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  1. Social distancing and masks have gone for a toss in these video clips! Thankfully, the Thai government is mindful of its restrictions; these ladies should be safe (for now), at least in the busy street market. Those clips show how tourism truly runs Bangkok’s (and Thailand’s) engines, and how badly the pandemic has hit them.

    Random standouts:

    Valentina Figuera looks like a sergeant-at-arms, looking around after the ladies. Sweet! Valeria, if you couldn’t find Japan and Finland, look for them at the main street. They left the pack!

    Vietnam and Laos–sisters. Inseparable.

    Five–that’s the number of clips I counted on Puerto Rico’s hair.

    USA can’t be missed with that gorgeous Diana Ross/Chaka Khan Afro. As Trump would have put it: “It’s huuuuuuuuuuuge”. Love how she played with it along with her swagger at the swimwear comp.

    Czech Republic–the photogenic standout here. This lady’s a winner.

    Nicaragua sending a selfie of her and the Philippines to “Carlo”. Well, hello there, Carlo!

    Man calling at Philippines: “Samantra!”

    France looked genuinely bored.

    South Africa to Belarus: “Strawberry (shake). So yummy.”

    And so are all their berry-colored summer dresses: yummy!

    • @ serge Yup. 🙂

      My notables in that regard were Ivana Batchelor (whom I now imagine as a Teutonic version of Atty. Patch!) and Iris Miguelez (tiny rose-pink blossoms on her “Asia-style” white dress).

      But even Valentina in black was CAPTIVATING. Layers of smoky tulle and almost non-existent skin-tone shoes. Very sophisticated look.

      On Fabiola Valentin, acid greenish-yellow patches like I’ve never seen before, ‘yun’g tipo’ng mapasasambit ka’ng, “may ganyan pala’ng kulay”….

      Our SamBer was in leopard print. And she clearly enjoyed her kayak ride.

      (I caught glimpses of these side-street canals while zipping through Bangkok. At the time, they were choking with commuter boats, each brimming with the day’s labor force. Here, they’ve become what appear to be the latest tourist draw-trap. Like an “artists’ district”. Looks pleasant.)

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