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  1. Nothing is special to the pasarela of Puerto Rico, but I agree that it is flawless.
    Samantha’s walk is still the best for me. Very creative and flawless as well.
    Naawa ako kay Myanmar (swimsuit malfunction) and Scotland who has a leg injury daw. Sayang din si Cuba who did not recover from her fall.

  2. Maganda naman ang production. Sana lang yung video shit yung tuloy tuloy as in seamless per candidate kasi yung iba hindi na. Sana din hibd8 na sinama yung mga paa, nakakaloka yung lagpas sa footwear nila yung daliri nila. Hahahahaha!

  3. MGI often takes over-the-top pasarelas into its wings, making its swimsuit competition look cheap and derisive. Those are thankfully absent from this show. This year, we get the USA’s swagger, Thailand’s energy, and the Philippines’ slither. They were amongst the best.

    The pandemic did not stop MG from staging this competition with sensational charm and almost-audience-free extravaganza. . . from an al-fresco rooftop bar. It doesn’t get any better than this!
    The sound was incredible. The open stage leading to those impossible 13 steps gave the ladies more than enough ammunition to stun the judges. Clever, clever moves.

    It was a good show. Small venue, big performances.

  4. MGI swimsuit competetion did not disappoint. It has all the elements which made it grand, Long runway, stairs, podium, nice swimsuit design, good videography, breathtaking backdrop, and Excellent girls’ performance. Majority slayed, some overdid, and few struggled. Philippines, Czech Republic, Guatemala, Indonesia, United States, and Wales were the standouts for me. At this point of the competetion, still my top 3 are Philippines, Indonesia, and Guatemala.

    • An additional element for a grand swimsuit show is music. MGI’s choice of music is superb

      • @ serge Really, Sir?

        It was a beat that simply looped over and over… But OK. If it serves the purpose and gets the candidates in the proper mindset, then GOW. 🙂

      • @flor. MGI’s swimsuit show was reminiscent of 1996 MU swimsuit show. For me, That was the best swimsuit show in the history of MU

  5. My Top 6 in SS were: Philippines, Czech Republic, Argentina, Indonesia, Thailand and USA.

    Philippines’ look and vibe were on point. Czech Republic is a goddess – if SamBer doesn’t win, I hope Czech Rep does. Argentina is hawt – I think she has the best body in this class.

    Pleasant surprises are Malaysia and Mauritius.

    Puerto Rico is too skinny. Lordy, her top was coming loose and her boob padding is out.

    I feel bad for Myanmar (nip out!), Nepal (she felt uncomfortable!), Scotland (poor thing she couldn’t walk in heels!)… and Cuba – not only did they screw up her country name but she also tripped!

    The swimsuits are nice – but it doesn’t seem fit well for some. A few of the delegates were flashing their boob pads (I suppose better than their nips exposed) and many have loose fitting bottoms – especially in the butt area where there’s extra pooch of fabric on their crack.

    I love that venue though… I can see myself prancing on that runway and up and down those stairs all day. Love it!

  6. Amazing and flawless performance for Samantha Bernardo’s performance! it was so clean..it was so MGIsh you could ever imagine…one of the best swimsuit performances I’ve seen. So, after watching her video performance over and over again…I still can’t get over it! Ang galing ni Sam…that I must say so kudos to her trainers and to her long wait and many years of hard work, determination and training.

    I also love the performances of Mexico, Czech Republic, Puerto Rico, Argentina, El Salvador and Thailand.

    TBH, I was disappointed with Indonesia’s performance…her cha-cha and shoulder movements cheapened her performance when she already had the face, the body and the strides.

  7. Venezuela should be out ! out , out , out … semifinals ? NO Way !
    Philippines’ biggest competitions are Colombia and Indonesia

  8. Philippines did an amazing walk.
    Puerto Rico was captivating and statuesque, won’t be surprised if she won.

  9. Good thing she trained under KF, otherwise she will not
    achieve that performance. Galing ni Rodgil and team,
    and of course si Mae din.

    Of I were Rabiya, I would consider consulting Rodgil para mas
    ma train pa sya. She still has time.

  10. As I was observing the comments of Pinoy fans while the swimwear competition was streaming, I’m pleased to note that slowly they are getting the “MGI formula.” It is not a multi-dimensional competition like other pageants, it is largely a contest of performers. Girls can be a bit cheesy, stagey, sensual and over-the-top (which is cringey in MU but seems to be a plus factor in MGI) for as long as they do not look awkward and forced.

    MGI is also very unforgiving to anyone who slips on stage during the competition, unlike MU where girls can slid, stumble, or fall yet still manage to make the cut because other factors come into play. Unlike MU and MW where weight and proportion do not hinder a contestant’s chances, MGI seems to prefer girls who are “conventionally” thin but taut (no obvious flabs and jiggles), and, who are ready to strut like thoroughbreds and dazzle the audience on stage. Afterall, it does not pretend to be politically correct and its judges are not necessarily “woke” individuals. This is the reality of their specific brand. The Latin countries (even Indonesia and Thailand of course) seem to know this that’s why their girls fare relatively well in MGI.

    That being the case, yes, Sam’s fit body and dancing background did pay off. She didn’t overthink and was in her elements – she sashayed with no hint of hesitation, flirted with the cameras, and, did snappy turns and graceful hair flips. I know she can still top that and even do few twirls during the finals (while minding her balance). I’m crossing my fingers.

  11. Sam killed it. That performance was 🔥

    Congratulations to Team KF! That swimsuit performance may have lasted around 60 seconds, but I know that behind those 60 seconds of perfection were months of training, hard work & sacrifices.

    Also, no contest, when it comes to staging pageants, Thailand is the very best. Their creativity & production standards are so far ahead of ours.

    Whenever an international pageant is staged in Thailand, you can trust that they will display world class hospitality & the competition proper will be staged with topnotch standards.

  12. … And as luck (bad, mine) would have it, I missed SamBer’s turn.


    (Major drama unfolded where I am just as Jazebel of Malaysia took center stage. When I got back, Puerto Rico na… But MGMalysia I would not mind giving the “Perfect Body” citation. Toned, without being ‘tuyot’.)

    From my end now.

    > Lala Guedes is, indeed, a fast Stehfany!
    > Poor Cuba! Practically fell at the stairs, clearly loses composure, and just frowns… Huhuhuhh.
    > Canada’s cute.
    > Japan is bowl-legged, no?
    > HILARIOUS when Filipinos and Indonesians pretend to be each other in the Comments.
    > May nagsabi, “kita (five letter Pinoy slang word referring to nipple) ni M…”.
    > Why am I not loving Ivana Batchelor’s zigzag-y pasarela? Pero maganda fez.
    > Abenah Appiah SLAYED. Confidence in head-on collision! May-‘Ghana’. 🙂
    > Of the one’s I saw, Fabiola Valentin was best (AGAIN, I MISSED SAMBER).
    > WHAT DO YOU THINK OF THE CAMERA ANGLES, GUYS? For me, ‘yun’g ‘bird’s-eye view’, parang drone shot lang ang dating.

    • Sam B was amazing. Dapat pala may ballerina background ang rep sa mgi .

    • I agree, Puerto Rico is a contender. Her swimsuit performance was also effortlessly fluid & gracefully confident, she’s among the top of this class. Her evening gown during the welcoming ceremony was also beautiful.

    • too bad you missed it but I suppose you’ve seen it by now and saw how amazing Sam’s performance was considering the steep staircase and all! That happened to me once while waiting for Pia’s performance in the evening gown competition, MU ’15, when I came back it was already Venezuela….i missed the smize! haha

  13. Superb Sam!!! In fer, there are other strong candidates too. It will not be an easy fight. Puerto Rico, Czech, Indonesia and Peru are strong too.

    My gosh, Myanmar has a Janet Jackson moment!!! I felt bad for her…

    • OMG. I feel bad for Ms. Myanmar too. Considering how conservative her country is. It was not only the boob flesh that said hello for several seconds. The cameraman should have been more quick and sensitive.

      Not to body shame though (but I will still, lol). What’s with the skeletal beauties of some European girls (France) and the maternal-paunchy bodies of Nepal and Scotland. Oh well.

      Who did well: Philippines. Indonesia. Peru (albeit the slip). Kenya. Nigeria. Mexico. Mauritius.

      World Peace.

      • I forgot Mexico too, she’s a beaut… OMG some had a little too much quarantine food hihihihi

      • @ 4M Angkol should consider that a complement. Thai food, after all, is good. 🙂

      • And you may want to consider the word “compliment”. Lol.

        World Peace.

    • @4M

      Are you kidding me?!… Peru’s poses were awkward with her arms held up… and she slipped on the step of the last platform! No amount of good recovery could erase that except playing a video of Eva Patalinhug’s disaster of a slip repeatedly beside her.

  14. Samantha nailed it. She walked with confidence and no hesitation. Unlike many who were conscious in negotiating the stairs and the elevated podium, Sam did it with ease. The fit of the swimsuit was just right. Some of the candidates’ left upper boobs were threatening to peek out, while some like Nigeria’s swimwear was not able to contain her lower right boob.

    The venue was spectacular. The staging was very MGI.

    Congrats to MGI and Sam.

    World Peace.

  15. Wow!!!!… Samantha’s performance was flawless…
    From projection to twists and turns to hairflips… that was a Miss Universe caliber presentation.. She can walk her pasarella on rugged terrain and finish victorious… I was totaly waiting for her to slip in one of those tight turns but she didn’t!!!… She looked like she could do a backflip with those highheels… Nobody even came close… She slayed them all!!!!

    • Maganda naman ang production. Sana lang yung video shit yung tuloy tuloy as in seamless per candidate kasi yung iba hindi na. Sana din hibd8 na sinama yung mga paa, nakakaloka yung lagpas sa footwear nila yung daliri nila. Hahahahaha!

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