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  1. That sheer-and-flouncy dress has been trending for some seasons now, but it’s still hot and crazy this SS2021. Those aren’t panties–they’re hot pants, and they do very well with the whole sheer look. (Lara Quigaman wore similar hot pants with a peekaboo gown at the Binibini years back).

    Sam makes it look so wearable. That’s confidence.

    • Dear Panchopa,

      No matter how I try to zoom the photos of Sam, I can not see the “hot pants” you are claiming she was wearing. I don’t know if its my aging eyes that is failing me or you just had so many Benadryl intake lately. Lol.

      Darling, let us call a spade , a spade. The Emperor is Naked. I don’t know to whose ass your lips are connected by trying to spin a different narrative about that gown. It is tacky and cheap looking. And not for DAY TIME, UNDER THE BANGKOK scorching sun attire at all. I am sure some sweat were starting to form in her groin area and a moist blotch would have started appearing on her crotch if the pictorial lasted one minute more. I can imagine how many sneers she must have gotten with that…that…that..diaper! Lol.

      Lara wore some similar gown you say? Yeah. It was evening. Inside a coliseum. And she was already a Ms. International that time. Very Wrong Comparison.

      World Peace.

      • Aling Tumas, spade ba kamo? I think what you need is a teaspoon for that brain of yours, daHHlinK. Mwah!

      • Dear Panchopa,

        What a disappointment how corny and unintelligent your reply is. Lol.

        Anyway, I googled so called “hot-pants”. And yes there was a hot pants trend….way back in 2010!!! Lol. And below is snippet of a review about this horrendous piece of clothing:

        “And beyond the rump-shaking ladies of the radio, I have yet to find
        a.) An occasion that’s appropriate, or
        b.) A woman with the guts to pull off this insanely tricky trend. You’d need buns of steel and a social calendar filled with rollerskating parties, go-go clubbing, and burlesque performances to even think about wearing these things out in public, right?

        Oh, and then you’d need an extra grand to blow on about 36 square inches of fabric, and the ability to brush off the cruel laughter of strangers.”

        So there. Tacky then. Even tackier now.

        World Pleaxce.

      • Thomas, your insights here are always valuable and straight to the point. Walang bias!

        Please, wag mo nang patulan si panchopolo. Attention seeker and mentally bankrupt sya! He loves to banter and discredit ones opinion, because he thinks his is the only valid one. Gives you advise for being cruel, yet does the same thing. A true example of a moron!

        I am not a fan of the gown. I’m with you, but she was gorgeous nonetheless.

      • Aling Tujmas, I didn’t realize you craved for my retort. Sorry, daHHHHlink, I don’t think you deserve an inch of me–not as yet, but keep on trying. I’m glad my sweet and innocent post made you a more learned person. I didn’t go through your amusing soliloquy, but I did see the word “Google” somewhere. Thank me for knowing a bit more about hot pants now!

        Keep it up! One day, you’ll catch up with me, promise. Encore une fois, mwah!

  2. I know the semi-transparent gown with visible panties underneath is a trend right now but its just so tacky…. of all the panties, why the white granny panties?!!! and the gown trend is suppose to be Rhine-stoned from head to toe not this lace gown that is so 5 years ago… i just love the modern puff ruffled version of butterfly sleeves…

    • Ang kapal nito! Magrereply ka sa previous post ko several days ago na “kailangan bang laitin yung iba para lang umangat….” and then magcoconment ka ng ganito? And pls don’t dare say that “calling” her Diana Ross/Chaka Khan was a compliment. Plastik!

      My thing is, what I commented there was an observation, not at all demeaning. You didn’t need to reply to discredit a point of view. We all have it and we are entitled to it.

      • Uh, the big hair kasi? Clueless much? Or nega ka lang talaga? LOL!

        Thank you, Vegas!

  3. I appreciate Nawat’s determination and optimism.
    Good thing Nigeria and Kenya have rejoined the group. Kenya is my sentimental favorite.
    Guatemala is tall and very pretty. She stood out from the group.
    Samantha, as usual, is gorgeous.

    • Agree. Ang ganda pa naman ng gown. Unique. The white peeking panty made her look cheap and GRO-ish and trying hard to be noticed. Beautiful face though.

      World Peace.

  4. ‘O, ayan. “One of the best beauty pageants in the world” na lang siya. ‘Di na “BIG4″… 🙂

    King T, ‘eto’ng mga sponsor – TQM Insurance Broker, Piyavate Hospital, Kampol Cosmetic Hospital (which offers “gender re-assignment surgery/procedure” among other things), NangNgam, Lady Audrey, Tourism Authority of Thailand (‘Amazing Thailand’), Golden Tulip Sovereign Hotel, etc. – business pals ni Angkol? He must be REALLY wealthy-influential! No wonder BPCI still deals with him. 🙂

    ‘Nyare sa styling ni Ivana Batchelor? And why THAT dress? Tumanders.

    Ta’s si SamBer, kita panty.


    • (Cont.)

      The last time a white dress got Pi(_)noys all worked up was the Barraza MJL wore in Doral 2014.

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