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  1. I like Sam B

    But….nayayabangan ako sa It’s my second time here, I have been to Thailand five times..

    Tingnan mo pinagkaka Isahan siya ng ASEAN countries now, be humble please. Tsaka remember to add please support me and the other girls at miss grand international, or please support miss grand international organization

    Just my obsevation. Cocky dating ni Samber na kaka turn off

    • @ Jesme To be fair and ‘level’ the playing field, MU 2018 said the same thing when she was asked of Thai food. That she had been, FIVE (5) times. Which, in theory, should include the time she spent there as a model. I don’t remember any commentator aside from myself finding her smug for that reason.

      (SamBer did dull the edge of that potentially-cutting remark by adding that it was her birthday when she was in the Kingdom, in November of 2016…)

      (SamBer DID thank the organization! I suppose that ‘thanking’ is the same as ‘asking for support’.)

      I think it is innate in us to say we’ve been to a place before… We might mean it simply as a statement of fact or to support our claims. But it does strike some as boasting. What can we do? Iba-iba ang tao… What is arrogant to one might be simply nothing to another. 🙂

      I have been to Thailand SEVEN (7) times. My first time was to accompany my mother on an official function; it would be my first overseas trip and at the time Suvarnabhumi wasn’t yet… You never forget the first time. It was the ONLY one wherein I was able to venture outside the capital, so making possible experiences probably not possible anywhere else. Those that followed were of a mold and became formulaic after a while. The seventh would also be my last outside the country.

    • @jesme I think it’s really more of JUSTYOU….I don’t find Sam cocky. She was just stating the fact that she has been to the place on her birthday and actually, it was nice that she mentioned that she feels more blessed to be with her grand sisters this time. Don’t project yourself on her.

      And one more thing, the one who’s cocky was the one who said: “please vote for me because (mentions her country) always wins!” That’s downright cocky!

  2. There are plenty of beautiful girls. Sam needs to bring her A-game always at different levels of competetion.

  3. I love that she’s doing her best…

    The one worn by Catriona in 2018 was given to Canada though…. hmmmmm????? I wonder why Thailand loves Canada so much.. what is that about?

    • oo nga…you can really see her energy in her smile, in the way she carries herself, the way she speaks…go Samantha B! Tuloy lang ang laban!!!

      oh yeah, I remember in 2005, Miss Canada won Miss Universe there then in 2018, crowd favorite rin yung rep ng Canada….maybe a lot of them are availing the offer to migrate in Canada? hahaha

      • True. That might be one of the reasons why Thais love Canadians. Nathalie Glebova won MU in Thailand in 2005. She married a prominent Thai figure, Paradorn Shripchapan, a tennis ace from Thailand, embraced Thai culture, and befriended another National Thai figure, 2005 Miss Thailand. Both beauty queens took part in the Emmy award-winning reality TV show “Amazing race Asia”. That is how influential a world beauty queen really is. She can establish good relation between 2 countries.

    • Natalie also served as brand ambassador for Thai-based companies and organizations. Thailand has been her home country since 2006 after she relinquished her MU crown.

      • oh yeah…that may be the reason…Nathalie has so much endeared herself to the Thais just as Dayanarra is to us, Filipinos.

        Very true, if beauty queens use their platform right, they can really be influential and powerful! 🙂

  4. Oh, my gosh… MAINIT sa BKK! 😦

    Look at that SHARP shadow she cast on the marble pavement, guys. Second photo from top.

    (Naalala ko tuloy ‘yun’g atin’g ‘Romblon’ marble. Wonder what Tajaran will do to showcase it…)

    Good thing the upper garment looks airy-cool.

    ‘Pag ganya’ng kainit, gulay-gulay lang at go easy on meats. Ciempre, hydrate regularly…

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