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  1. Woooohhhhh lalalalalala…. look at the attitude and the smile. Seems few steps closer to the crown. Go Sam! 🇵🇭

  2. Even with Venezuela winning last year, MGI isn’t still popular in Latin America. I have a feeling Nawat will crown another Latina for his pageant’s growth. I hope I’m wrong.

  3. Last night, a Thai Airways unit “brought in” the Prelims.

    Sana bukas, a gold-gilded galleon naman (or yacht!) ang backdrop. With an oxen prow. After all, it’s Metal Ox year. The bouquet for the new queen must be of Thai Spring flowers, picked on the day itself.

  4. Even if I don’t like MGI pageant at all, I still support our delagate Ms Bernardo. Whatever placement she will get, I will be proud of her.

  5. Whenever I watch an MGI competition, I unclog all my prejudices of what international beauty pageants are supposed to be or what I am conventionally told as “metes and bounds” of what pageants should be. Those have been defined by pageants with long history, namely MU, MW and MI. In the global beauty stakes, MGI is a newbie so it’s trying to create its own identity and niche amidst a rather crowded and increasingly less profitable business.

    In this way, I see it clearly as it is – a gratuitous glossy high-resolution entertaining show laden with publicized intrigue and drama where ladies are extra perky, oftentimes over the top and bordering on sleazy. Its brand is aligned with this age of mind-numbing reality shows that hammer you on cable and internet and the franchise holders are fully aware of that – in our case, the BPCI. The fact that the BPCI still patronizes it simply says the former accepts MGI’s idiosyncrasies. Some people may not like it but the MGI organization is not apologetic about what it wants. The MGI holds these annual shows (currently under a pandemic which in itself is an expensive venture worth admiring) to crown a girl of its choice in full measure of what it considers the apt image for the brand. After all, we have varying taste levels.

    Girls are interested to get a chance at the winning pot which shouldn’t be sneezed at – US$40,000 in cash money upfront (compared to say just US$30 thou total cash from Supra or even the prize money for MU which the girl only gets in monthly trickles of US$20 thou like a salary of sorts). I thought the prize money was lower but all winners say so during their exit interviews like Maria Lora, Ariska and Clara. The winner is also pampered with all-expense paid travels, all-expense covered 5-star 24/7 accommodation in Bangkok like the Mövenpick Residences Ekkamai (you can google it) during her entire reign (Supra and MI both don’t do that), paid clothing, jewelry and accessories, a designated chauffeur, closed in assistants, free cosmetics and cosmetic enhancements (obviously), monthly stipend and additional income from sponsored events. Even after the winners relinquished their crowns, they still get invited for hosting gigs and paid attendance during crowning ceremonies (with very few exceptions in MW like the case of Megan, all other pageants don’t do that). So if Sam wins, that’s a definite hefty package of incentives for her.

    Now, does Sam have a fighting chance? In my view, clearly so and may I say better than most as she worked it big time during the preliminaries. Let’s just hope that she shines the brightest at the finals and convince the judges and organizers without overthinking that she’s the “it girl” this year. In the meantime, we pageant fans will continue to agree, disagree or agree to disagree. That’s what makes it more fun.

  6. The problem with MGI is that they want theatrics and over the top performance that some candidates are beginning to take it to the extreme that they look like contestants in Miss Gay. Very clownish and amateurish. I think Indonesia and Thailand took it to the next level with Bolivia and some other girls too.

    You can be theatric without being comical and I would to be honest, Thailand should not be even in the top 10 with that performance. I’d rather see Scotland (and I think they should give her a spot in the top 15) as consolation.

    But based on prelims, my top 5 are: Philippines, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Kenya and Indonesia.

    • @ 4M Patcharaporn Chantarapadit most deserves commendation for being a gracious host delegate. She has shown enough amity in the past days that makes the MGI brand glitter like never before! She, in my books, is far superior to her predecessor. 🙂

      We always hear whenever we host an International, that our delegate will… all manner of cheesy rhetoric of being an ambassador and big sister/brother to her/his co-candidates… Blah, blah, blah.

      Nam (that’s her nickname, no?) DID it.

      I hope BPCI will invite her to serve on the Panel of Judges on 17 April. Proxy kay Angkol, puwede.

      • I’d rather have Mommy Tere serve as judge hihihihih but i do admire Thailand’s sunny disposition…. just not on pageant stage.

  7. Philippines (winner) Mexico(might do well in miss international) , PR( tinik), Guatemala,Kenya
    My last 2 doesn’t have sash factor
    Bubbling up Czech(tinik na natapilok)
    Colombia,Indonesia,Thailand and Peru
    Indonesia looks like Bunga I’m a fan of Bunga but she was sent to the wrong contest .walang syang awww factor . Sana pinadala na lang Nila si aura sa universe ironic yun pang mi nila mukhang star wars at kulang sa ganda yun pang mu
    Thailand .. Nawat will not crown a Ms Thailand but she might be one of the secret judges. Dapat kasundo ni girl ang winner

  8. Loves SamBer’s performance! We may really get the crown this time!

    • @ Fabian Reyes India is quite pretty. But tardy, this year’s SamLo.

      BUT, that being said, if my dear sweet Angkol exercises his prerogative as pageant owner and against all odds gives India its first Golden Crown, then Adline Castelino will bear extra pressure.


      (Naalala ko tuloy si Rab. BAGAY SA KANYA, SEXY-SEXY. Can we see her like Laetitia Casta?)

  9. Hello. No doubt Samantha did great on all portion. She has a great stage presence, she knows her camera angle and knows how to flirt with it. I believe she would make it to the first cut. Its up to her performance and pasavogue on the finals night if she would bring home the crown. Lets continue to pray for Samantha and support her. #SAMthingGrand

  10. I hope everyone’s right that she did well
    I want her to win
    But she’s not very queenly and it’s not her fault

  11. Samantha did everything right. She did her best. Her outfit, her evening gown and swimsuit performance are flawless.

    But in the end, Angkol has the final say. Chismax napili na ang top 5 (hope Samantha is there). At ang paborito niyang manalo ay isang Latina ulit.

    Win or Lose, Samantha made the us proud.

  12. Just crown her, Nawat. Don’t waste this Filipina beauty. She’s your gateway to the rabid sangkabeklaan fandome from the Pelepens!!!! hihihihihi

  13. Last weekend’s swimsuit show did prep the girls for tonight’s prelim swimsuit comp. I can imagine the choreographer coaching the ladies to play with the camera–because they did. Nothing overdone, and no wardrobe malfunctions despite the tanga cut, thankfully. (Well, Thailand couldn’t help overdoing it–MG tradition continues LOL)

    I can’t help noticing Catriona’s lasting influence on Costa Rica’s earpiece and Thailand’s slow-mo twirl.

    Oh, Sam, you nailed this once again–you and your turns and entrance pose. Your preparation made it look and feel so effortless. Shame on and the nerve of that particular YouTube reviewer-wh0-shall-be-nameless who dissed on your so-called “nga-nga” smiles. You own it. Perfection.

  14. I love that Samber was just herself tonight. I will have to say, it is quite difficult to predict the top performers based on MGI scorecard. Their brand is on the theatrical and on over the top, defying quite the pageant norms. Evenso, I just love Samber stayed true to herself… her twists and turns were just so flawless, smooth and so her. Hers became a standout for me because most were making all those dramatic stunts, then she came with the right amount of sass and sultry vibe. She is making her own mark. Her moves gave me a break from all the fireworks most candidates were trying to do. The cross-legged slow turn, as she open her swimsuit segment, is an image that plays repeatedly on my head. Cats slowmo turn had a similar effect. I am praying the crown be really meant for you… love you Samber

  15. Lahat ng best na pwedeng gawin, ginawa na ni Sam. Sana destiny nya ito

  16. I love her swimsuit performance as well! No stone left unturned. She is giving me all the feels from Miss U 2018. What a performance, Samantha Bernardo! You really did well tonight!!!

  17. Samantha knows the game and she played the EG segment in full gear. This is a performance with three years of Philippine pageantry experience. Sam is a pro. I love her! Go Sam!

  18. Mga demonyong fangit na Vacklah fah hihihihi. Napanood nyo vah c Mexico. Tumindig lahat lahat ng valahivuh ko. Parang cya Ang may korona virus sa araw na ito. Ewan ko vukas defends sa sagot nya vukas. Vakah makasingit pa vukas c Sam😳.
    Sam, nakapunta ka na ba sa Temple😱hihihi

    • Pretty nga ang Mexico lalo na dun sa dinner. Marami pa rin namang magaganda

  19. Grabe ang swimsuit!
    In fairness… Ang kinis!
    Clap clap clap….
    Natuwa ako dito..
    Magaleng.. magaleng… MAGALING!

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