20 comments on “Samantha Bernardo and her Louis Pangilinan gown for Miss Grand International Preliminaries

  1. Indonesia stood out amongst the rest. She is of MIss Universe caliber.

  2. I love Samantha’s performance both in SS and EG…she was truly in her element and was oozing with confidence….my current top 5 is Philippines, Brazil, Mexico, USA and Puerto Rico….heard that Czech Rep’s red gown was Coco Arayha’s gown last year…

  3. Well-crafted gown, Mr. Louie Pangilinan. It’s consistent with the ongoing “story-telling” that our evening gown designers are imbuing on our candidates. Sam knew exactly what to do with. True to form, she delivered with finesse and confidence.

    This is probably the most Catriona-nized pageant ever. The lava gown (and the hair pull-back) has met its daughters.

    Apart from the Philippines, my other standouts:
    1. Argentina
    2. The Dominican Republic
    3. Indonesia
    4. Puerto Rico
    5. Thailand
    6. Sweden

    Scotland, you’ll always have a place in my heart.

  4. So ang theme ni Samantha through out the pageant is bird. National Costume: Agila, Evening gown: Yellow-throat leafbird. And I think yung prelim interview outfit is Kalapati.

    • @sleuth You’re right. That asymmetrical pleated skirt on the prellim interview dress can be the tails of the kalapati. How about the much-maligned welcome ceremony gown? Can it be a kuwago? The shoulders are padded and peaked–just like an owl’s.

  5. Natatawa ako sa mga panganga ng mga babae. Hindi pa natural yung pagnganga nila hahaha.
    Parang kay Rabiya ko nakita yung natural ang pag execute ng nganga.

    Ang ganda ng gown ni Sam. For me, USA na gown ang best. Ang dami rin palang pretty.
    May isa pang country na dilaw yung gown na may pasabog, inalis yung tela sa baba.

  6. Gown is okay.
    There’s no question the amount of hard work put into creating it though it looks a bit outdated.
    Baka may second gown naman siya in case makapasok sa semis.
    Those chunky platform shoes 🤦🏻‍♂️

  7. Samantha knows the game and she played the EG segment in full gear. This is a performance with three years of Philippine pageantry experience. Sam is a pro. I love it!

  8. Nice gown.. matches the MGI crown…

    The Yellow-throated leafbird (Chloropsis palawanensis) is a species of bird endemic to the province of Palawan, Philippines…
    Lalang mema lang….

    Anyway, that was a flawless performance….
    I love her classy intro w/ a hint of camp…
    The pasarela was very smooth with clean lines….
    Beautiful poses… I love it…
    Close-ups show-cases the symetry of her face…
    It was all perfect…. I got no complaints.

  9. gondoh ng gown

    at pamantel na swimsuit

    pero si anne cole pa rin magdecide

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