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  1. Daming lava gown inspired, including Catriona’s walk and twirl daming gumaya! Ano ba’ng ginawa mo Catriona?

  2. At this stage of competetion my top 10 are:
    Czech Republic
    Puerto Rico

  3. A slow show, with inordinate camera exposure to some girls. Inantok ako. Nevertheless, my standouts (shared on Sam’s EG thread).

    1. Argentina. That is how you take off a layer of dress. Panama, take note.

    2. The Dominican Republic. The one dress that beautifully complemented the complexion, the hair, and the makeup. She tripped, but she sashayed on.

    3. Indonesia. My goodness, the nudeness! These girls from the world’s largest Muslim population are getting bolder by the year.

    4. The Philippines. ‘Nuff said.

    4. Puerto Rico. Her look is so Catriona-nized (and so is 64% of the rest of the candidates), but that statuesque glamor cannot be denied.

    5. Sweden. Retro-romance in full bloom! Possibly the most feminine look of all. She saved the European Continent from total EG collapse.

    6. Thailand. When will the Thais’ love for fabrics ever end? Never, I hope. They’re always so delightful to watch.

    And then there’s Scotland. Her lovely face is just so perfectly framed with that gown. Did you all hear the love from the audience?

    Hanggang muli, sa finals night this weekend.

  4. Swimsuit Observations:

    Czech’s vulva dangerously peeking out.

    The manly face of Cuba.

    Template: expose your armpits, point at the camera, hand gesture asking the camera to come over, fan your face with two hands, flip hair. Smile.

    The impressive triple twirls of Finland, nahilo, nadulas. Lol.

    Oh no. Japan’s quintuplet twirls trumps Finland.

    The skeletal frame of France.

    Korea, funny in long gown. Funnier in swimsuit. Lol.

    Nepal and Scotland never fail to amuse.

    Indonesia’s cha-cha routine. Cheap looking

    The Wonder Woman twirl of Philippines.

    The legs for days of Puerto Rico.

    The Elsa-like hair of Sweden.

    The Margie-Holmes face of Thailand. Lol.

    The forehead of USA that can rival Matet’s.

    OMG. Wales’ pusod hair unraveling to full length hair. Lol.

    Overall, good show. Entertaining. Beautiful ladies having fun strutting.

  5. Argentina
    Puerto Rico
    Czech Republic

    My top 10.

  6. Wow to the following:

    Brazil. The boobs.
    Czech Republic minus the slip.
    Mexico. The shoes.
    Philippines. She has perfected the art of pasarela. Beautiful face. She reminds me of a young Pinky Webb (including the hair flip. Lol).
    Puerto Rico. Stunningly Beautiful.
    Thailand. The hairstyle. Wow.

    Some observations:

    This is a beautiful batch. And beautiful gowns. You can count using one hand the ugly gowns (I am looking at you Ms. USA, Venezuela, Crimea)

    What country is Bashkortostan??? Lol

    The cheap gimmick of Panama and Vietnam.

    I don’t understand the hype that is Ms. Cambodia. She looked like a fat Ai-Ai deals Alas.

    The Catriona effect. The parting of the hair while posing (Ms. China). The smile-pout-smile routine.

    The “hot pants”. Italy’s white hot pants looked sexy and decent vs. SamBer’s diaper a few days ago.

  7. Wow! SamBer!!! You owned the stage!!! I couldn’t help myself but comment here. That was unequalled. Superb!
    I also think that Indonesia and Guatemala have very good EG presentation.

      • @andylicious. Oo nga. Ha ha ha. Nakakaloka. She was carried away with great excitement. That really caught my attention.

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