown not for her!! 😢😢😢

      • I think the final Q&A was the very reason Nicole made first runner up
        If Indonesia didn’t give a confident answer , Nicole would have won it all.

  11. I’m hoping Sam will win but methinks Czech Republic is on a class on her own. She could be a frontrunner even in Miss Universe.

  12. Nong Miss Earth 2019, grabe ang support Ng pinoys Kay Abena Appiah compared to the Philippine representative. But now, I don’t think she’s getting the same support from pinoys. Hhmm..

  13. I agree with your choices Norman.

    Samantha has been consistent in giving her A-game all throughout her stay in Thailand. From minor contests during quarantine up to the Preliminaries. Pageant watchers and even beauty experts consistently put Sam in the top three while giving differing winners.

    Yes Anne Cole will have the final say. But if he is wise and knows his business, he’d better name Sam as the winner. Loved by everyone and advantageous to his business. What more can he ask for.

    World Peace.

  14. kahit pa lahat ng pageant wannabe vloggers bloggers lagay sa top pick si Felepens

    si anne cole masusunod

    hindi na kayo natuto
    mga utu uto

  15. Ivan Gunawan pulled off what is arguably the first SARS-Cov2 nationals pageant bubble which selected Aurra as Indonesia’s rep. Even then, I liked her dusky beauty. If only for dedicating a nationals for MGI, Angkol will acknowledge Indonesia’s loyalty with a Final 5 placement.

    BECAUSE ANGKOL VALUES LOYALTY. He said as much in that M Pageantry interview. That he would never turn his back on Mdme. Stella… AYAW NIYA NG PAPALIT-PALIT NG ND.

    IF SAM WINS, he can use her victory to garner support for an eventual stand-alone MGFilipinas, in the event he sees any reason in the future to part ways with BPCI. Pero siguro if ever, matagal pa ‘to. MORE IMPORTANTLY, SAM MUST FIRST WIN.

    I would have REALLY preferred having Ivana and Fabiola at MI come October-November! Imagine the Yokohama City Court with the two together, with… Basiano! 🙂

    (But as it is, Fabiola clearly dominates over Ivana. In any case, the virtual Earth later this year MUST include the one displaced in this tussle.)

    (Ivana REALLY looks to me like a Teutonic Atty. Patitay. Guys, any word kung ano’ng ‘mane-obra’ ang gagawin ng A&Q para ma-appoint si Pops Fernandez as MUP before she over-ages?)

    I am feeling Kenya in that Final Grand Court. Out of nowhere, she struck!… Since I said earlier on that solely by virtue of Mariana being an Osmel ward is enough justification for a slot in that court, then, yes, I guess that means I am willing to sacrifice Spergerova, who should be promptly sent to Poland which as we all know generally is more kind to their own continent. Denisa certainly has the goods to upend Jihane, who, in turn, I feel is superior to Fitriana…ALV MUST SEND STRONG!

    • Let’s be real, it will be hard to stage so many beauty pageants with only one title at stake unless you have enough sponsorship or budget coming from the organization. But then if Ivan can do it then I guess KF can do it so they can do what lola Jonas did with MUP hihihihih…

      I honestly dont know if Nawat is just so rich that he can sustain financing MGI or if MGI really is a profitable venture for him to continue its operation. Maybe it’s really a lucrative business in Thailand. I guess time will tell.

  16. I would really want Samantha to win. If Anne Cole’s criteria for choosing a winner is the one who is ready to work…that’s Samantha, given her 3 years (or even more) of experience in pageantry, 2 weeks prep for the pageant and yet she was able to create a great wardrobe with her team, her fanbase…these are already proof that she’s ready to work. So, I’m hoping for her victory!

  17. Guatemala May have the advantage of being a good English speaker . She will rock at MU.
    Argentina for me is the prettiest from head to toe
    Indonesia Mexico and Czech Republic are tall and pretty
    PR is a Barbie doll with that small face and long body
    Spain is also super pretty
    Vietnam Panama Peru El Salvador are also pretty
    Brazil has a very masculine voice

    So my top5: Guatemala Argentina Indonesia Mexico and CR

  18. europe this time

    jusmiyo marimar

    halatang halata naman

    sam b top 5 yes

    wag na umasa kay anne cole

  19. Here we go again favoring our own.
    For me, it’s a fight between Indonesia and Czeck Republic

  20. I agree with the top 5 except Indonesia. Gusto kong ipalit ang Mexico.

  21. I like the top 5 here above … Sam for the Win !
    If not , then maybe Czech Rep will win Miss Grand Int and Miss Universe both !

  22. I agree with Norman’s Final 5. For me, any of them can be the winner. However, Mexico, Belarus, and Bashkortostan can pull off a surprise come coronation night.

  23. My Top 12 in Random Order:

    Czech Republic
    Puerto Rico



  24. The Q n A will make or break each girl’s destiny. But if Nawat will waste SamB, then they’d lose a great deal of working with a pro like Sam.

    I pray we will have a new crown tomorrow! A runner-up placement is non-negotiable. SamB is just perfect!!!! ❤ #spreadlove #nohate

  25. Let us all pray for Samantha Bernardo’s victory tomorrow night! Mabuhay ang gandang Filipina!!! 💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚

  26. MGI has more to lose if Samantha loses simply because, he was finally given a Filipina candidate that fit the bill or prototype with the right attitude and class. She will be the girl that unites the pageant world and agree that she deserves the crown regardless of who you root for.

    She will bring in more popularity, coverage and positive following from the rabid and online-validation hungry the Filipino fans.

    Latinas would love her performances and her face will be great for MGI’s business in Asia.

    So, with everything laid out on the table, giving the crown to Samantha is really the best business case for the organization.

    If she loses, then I won’t be upset as MGI will be passing up this huge opportunity of having a pro in their team.

    • I was told by a friend living in Thailand that she’s a favorite by the Thais there….they no longer call her Philippines but Sam..first name basis na….so that’s how she has endeared herself to the Thai fans.

      • Glad to hear it. I think Sam’s humble attitude and fierce presentations are making Thai hearts melt to her. She has been the epitome of the Asian woman who is friendly like a dog but with the fight of a lioness. She played her cards well and I really hope she gets what she deserves.

      • Reminds me so much of when the Thai people and the media called Catriona by her first name instead of her country name — and they called every other ladies by their country name. This is a good sign for Sam.

  27. I’m glad Norman noticed Guatemala and Kenya (2 performers fr no sash factor countries)
    I wish Sam will be crowned she is the winner skills wise

  28. …excellent choices Norman, i agree with all except for Guatemala who I’d replace with Mexico.. it cannot be denied, Sam did her best in the prelims, and given her obvious determination, we can be sure may pasabog pa sa finals… May the force be with her.. !!! Good luck, Samantha..

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