16 comments on “Samantha Bernardo: During the MGI Welcome Ceremony

  1. Tacky tacky tacky TACKY!!!!!!
    Looks like somethin Mystica would wear…

  2. Is she beautiful enough? YES!!!
    Is she sexy enough? YES!!!
    Is she sassy enough? YES!!!
    Is she intelligent enough? YES!!!
    Is FATE on her side? We will see. Sana ibigay na ito sa atin!!!

  3. I think ipapsok sya ni Nawat sa Semis pero hanggang dun lang. Kung matuwa st baka pwede gawin runner up. Di pa papanalunin ni Nawat ang Pinas this year. Iinisin nya lang muna ang mga pinoy pageant fans.

  4. Outfit na kita undies is outdated.
    Very 2010s
    She was also relegated to the side in the group photo, a hint that she’s not one of the organizations favorites ✌️
    Best of luck to her, since she’s representing our country.

    • I don’t think so…Relagated din naman si Thailand! Parang sa Miss Universe din yaan, unahan sa pwesto,remember during Pia time

    • Ayan na naman tayo eh giving baseless statements…think before you click ika nga, do you have any evidence about this that since Sam was placed on the side during the group photo, it’s a hint that she’s not a favorite of the org? Doesn’t follow really…hahaha…check the other group photos and you’ll see Sam was placed prominently…during their yacht dinner, she was placed in the middle, during dinner with Nawat she was seated beside Valentina and near Nawat….hindi naman everyday nasa gitna sya or katabi sya ng organizers… if you don’t have a basis for this then don’t post it coz you’re just putting down others….hope you realize how much hard work and pressure Sam and her team have to deal with everyday with fans like you. Be responsible with your comments and as what you’ve said let’s wish her luck…support her since she’s representing our country. ✌️✌️✌️

  5. At least first time for Miss Philippines to wear those panty pantihan look ! Love it !
    Grabe ang pasaVOGUE ni Sam ! Sana ganyan din si Rabiya as MissUniverse

    • @ PAQUITA X Mag-see-see-through si Rabiya sa Hard Rock Seminole, Mareh?


      Kung sa bagay, puwede mag-Rio Locsin “wet look” sa pool… Flaunt the new “junk”. GOW. Game.

  6. Well, considering that she only had two weeks to prepare, her outfits so far are nothing but spectacular and gorgeous. I love her white gown…it reminds me of Mutya Datul’s winning gown in Supra..it’s sexy but elegant. Hope she will have the same fate as Mutya, our first Supra and Sam as our first MGI. All the best, Sam…I’m excited for the coming days leading up to the finals!

  7. The overall styling is great! The seethru gown is risque but heck this is MGI, you better have you game face on. Facially, she’s good enough for tough 5 but let’s see…. I can see Thailand being the only roadblock in Sam’s victory due to home court advantage. I doubt a Latina will win this year. It’s time for Nawat to crown Philippines to increase MGI’s popularity. I bet he will have an All-Asian top 3: Thailand, Indonesia and Philippines. With a Black or Latina for top 5. Maybe Peru.

  8. For me maganda yun suot nya appropriate sa pageant
    MGI mode
    hindi ito yun pageant na may ballet ballet at may karambulo na umiikot shift mode muna

  9. Again, tacky and gaudy gown for a DAY time event. Not appropriate at all especially when they went out under the noontime sun. The panty even looks like a diaper. This gown faux pa made her look like a trying-hard- to- be- noticed candidate. Sayang since the structure of the gown per se was unique/

    And the reporters were not focusing on her (based on the second photo). Nag mukhang walang pumapansin sa kanya. Oh well, The face is gorgeous. But so do many of the contestants.

    I hope this stunt by Samantha is something the organizers like.

    World Peace.

  10. I like Sam’s gown but not good enough to stand out from the crowd. Nevertheless, she is gorgeous.
    The members of the press flanking Sam and Miss Thailand are very young. Both seem to be in their teens! The one with eyeglasses is handsome.

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