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  1. There are several things I like about this girl we sent to MGI this year as I was observing her posts and those from the organizer’s site. She looks unmistakably “Asian” regardless of the styling – a preference that the MGI organizers look for among Asian candidates (in contrast to perceived preferences in MU and MW winners). In fact, the only other pageant that seems to prefer that “geographic locational” look is MI.

    Second, she’s enjoying the experience herself and appears to be always mentally present (you can’t fake that especially during unguarded moments). She may not be the prettiest in some people’s eyes but being the most beautiful physically does not guarantee a placement these days and we have observed that. However, Sam is confident in her own skin without being cocky. She is classy, naturally friendly and engaging. She is relatively articulate in English (and I’m not referring to having perfect grammar or neutral accent) as she gets her points across without sounding loquacious.
    Lastly, Pinoy fans are not polarized about her. That’s a good thing. She’s also not enticing rabid negative comments like few of the girls before her. People are just simply sending her goodwill and not thrashing her competitors. I hope we’ll keep it that way.

    Regardless of the so-called tagline of MGI which is “Stop The War,” I’ve realized that looking at the accomplishments of the past titleholders of this pageant, it is in fact a platform to promote Thai tourism and touristic features of the Thai culture as well as pushing MGI affiliated products. That having said, Sam fits this mold quite well. In this pandemic era when travels are restricted (Valentina has expressed that “disappointment for not having travelled much”), the organizers are looking for that one lady who can effectively promote the pageant in multiple social media platforms. That doesn’t mean though that she’s the only shoo-in for the title because just like any contest, it will all depend on her actual performances at the competition rounds and the preference of the judges and the organizers.

    • @ Ben Talking about having traveled extensively during her reign, I think Ariska has had it best.

      Crowned in the USA (Nevada?), brought by Angkol to Thailand, then in turn crowning Maria Jose Llora in Vietnam, if I am not mistaken there was a brief visit to some conflict zone in Europe, too.

      I imagine the excitement Valentina felt at getting the opportunity to cross the Pacific Pond, from Venezuela to the Far East… But even just Thailand alone, there is (already) PLENTY to see/do. If her VISA days-allotment will permit, Angkol should keep her around a bit longer if only to add to her experiences. But yes, she has at least perfected her brownie recipe. Supplementary income when she returns home. I surmise the ‘Valentina” is a semi-decadent, gold leaf-sheathed chewy. 🙂

      • @ Flor, the most travelled so far based on posts and photos of crowning of local queens and side activities would be Maria Lora of Peru. Even if she carried the Peru sash, she’s actually a resident in L.A., USA for over 7 years before being crowned in Vietnam (that’s already halfway across the globe). Per her interviews, she went to Spain, Colombia, Indonesia, the Netherlands, back to Peru of course and parts of Africa and the Middle East during her reign. This may have been practicable for the MGI because she speaks fluent Spanish and English at the same time plus she carries both Peruvian and American passports.

        And yes, the reign of any queen is short so I guess each one would take that crown as a springboard to better things in life.

    • Excellent observations and commentary post. Please continue the good work. Thanks.

    • Lovely post, Ben. You did capture in beautiful words what I’m sure a lot of us would have wanted to articulate. I wasn’t a fan of Sam’s (i thought the KF mold was too lumpy), but I increasingly got converted through her social media assets.

      The ennui and barrenness of the lockdown pageant season has forced me to look at much-maligned MGI with much more hopefulness than I had ever imagined. This pageant does attract remarkably beautiful contestants. Sam is such a whiff of delight amongst all of them.

  2. Let us remember that the MGI crown is gold (with green stones). IS THIS A SIGN???

  3. I love the styling….the gold and the green motif resembles the crown!!!! crown her! OMG! it’s screaming MGI crown! crown her!

  4. Diosa!

    I’m beginning to love these yellow sashes. i can’t believe I’ll ever like anything about MGI, but what to do.

  5. Wow! Gorgeous. She has transformed again! Lovely chamaeleon. Her ability to transform her look at will is one of her best assets. With this look, I am putting her on top of the leaderboard.

  6. Pasabog after pasabog ang Lola nyo. Baklang- bakla ang peg. Talo man sa height, di papayag pa-talbog. And that is a compliment.

    World Peace.

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