10 comments on “Hazel Ortiz: Is she still a Binibini?

  1. Wala na mang problema kahit 20 na lang ang matira on night of the finals as long as the remaining beauties are the most competitive ones such as Arnold, Montagne, Felizarta, Mendoza, Garcia, Pair, and Babista.

    • @ paul Then, nood ka bukas ha, Dude? 🙂

      (Pat will be among the guests.)

  2. I understand her if she backed out from the competetion. If I were in her shoes, I might as well grab the opportunity. That is sure money on top of 15 seconds of fame. That is life. You win some, you lose some.

  3. Nothing really to worry because she has also a slim chance of winning a title. Just like Dumaguing, Galeria, Tolledo, Abesamis, she is another exotic looking contender. A type of facial beauty not really considered as beautiful by many Filipinos.

  4. Guys, you’ve seen her abs? Look at them again and understand why she is a MBP titlist. 🙂

    (Baka nga nag-withdraw na, considering conflict of interest. Burger King* and McDonald’s are foes.)

    * – Filipinas franchise is under the Araneta Group, right?

    (Fafa Boss MG needs to find fast a burger brand for his MUP, to counter BBP’s. May A&W pa ba?)

    Boss N, ‘eto’ng si G. Laguna, never nag-Nationals, no?

    • Burger King Franchise is owned by Jollibee Foods Corp.

      Sa tagal ng BBP di ko masisisi mga kandidata kailangan nila mag trabaho. Dapat tapos na yan nung late 2020 o early 2021.

      Ano ang dahilan bakit ang tagal ang coronation night kung yung mga ibang pageant eh tapos na?

      • @ Koko Krunch Thanks for the correction, po. 🙂

        Well, there’s still Pizza Hut and Dairy Queen with the Araneta Group…? I remember a post-pageant interview of the 2018 titlists, on what they would like to eat. Jehza said a ‘a big burger at BK’.

        The org apparently has stuck with its post-Holy Week Finals tradition. This year, Easter Sunday is 4-4. Their event is 17-4. There was also no rush, as even MIO formally cancelled their 2020 edition.

        Only Deliart Association stayed the course! But yes, that’s another story…

        Ang Intercon, wala’ng kaingay-ingay. Anu na kaya nangyari sa kanila? 😦

      • I miss the hilarious gerahan, kudahan, at sabunutan amongst the bekis of the world, the unverse rather, during the Binibining Pilipinas season. From shoes to makeup robes, nothing escapes beki attack. The pre-pageant warlahan amongst fans was as engaging as the pre-pageant activities themselves!

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