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  1. We’ve gone a very long way from the virginal Maria Claras, Imeldific ternos, and devastating Cumbia creations. This is such a fabulous creation. Napaka-ganda.

    Take a well-deserved bow, KF and your creative team!

    Sam, thank you so much for sizzling the audience and the fans. You’ve owned this, and you’ve made us proud.

    • @ Pujenatic YA-AASSSS!!!


      Relleno. ‘Yun’g lumalawa sa kamatis at sibuyas. A banana leaf ‘wrap-coat’… Then, REVEAL.

  2. Guys, has it ever happened in the entire history of beauty pageantry ANYWHERE that a contestant came onstage… on a horse (which has been done in fashion shows), in a sports car, or a train (a Galliano HC for Dior)?

    In a future international participation, I would like our rep to enter on a… motorbike! It is to pay homage to our delivery riders, without whom home quarantine/isolation in mega-urban areas of the country in this time of pandemic would very quickly become unbearable. I EXPECT motorcycle companies AS EARLY AS NOW to scout for a beauty queen adventurous enough to take on the literal and figurative ride! Of course, bike guys will get billing, their BRAND plastered on her (beep!).


    • Ako Flor meron din akong (NC) concept na hindi ko pa nakita kanino man. May magliliparan, pero hindi mga bato ha. He, he, he… Hindi ko sasabihin unless makipag-negotiate sila sa akin.

      Another related idea – Ikaw Flor, maganda ka ring inspiration for a NC – white lady concept. Lilipad din sa stage. Tapos may usok-usok (dry ice smoke) and other pakulo like fire crackers para mawendang si Angkol. He, he, he…

      Musta na Flor? Asa ka mag-holy week? Ty.

  3. I like Guatemala and Philippines. Next time let’s make it bit lightweight . Ex. Usually ang beauty queen standing 5’8 120-140lbs yan so gawa lang Tayo 25 percent Ng body weight para makagalaw si girl

  4. I like Sam’s costume but the problem was in her presentation. She fell short of my expectation. She could have added drama to her presentation. Nevertheless, I still include her in my top 5. For me, Thailand topped this segment. Guatemala came in second. I also like Sri Lanka and Indonesia

  5. JawsKuh mga Vaklahlahlahlahlah😱
    Hinimatay c Sam after sa NatCos presentation kaya di na cya mahagilap at maraming naghahanap sa kanya dahil lahat na ng contestants ay busy sa stage for interview ng mga fake journalist hihihi pero wala c Sam. Pero ok na daw cya. Magbigat daw kc Yung NatCos ni Sam about 50kg(1 sack of rice? Really?)
    Dami ng drama c Sam sana di cya masampal ni Nawat sa dami ng drama😳 cherette hihihi
    C Laos ay may controversy sa suot na NatCos dahil copy daw sa NatCos ni Amanda MUT na susuotin nya sa MU florida. Yung designer kc ni Laos is Thai pero sabi ng designer na ginawa nya Ang design 2018 pa hihihi.
    Parang Pinas din yan kagaya ng mga eagle inspired NatCos na medyo magkapareho pero may pagkakaiba pa rin talaga Divahhhh.. OA masyado Ang press kaya tuwangtuwa c Nawat at nasa news na nman Ang MGI at pinag uusapan talaga🙄
    Bongga Yung NatCos ni Panama at Peru. Baka manalo pa c Panama sa NatCos.

  6. So far, so good and Sam managed to be graceful on stage and made the most out of the “Agila” costume. The attire didn’t have the “quick-change” drama like those of Thailand, Japan, etc., but that actually spared her from possible awkward moments where transitions of “moving parts” were not smooth like what happened to Indonesia.

    The sheer opulence and details of the costume were enough to show her slick styling, her sensual movements and that gorgeous “face.” Her hand gestures were limited though because her arms were tied to some wires in order to flap those wings.

    She may not be at the very top in this particular round but she’s definitely up there among the best. This point is essential because unlike other pageants wherein the national costume segments are mere showcases, this competition is actually a scored round in MGI (cumulative scores of varying weights from the swimwear, national costume and the actual preliminaries will determine the semifinalists).

    Offhand, I agree with the commenters here that local designers seek inspiration from other aspects of our culture (whether traditional or modern). Hopefully, they can weave more inspired, memorable and less restrictive outfits that are suited to the personalities of the wearers in the future – perhaps an “aha” moment. In the meantime, I’m excited on how Sam will fare during the coming preliminaries. I have not been as “emotionally” invested as a pageant fan in any of our past MGI representatives as I have with Sam because she seems to really want to win this.

    • Totally with you on being riveted on MGI. I never paid attention to this pageant. Sam’s participation forced me to look into this (plus, there’s really nothing else happening in pageantry). I’m pleasantly surprised at the quality of both candidates and production.

  7. MGI National (& Festival) Costume Presentation Preliminary Observation(s) & Review

    1. Majority of the candidates (& their respective teams) KNOW VERY WELL what Angkol WANTS, and what are expected from them for the national costume presentation – sexiness, creativity and the WOW & shock factors.

    2. The BIRD (the bigger, the mightier) is the MOST inspirational feathery creature for many of the candidates including those from the European continent. Followed by the beautiful PEACOCK and those animals with horns such as cattle, sheep, goat, etc. Very masculine inspired indeed – birds, peaCOCK, and horns. Only one candidate utilized a huge flower for a head dress.

    3. UBER, UBER is the key. From oversized (too wide, too long, too big) head dresses, capes, wings & feathers, back props, trains, skirts, backdrop standees, etc. to over embellished swimsuit based outfits/ garments and accessories, simplicity is out.

    4. Swimsuit (one piece/two pieces) serves as the BASE for many (if not the majority) of the candidates’ national/festival costumes. From there, the imaginations and creativity of the designers and allied creative staff FLY to the different parts and elements of the GRAND world.

    5. Few remained true to their REAL national costumes. Mostly girls from Europe (e.g. Albania, Crimea, Kosovo) and a number from Asia which include China, Korea, Nepal, and India.

    6. Others gave a contemporary look (modified/modernized) to their respective national costumes (e.g. Bulgaria, Finland, Poland,). USA chose to represent current issues & concerns of her country – race & diversity, gender, representation, etc. and the design is unique and amazing. And Japan has the only fashion forward looking costume among the candidates (I like it very much).

    7. The costumes can be categorized into TWO groups: (1) National Costumes and (2) Festival Costumes. MGI should give two titles/awards for these two categories. I personally believe it is unfair to lump all of them into one.

    8. For me, the FIVE MOST CREATIVE (& probably the most beautiful of them all) are the following (not necessarily in order): LAOS (Never nalaos, the most unique & beautiful of all the birds, ha, ha, ha), THAILAND (what an excellent stage tourism campaign – amazing Thailand!), GUATEMALA (huge, beautiful, colorful & artistic), JAPAN (an amalgam of Japanese traditions, Hello Kitty, outer space & the future), and USA (very relevant to the times and very artistic & dramatic at the same time).

    Napuyat ako rito. Good morning to all.

      • YES Serge, the brutally FRANK Paul. Pero good mood ako today. Ha, ha, ha… Thank you Serge.

    • ‘Yung ayoko na magbigay ng comment kase tinapos mo na. Ang galing ng review mo, Paul. Tres bien.

      That’s all.

      • Thank you my friend – Ana Winter-Lund. BUT I also to hear your side – straight from Europe. Good morning to you.

    • Laos was a Fish.. NOT a Bird…🙄
      It’s a Siamese Fighting Fish(Betta splendens)

  8. kahit mapa ng pilipinas isuot nya
    pag hindi sya bet ni anne cole

    hayaan nyo sila sa diskarte nila

    laban samber
    enjoy mo lang yan
    malay mo maging paborito ni annecole ang Felepens
    pero for now top 5 bibigay sayu nyan

    • I love this costume but if you watch the MGI nat costume competition, you will see na marami syang kahawig na costume especially mga latina. Not really Philippine eagle inspired but yung may wings tapos nakalingerie. Mas trip ko pa yung Maria Clara costume ala Karen Ibasco, it’s simple pero ang ganda ng rampa nya with that. Dito kasi parang naging simple yung rampa nya at nalamangan sya ng ibang latina lalo na ni Ms. Brazil na todo hampas sa skirt nya at ilang beses nagpaikot ikot, saka ni Ms. Peru or Puerto Rico ba yun na nag cha cha. Eh sa totoo lang sobrang galing rumampa at sumayaw ni Sam B. Regardless kung bet sya ni Angkol o hindi, we should give our all to make sure that we would atleast be in the TOP5. Just my opinion. 🙄😬😒

  9. Hindi naman kapangitan pero Hindi ako natuwa dahil napaka babaw at gasgas na ang ganyang concept…. Mas gusto ko pa yung sarimanok princess warrior nya nung BBP 2019 na natatangal ang pak-pak at pwedeng gamitin pang modern singkil fan dance moves…. Ganon! Cultural! Historical! Dancer si girl pero hindi nyo pinagsayaw…

    Btw, sa mga bobo sa History… the “manok” in “sari-manok” doesn’t originaly mean “Chicken”..(Rachel Peters should have been educated more about our history). The root word of the word tigmamanukan for example is “manok”. Though in modern Filipino, this is exclusively used for the chicken (Gallus gallus domesticus), in Pre-colonial Philippines (as documented by early explorers in the 17th century) the word tigmamanukan was attributed widely for “any bird, lizard or snake that crossed one’s path as an omen”. Such encounters were called salubong (“meeting”, “encounter”). The root of the word “tigmamanukan” can be traced to the cognate manuk or “manók”. The term most likely evolved from the practice of augury i. e. foretelling omens using the ritual sacrifice of chickens (although sometimes other animals as well like pigs). Ancient Filipino shamans/priestesses would butcher a chicken, dissect it and read it’s entrails for omens, thus the practice of augury and divination of events was linked to the word for chicken. The word manok (ie manuc, etc.) were translated in early Spanish-Tagalog dictionaries (eg De los Santos, 1703) as a term for shamans who practiced divination/augury ie augurs (Sp. aguero).

    In pre-colonial times, the Tagalogs believed that the “tigmamanukan” was sent by Bathala to give hints to mankind whether they needed to proceed on a journey or not. In some Philippine creation myths, the tigmamanukan bird was sent by Bathala to crack open the primordial bamboo whence the first man and woman came out. A sacred symbol of Bathala, depicting him in the middle with an anito guardian underneath him and a tigmamanukan omen bird behind him. The non-traditional image is influenced by modernity as the tigmamanukan is wrongfully portrayed as a sarimanok from Mindanao. It’s actualy the Fairy bluebirds that are believed to be the tigmamanukan omen birds of the Tagalog supreme god, Bathala. Lakan Timamanukum, the Bornean who united the majority of Luzon was named as such for possibly utilizing “omens”, blue birds and “augery” as a tool to unite our pre-colonial Kingdoms..

    There were myriads of species considered “omen birds” in ancient Philippines. Many of them share a characteristic: blue plumage. In Mindanao, a dove called a Limokon was similarly believed by the Mandaya, Bagobo, and Manobo to be an omen bird. A bird in Luzon was called balatiti or balantikis whose songs were listened to for signs and omens. Another, omen bird known among the hinterlands of the Tagalog region was the salaksak. Another kingfisher species was also called tigmamanukan. These birds were considered taboo to kill.

    Kung alam nyo ang history, e madaming pwedeng maging inspiration…. Pag sadyang ignorante e puro victoria’s secret lang talaga na rampa rampa habang naka panty ang magiging inspiration…. tsk tsk… 🙄

    • Salamat sa napaka google search na post. Sana lahat may enough time to search lalo na yung judges. Wala naman nagsasabi na hindi maganda ang sinsabi lang may maiimprove pa. Alam ng lahat 2 weeks prep lang meron. Pero sana, sa 2 weeks na yon mas naging matalino sila sa oras na meron sila. Well tapos na yun. I still believe at tingin ko lahat naman tayo dito naniniwala na malakas ang laban ni Sam and she is also deserving to win the crown.

      • @B

        Yo welcome! 🙄.. Sana marunong din mag google search ang mga designers ng national costume para naman may improvement and meaningfull ang mga designs nila. Hndi yung ang ganda nga pero puro gasgas naman at mababaw ang theme and concept… 🙄

  10. Aba. Indonesia has satay costumes, Thailand has floating fruit market. Sana ginawa sa Philippines national costume ay…

    Fish ball or keel kwek stand. O say ninyo.

    Kidding aside, Walang energy si Samber dito. Hinigop siya ng costume. Iyon at hinimatay na sa backstage. Please take care of yourself. Dont pressure yourself too much. Hindi na nagmumukhang nag e enjoy si Samber.

    Chill lAng sis, kung sa iyo, sa iyo iyan ibibigay. Prayers to give you strength. Prayers to keep you safe. Prayers to your victory.

  11. Maganda naman. May wow factor. Very MGI. Yun naman importante, pattern sa sinasalihang pageant. Creative nga, nasa kultura nga, di naman mapapansin, wala din. Parang resume lang yan, gaano man kaimpressive kung di naman type ng aaplyan, talo pa rin. Daming magaling mamintas, ang papanget naman siguro sa personal. 😆✌🏼

  12. Trying Hard na VS Angel ang dating. Oh well at least trying hard.
    Try harder next time. Too much skin, hinde naman ganyan ang Pilipina. I remember yung Natcos
    ni Rachel Peters sa MU 2017, ganyan din and yes, too much skin, ang alam ko kasi ang Pilipina
    ay hinde ganyan na ngpapakita ng sobra sobra na halos lumuwa ang dibdib.

    To the designer, congrats pero marami pang ibang concept kung pagaganahin
    ang pgiging creative. Like, pano iincorporate ang mga tourist spots ng Pinas
    into NatCos, i showcase ang ating mga alamat, ipakita ang mga likas na yaman ng pinas
    sa pamamagitan ng Natcos. Maraming pwedeng gawin, kung yung Indonesia nga nagawan
    ng paraan i showcase yung “satay” nila, ang galing nun actually, konting polishing lang sana
    sa performance.

    May swimsuit portion naman para ipakita ang hubog ng katawan, pati NatCos pa ba naman.

  13. Another bird. Groundbreaking. Like florals for spring—di ako nagsabi, ok, Miranda Priestly texted me char.

    The next time I see a bird as a national costume, it better be a giant chickenjoy drumstick. With lots of gravy and extra rice on the side.

    That’s all I got.

    I will add, though, that while the concept is medyo derivative, it was at least an elevated & luxe interpretation. I mean, the craftsmanship & execution was really quite impressive. Congratulations to the designer! And, of course, Samantha was radiant & powerful in it.

  14. England, Indonesia, Japan, Laos, and Thailand’s costumes were exciting & fun to watch 👏👏👏

  15. Shoeses ko po sarimanok ko po!
    Yung pakoak ng aguila parang sila yung natira na grasses after ng wildfire sa southern california.
    Tapos yung panty ill-fitting lol

  16. Maganda namang Yung NC. Kaya lang hindi ako napaWow. NapaWow lang ako ng mafocus Yung mukha ni Sam.
    Sana nx time Yung unique naman ala Thailand(my Best NC) or Indonesia (but failed to execute properly).
    Sana Sarimanok na sumasayaw si Sam or may Dance choreography Yung agila costume nya hihihi 🙄 Divahhhhhhh mga vecks🤗

  17. While I agree, after watching the national costume competition, that winged costumes have assaulted our eyes left and right, and Sam’s golden eagle did not look unique, it’s how she carried herself, her confident bearing, that made her presentation shine.. most comments in you tube says Victoria’s Secret model ang dating, and I agree.. yes, we may have lessons to learn from Indonesia and Thailand as far as creativity in costumes are concerned ( napaka creative ng Pinoy, bakit nga ba pagdating sa costume, walang maisip na bago…???) but then again, we will not run out of beautiful, confident and very competitive beauty queens.. that still makes a difference, right..?? May the stars align, and reward the golden eagle with golden crown..

  18. How many winged costumes must we endure year after year after year?

    While SamBer looked fabulous in that costume (beautiful face, rocking body), I am underwhelmed by the costume. It is just of THE many fabulous winged-costumes. And it was not the most memorable. Where is the creativity of our designers to be able to come up with what Indonesia and Thailand have been producing every year?

    The gold backdrop against her golden costume made her look like part of the stage decor.

    World Peace.

    • I agree. Sana nag invest sila sa strength ni Sam. Since cultural dancer si Sam, they should have come up with a costume wherein Sam can showcase her ability. Minsan laging bongga at sexy ang gusto natin ipakita hindi kung sino talaga yung candidate. Kung sexy sa swimsuit na yun. Kung bongga sa evening gown na yun.

      Sana matuto tayo dito at ma apply kay Rabiya, ma take into consideration din ang strength nya. Aside from her comm skill ay yung personality nya ang strength nya. Sana ang styling and wardrobe nya is something light lang at syang sya. Lets not aim na magmukha syang sex siren, glamazon or fierce highend model, kasi hindi sya yun.

      • Thanks for agreeing. I thought I’ll be the only honest enough to say : her national costume was not memorable at all. It was beautifully made. But so was the other two dozen costumes with wings. And it was not… I am looking for a word…it was not “fun” at all. As opposed to the joyous, unique and creative costumes of Thailand and Indonesia. (Side: my best national costume is Bolivia’s).

        It’s not even reflective of our culture (except to to say, it represented the off-referenced Philippine Eagle or sarimanok). Nag papa ala -Latina vibe or Victoria’s Secret sya na hindi bagay. The last time I was impressed with a Philippine National costume was the pineapple gown in Ms. U many years ago.

        Naging sampo-isang pera ang costume na may pakpak. I would take Argentina’s version of a simple, light and all white costume with wings anytime than Samantha’s metallic, heavy looking ensemble. It made SamBer appear short and fat in the middle. Oh well, let the rebuttal begin. Lol.

        World Peace.

    • isa pa toh! imbis na i-appreciate…consider na 2 weeks lang yung preps ni Sam.

  19. Ipinagmamalaki ka ng buong Pilipinas, Samantha Mae Bernardo!!! Maraming salamat sa dedikasyon, pagod, hirap, at inspirasyon sa lahat!!! Mabuhay ang gandang Filipina!!!!!!!!! 💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚

    • Agree! Grabe tlg ang mga Pinoy…APAKA TAAS ng standards! Puro pintas. Lagi may kulang. Dapat ganito, hindi dapat ganyan….ang lagi napapansin kapintasan, kapangitan. Pinoys always look life to be half-empty rather than half-full. Kaloka lang…kaya walang asenso 🤕

      • I agree with you sis Sjeffie. Hindi man madali pero need nating tanggapin na may mga ganyan talagang tao sa mundo. Adjust na lang talaga tayo. Radical Acceptance kumbaga. We accept but it doesn’t mean we agree nor approve of it. “Peace within is world peace!!!” Mabuhay pa din si Samantha Bernardo!!!!!!!!! 💚💚💚💚

      • sinabi mo pa! daming maru-maru rito…kala mo may ambag sa preps ni Sam…magaling lang mamintas, mamuna, magdown ng kandidata natin…sana i-appreciate na lang kasi maganda ung costume and ang galing ni Sam magdala kahit na napakabigat nung costume, inilaban tayo ni Sam!!! suportahan nyo na lang si Sam.

    • ganyan dapat! suporta lang tayo….hindi nyo alam ang hirap na pinagdadaanan para lang mairaos toh…2 weeks lang ang preps ni Sam, fyi.

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