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  1. Sam really stood out and is definitely the highlight of this round. She walked with confidence, charm, and passion….her perfect turns were amazing! Please crown her already!

  2. For me Samantha gave the best swimsuit performance. I’m so excited to see her national costume and gowns in the prelims and finals night.

  3. Let us all support Samantha Mae Bernardo!!! Para sa kanyang pangarap at para sa Pilipinas!!! Kahit pa anong galing at ganda ng ibang kandidata kapag nakatakda kay Samantha na manalo, walang makakapigil dito. Remember yung nangyari kay Pia. Regardless of the outcome, ipinagmamalaki ka namin Samantha Bernardo!!! 💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚

  4. I think during the time of Parul Shah, merong candidate (nakalimutan ko kung anong country?) na talagang unanimous na maraming nagandahan sa pasarela niya during the swimsuit presentation! Pero come finals night, ne hindi siya umabot sa Top 5! Uyyy! Hindi si Bitch, I’m Gorgeous yon ha!

  5. I hope Sam B wins
    But it will be hard
    Argentina is long and lean and super beautiful
    Super queenly ni Indonesia
    Mexico is very pretty too

  6. I hope Sam B wins
    But it will be hard
    Argentina is long and lean and super beautiful
    Super queenly ni Indonesia
    Mexico is very pretty too

  7. I really do not see the Indonesia hype. She just doesn’t look fresh, which is the opposite is Sam. Parang may dalang bango si Sam every time. And nanotice ko lang yung ngipin ni Indonesia. Ang papayat! Not normal and bad dentistry (?)! ***thai sashes Instagram.

    I know that the candidates were supposed to be playful sa swimwear nila. I guess they were given the freedom to do so. But come on, USA. Over the top naman yung pagtali nya! Kenkoy and corny! Parang pa notice lang!

    Sam did very well! May “relevance” yung ginawa nya. May saysay! Yun ang reason kung bakit sya umangat. Walang awkward leaning sa ledge, taas ng kamay for no reason, etc. Connected yung mga galaw nya. The rapid turn and mejo slo-mo (slower) pagbaba sa steps. I found it dramatic! Parang choreographed, yet impromptu. And again, the freshness! I can almost smell her.

  8. Oh, my gosh…

    I just thought, kung sumali pala si Polfah Punika Kunsorntornrut dito, talaga’ng uwian na lahat.

    She’s another Swim pasarela expert. UNFORGETTABLE, her razor-sharp precision in MUT!

  9. dami nyo haka haka
    ang alamin nyo sino gusto ni angkol


    aasa na naman

    • truth is hindi naman talaga malinaw kung sino talaga ang gusto ni angkol.

  10. That pic from Thai Sashes–six of those ladies brought the best performances in this competition.

  11. Facial wise the Latinas are roaring. Mexico, Panama, Puerto Rico, Ecuador, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, etc. More than half of the Top 16 semifinalists will come from this region.

    Czech (Czechia) is the best contender among the Europeans.

    Indonesia, Philippines & Thailand are the frontrunners from the Asian continent.

    Surely USA will make it to the Top 16 on the pageant night.

    I would love to have these beauties in the Top 5 – Czechia, Mexico, USA, Indonesia & the Philippines.

  12. On a side note while awaiting the Miss Grand International Finals, a Filipino-American Kataluna Enriquez just won the preliminaries for Miss Nevada, making her the first transgender to win a USA female beauty pageant. She is now eligible to compete in Miss Nevada and if she wins, will advance to Miss USA and if luck is on her side, represent USA in Miss Universe.
    Watch it on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xGK6UlbV-m4

  13. Expectedly, Sam excelled in the swimsuit competetion. I love her performance. It was flawless.

  14. Mga baklaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

    Yes, you read it right. Baklaan to the max ang katatapos lang na swimsuit preliminaries ng MGI. Hala! Hair flip dito, head sway doon, hampas ng balakang sa kanan, sa kaliwa, etc. These are the scenes you won’t hardly miss in gay beauty pageants sa mga barangay sa Maynila. Nakakaloka.

    If MGI wants to imbibe energy in the candidates’ pasarela, c’mon, this is not a pleasant idea because I find that ridiculous and disturbing. Perhaps the girls were briefed to achieve that, but nay, they came out horrific!

    In fairness, the country’s bet Samantha Bernardo did an energetic ensemble in the right places. I agree with some pageant aficionados that Sam has aced the swimsuit presentation. She gave a precise or accurate execution from her head to her hands, down to her hips, etc. Her turn was lovely, her hair flips looked natural, and her hands swayed elegantly. I won’t wonder if pageant critics from other countries would find the Philippines to have mastered the art of pasarela for our candidates, and we are serious at that. Bravo, Sam!

    Indeed, KF training camp is the School for Baklaang Rampa in town. Almost all winning candidates under their tutelage got their trademark. But of course, KF teaches the pasarela with neat execution. Aces & Queens, on the other hand, is known for teaching queenly elegant walk. And The Camp? A crossover of the two. Kaya while watching the swimsuit prelims ng MGI kanina, I couldn’t help but review Bella Roxas Ysmael’s swimsuit presentation sa MUP. That walk is the flirty elegant walk na sobrang linis ng execution, and it seems I can’t find that in any candidate in any competition sooner.

    Back to MGI. If well-toned bodies are not other pageant fans’ cup of tea, well, they sit well with me. And Brazil showed us how such perfect body would work on stage as well. For me, she got the perfect swimwear body at this year’s MGI pageant.

    Other highlights in MGI that registered well in my memory (I did not take notes kase, sorry):

    – Miss Myanmar’s nip slip was purely accidental but could be expected. She’s flat-chested kaya siguro hindi nag-fit ang tops n’ya. Sana man lang she was prepared. She should have brought a sticky skin tone nip pad. Good thing, she did not mind it at all. Ang nakakatawa, the host said to the next candidate “Miss Nipple (Nepal).” Dahil nga dumungaw ang nips ng sinundan ni Nepal na si Miss Myanmar. Lol.

    – Candidates from “P” countries, with the exception of Paraguay, Poland and Portugal, have proven that beauty pageant is their business year-in and year-out. Although quite skinny, Puerto Rico’s Pocahontas look was a wow. Nagagandahan ako sa kanya. Sana sumali s’ya ng Miss Universe Puerto Rico.

    – Facially, these three are my favorites: Czech Republic, El Salvador, and Ecuador. I don’t have any problem if one of them will clinch the crown. When it comes to girls with svelte or naturally slender o ‘yung may effortless na balingkinitang katawan a la Venus Raj o Miriam Quiambao, Miss Indonesia and Sri Lanka are sure win. I wish napansin ito ng mga judges.

    – Can anybody tell me if Miss Cuba is a trans? Grabe, from the face, body and move, para talaga s’yang trans. Kaya kahit na na-slide si bakla sa stairs, carry lang. Alam mong makaka-recover agad. Lol.

    – Nagka-Covid ba ang Miss USA? She was missed kanina. Venezuela reminds me of Michelle Gumabao. While she is a bit bulky, she is still curvaceous and beautiful, pero ‘yun nga, hindi winner ang total look. Dinaan na lang sa attitude ni bakla.

    – I salute Crimea for sending a representative in the pageant. Pagpapatunay ba ito na independent na sila, even in sending delegates in beauty pageants, from Ukraine?

    – Lastly, I thought Miss South Korea was the lousiest candidate kanina, until… Miss Scotland! Funny pero nakakaawa. I don’t want to write down in words kase pangit lang ang masasabi ko. At least, napatawa n’ya ako ng sobra.

    Sa totoo lang, it is so ambitious and hallucinating to say that MGI is close to being at par with Miss Universe. When it comes to the quality of candidates, masasabi mo talagang each country sends the best girl of the year sa Miss Universe. I can’t wait to watch the evening gown preliminaries. O ‘yan ha, at least nasa kamalayan ko na rin ang MGI. May comment na rin ako about this pageant.

    That’s all.

    • @ Ana Winter-Lund Fabiola Valentin was Runner-up to Madison Anderson-Berios at MUPR 2019.

      MGUSA is none other than our Ghanaian friend from Earth 2019, Abena Appiah.

      ‘Yan na nga sinasabi ko. Bella has become The Camp’s standard. Thing is, she’s a one-off, imho.


      • Thanks for the info, dear. I never followed Miss Earth. I just read about it via pageant sites, including NB.

        I bet Miss Grand PR can still join in their nationals? Sayang s’ya. Magpalaman lang sana s’ya ng konti.

        As regards The Camp, I think it is safe to say that Catriona is their protege because she had started it all. And Cat’s and Bella’s pasarelas are distinctively gold standard in pageantry, be it locally and internationally. Anyway, I have this gut feel that Bella is our second Miss World.

        That’s all.

    • Very COMPREHENSIVE review. Ikaw na talaga Ana Winter-Lund. Congratulations!

      • Thank you, dear. I also like your views and opinions. To the pageant-loving girlies, cheers! Mwah.

        That’s all.

    • FYI, Miss Grand Scotland, Helen Maher, has MS (multiple sclerosis), which explains her trouble with coordination and difficulty completing her pasarela. She may not fit the standard ideal of a beauty pageant contestant. However, MS didn’t limit her from competing and completing her walk, however unconventional it may seem. Even our own Rabiya wrote the following comment on Helen’s Instagram account – “Babe, as a physical therapist, I’ve dealt with patients who have MS. You are one amazing woman! Keep fighting!”

      • Granting that Miss Scotland has that kind of disease, the MGI organizer should opt out sending her in the pageant. Her medical condition made her worse physically and her presentation was awful. Moreover, the girl was in danger of falling down the stairs dahil weak ang legs n’ya. Tsk! Ano ang gusto nilang ma-achieve in sending the girl?

        That’s all.

    • Lol…..Ms.Scotland….definitely came there unprepared….that’s all I’m going to say. Was she ok? She missed some of there walk routine and just didn’t even tried 🤷🏻‍♂️

  15. Not that surprised that she excelled in swimsuit…
    That was her forte during BBP days…. She is a dancer.

    I hope she won’t disapoint in her national costume…
    Only thing I love about this pageants is that they give high value to the Nat Costume competition. I can’t wait.. I hope it’s not a cringe moment for us.

  16. Number 1 ranking ni sam b sa swimsuit round ni pipe blogs(Anthony Gomez)
    Dapat pala ballerina ang sasali sa mgi hello.ballerinas

    • @ Roxie Bl8d hbd, po. 🙂

      (Your Swim pasarela last year at the virtual Earth Prelims wasn’t too bad. Really. Not kidding.)

      Baylerina? Exactly as I was saying! Ysabella Roxas Ysmael, BBP-Grand 2023/4. Angkol will love!

      • @Flor

        Bella Ysmael is too classy for that pageant….
        Maiinsecure lang si Angkol Nawat sa kanya….

      • I couldn’t agree more, C2F. Bella is someone you would never send in MGI. Her first runner-up finish in MUP is somewhat decent than winning MGI. I prefer her to join MWP and win Miss World. Gosh, Bella is our second Miss World. Mark my word.

        That’s all.

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