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    • Not at all. Not even close.

      You think you’re being funny, but cruelty is never funny.

      Seriously, please filter yourself.

      You portray yourself as well-travelled, but your lack of sophistication & consistent display of bad manners is next level cringe.

      Nam is exquisite. She has a charming, fun & lovable personality. And I can see why she’s in Tito Norman’s top 5. She’s a standout and deserves to be there.

  1. It looks like Indonesia. Is poised to have another crown . For me , she was the stand out during the welcome ceremony.

  2. Bakit nasa youtube inaayusan si Miss Indonesia para sa opening ceremony? Also top popular votes pa siya. Alam na natin sino ang Miss Grand International.

    I like Samantha B kaso TH siya sa fishnet naging pang soft porn, gigil. Anyway, enjoy na lang your journey and best represent your country. May career na nang babalikan sa Pinas.

    Hinay hinay lang Sam B.

    Si Indo showing class and elegance even may pagka bulol. Hindi rinsiya perfect pero magaan sa mata. Ito ba hanap ng Miss Grand International?

  3. To situate my comments properly, I get the point that the MGI prefers sexy fashion with enough shock value (look at the photos of gowns worn by last year’s top 5 and how much skin they showed). That seems to be how MGI defines its signature “entertainment” – so let’s forget about making parallels with preferred stylings in other pageants.

    If you listen to the video carefully, Sam registered quiet loud cheers from the bench during her introduction. It shows that the organizers appreciate that even as she is classy with a light-hearted personality, she can also take risks and she can don risqué clothes if you will.

    However, I agree with the views of other commenters that this design is not right for her svelte body type and appears ill-fitting. The 80s inspired puffed sleeves are dated and not vintage chic, and, the glaring “peeping through white panty” makes the whole thing tacky. Thank heavens this was not a scored round because this is my least favorite look of Sam since her arrival in Bangkok. Nonetheless, Sam carried herself with grace as usual so that in a way, saved her from an otherwise disastrous get up in the (of all occasions) “Welcome Ceremony”. Sam has to be more strategically selective of her styling now that there are only less than two weeks left for the competition.

  4. Message to KF Team visiting this blog site: Please advice Samantha on right hair styles and wardrobe choices for different occasions. Parang sumesemplang na ang hairstyling niya at choice of clothes (especially that “panty transparent gown”). PRONTO KF Team! Rodgil Flores huwag mong dagdagan ang NGITNGIT ng Filipino pageant fans/critics/bashers towards you.

  5. And her hair is always the same. Its either curly or straight. Indonesia is killing it. She is like a chameleon when it comes to styling.

      • @ Norman What happened (to MGIndia)? There was a departure photo of her in New Delhi…

        I wanted to say, and now is a good time, that in my opinion you have not covered this pageant more extensively as now. I would like to think that the physical presence of your friend SB has done much in this regard. But honestly, what are your reasons to be more invested in it this time?

        I recall your audio interview with Cordovez in 2016, where she confides feeling she is not really the most favored candidate in Nevada. Is that post still in the Blog Library?

        And if we generally hated SamBer’s white see-through Welcome get-up, we were endeared to Nicole’s “desert-palette” Cherry Veric. 🙂

  6. I don’t really dig the see through dress showing the underwear. It doesn’t look good. I hope she will redeem herself.

    • The 3 candidates to beat for me are Philippines, Guatemala, and Indonesia. We are yet to see Sam in Natcos and Swimsuit rounds. I believe she is going to slay in that segments. If she does, then we will have the first Filipina MGI.

    • Puro pakita katawan. Wala na element of surprise?

      Maganda sana iyong to keep them guessing?

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